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Know Thy Enemy sort of totally rocked, I HAVE MISSED YOU, SHOW. I expected tears to happen but I didn't find anything tearjerking, however. Just HOLYFUCK. A lot of that. I saw Isobel killing herself coming a mile away and really could have cared less, other than 'thank you for no longer being on my show, Jenny'. It's unfair to still dislike that actress based on a previous character of hers? Absolutely. And I wish I could help it, but I always want to bash her head in.

The Matt and Sheriff Forbes thing is so freaking huge, though, and I actually really like that Elena's giving Daddy a chance. (Then again, anything to have more David Anders.) I am however torn between 'omgawesome' and 'meh' about the Alaric thing. I mean, the only other Original we saw was so fucking fascinating, I was really looking forward to seeing who they'd cast for Klaus. If they keep Alaric as Klaus the whole time, I'mma be disappointed, especially since he only was fascinating-as-an-Original-should-be for half a second, when he turned around to face Katherine. It was in the way he moved. The rest of it did not ring as fascinating acting to me. Hmpf. We shall see.

Also, Bonnie ftw. She's been growing on me.

Now, Nikita. I really heavily got into La Femme Nikita during the hiatus, so it was odd to watch this again now. Michael... yeah. Sorry. No. Don't care. La Femme Nikita really spoiled me for their Michael. I thought the episode started off pretty damn shakily, too. The flashbacks sort of rang false to me.

But the Kasim reveal was perfect, of course, and I very much loved the following discussion.

And very much 'meh'ed at the fact that of course it would all end with sex. What. Ever. This is not as fucked up as I expect this show to be. Please to rectify that? Also there was no Birkoff. BOO.

As for Camelot... Where should I start.

Morgan, you are not Attia. Eva Green, where did your acting skills go? JCB, I did think you looked too much like a twink for the role, and I maintain that assessment. Puresex, I actually liked you as always but then you went and got dead after killing Sean Pertwee? There go two of my three reasons to watch.

The third is, of course, Joseph Fiennes, who is making the rest of the show look even worse by being such a good actor. And bald, at that. Which makes me hate him a little because I don't think I'll stop watching just yet, on his account. Grrr, Jo. That's just mean.

I kind of want Morgan's dress with that wicked choker, though. And who knows, the show might go somewhere. Right? Please? But all in all, if I want to see Eva Green naked, I'd rather watch The Dreamers again.
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