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I am sort of floored by how much I enjoyed this episode. What the frak, Glee? When did you remember how to make good television?

I mean, seriously. The script was tight, the evil weasel finally acted evil, he had a sing-off with Santana (she so owned his ass), okay there was boring Rachel and Finn thing but I expected that, Harry Shum Jr looks fantastic in eyeliner, Brit-Brit doesn't know how to lock a door, Artie gave a hell of a good speech (not because I necessarily agree, but because it was so real), Burt was his usual amazing self, and I only just realised that Sue wasn't even in it.

Not to mention that I was expecting the worst when I realised it was a Michael ep. I'm no big fan of his? I quite like to dance to his songs, but that's about it, and Glee's track record with episodes dedicated to one artist... Well, I'm still reeling from Britney. But it was good, and made me want to dance, and the plot actually moved forward.

It didn't make me feel to the degree that Asian F did (although Burt made me feel a lot all the same, as usual, kudos dude), but it was still an amazingly good episode, given what I usually expect from Glee.

Fewer like the Christmas special, more like this, plz.
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