Oct. 24th, 2013

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Trigger warning and rant warning, guys. I just want to vent. Because I am enraged.

Rape culture. Some people dare tell us it doesn't exist.

Here in France, people are all over a radio host that thought it'd be a good idea to kiss random women whether they wanted him to or not. Sorry, the link is in French, but you have the video there. It's called "How to land a girl in three questions" (do you have a boyfriend? how do you find me? so why don't you kiss me? - apparently it's been done in other countries before). "How to land a girl," like it's a how-to people ought to follow. He's since then specified people shouldn't do the same, but then, why phrase it like a how-to, and why do it in the first place, I can't even.

And there's this show I used to love, for three seasons. I watched season 4 and found it much less good, but I decided to watch the S5 premiere anyway, to give it one last shot. Not only was it poorly written, but the plot of the episode had rape save the day.

I'll write it again, because I couldn't believe it: rape saves the day.

The series is called Misfits, and if you don't know it, it is about kids sentenced to community service that gain supernatural abilities. For three seasons, it was really good (although their handling of sexual assault admittedly already left something to be desired). But this. This.

Spoilers ahead, but then why would anyone want to watch a show where, let me say it again, rape saves the day. )

Fuck you, Misfits, and everybody who downplays sexual assault or laughs it off.

Why can't we have a culture of consent.


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