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Another night at Louie's, and Grace smiled her happy-just-gettin'-tipsy at the man of the house as he poured her another shot of tequila, and a beer to go with it. "I love you," she told him with a grin, eyes alive with laughter and affection.

"I'll believe you when you marry me," he shot back with raised eyebrows, which made her laugh even more, and he shook her head at her.

An hour later and she was dancing on the pool table. It was for a good cause! Denis was having a kid. It deserved celebration. She'd even kept her shirt on, for now anyway.

"I don't care if it comes in a bottle, I don't care if it comes in a can, I don't care if it's stirred or shaken, make it two, gimme one for both hands!" she sang along at the whole bar, dancing still, and most of the bar was singing along with her, when she noticed one of the few who weren't.

Guy sitting at the bar, coat that looked like an old military issue. Held himself like a soldier, too, and he was simply watching her with one of the best all-American smiles she'd ever seen. He even raised his glass at her while she looked back at him, and it only brightened her smile as she kept on singing and dancing.

Song came to an end and she hopped off the table, grinned at Butch when he clapped on the back, grinned and asked him why he hadn't been up on that table with her, and moved over to the bar, and the guy. "You lookin' at me like that, you'd better buy me a drink, stranger."

He was tall, and she had to look up at him, but it didn't matter.

Another hour later and they were walking out of the back of Louie's, his arm over her shoulders, hers around his waist, and if they were stumbling it was only because of how much they were laughing. She took him over to Connie and gestured at the car.

"Jack, meet Connie."

"You named your car Connie," he stated, and somehow she wound up against Connie, and then he was kissing her, with no more reserve than she would have. Full of life, and that was how she liked it.
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