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Since I did not like Brokeback Mountain, I'm a bit reluctant to call First Class Brokeback Mutants. I was not bored for one second, after all, whereas Brokeback Mountain... yeah. But still. It's so perfect a jokey title that I can't resist it, actually.

At some point in the film, I actually found myself expecting them to kiss. For a second there, I was convinced that we'd get a kiss. This is how much these two are into each other.

More specifically, it was in the scene where Charles helps Erik move the antenna. (Single emo tear, too!) Seriously. There was such a build-up of emotions, it was a liiiiittle bit insane.

Other than that? Mystique looks like crap, give me Rebecca Romjin back. She would have been hella hot with Michael Fassbender's Erik.

Moira... I still don't get it. I didn't mind her, but she might as well have been another character altogether. As in, bear another name. She is not Moira. She's just called that.

Kevin Bacon actually worked really well as Sebastian Shaw! That was one of my main concerns, I admit. But seriously. He was fantastic. Emma was, however, dull as fuck, and she's Emma fucking Frost, she's not supposed to be dull as fuck. I think Mystique and she were my biggest disappointments. (Also, the diamond form will always look like crap, I think. At least to me.)

Also also, Azazel's teleportation was just as good as Nightcrawler's. They always nail it.

However, I didn't see the point of Angel. At all.

And I'd totally forgotten they'd cast Nicolas Hoult as Hank, so that was oh, nice surprise!

But what the eff is the point of casting Brendan Fehr if he's just going to be "that comm officer in the background who has three lines"? Why has that man not yet got an actual blooming career? (Anyone else seen Sugar?)

Wolvie? Best cameo ever. Ta.

Random thoughts were random. Less random: I think this is my favourite X-Men movie now. I loved the first one, I loved the second one even more, but man. This was a whole other level, because it was the beginning. The stakes were different. And to see that love story friendship that they both want so much, and that they can't have... I found that there was much more of an identity struggle in this than in the other ones, and it was fascinating.
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