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So I have a thing for the Underworld movies, and I am not ashamed to say. There is Kate Beckinsale in leather (why would anybody think that a corset is good to fight in?), there are usually fun scenarios, there is Bill Nighy, and of course, there is Michael Sheen's Lucian. I fell in love with his performance in the first movie, and enjoyed, so much, the fact that the Lycans weren't the big bad of the story after all.

I barely remember the second movie (Evolution?), that's how much I liked it, and I of course adored the third (Rise of the Lycans) since it gave us all the backstory on Lucian and the, well, Rise of the Lycans.

I've just watched the fourth movie, Awakening, and. When it started off with humans discovering that Vampires and Lycans existed, and were trying to exterminate them, my heart soared. Surely Vampires and Lycans would join forces, fulfilling Lucian's lifelong dream! Surely their union would somehow allow them to survive the human purges!

Except it turns out that the Lycans are the big bad of the story and still go around killing Vampires who are, actually and unequivocally, the good guys.

This really, really annoys me. Of course the Lycans are not the good guys, even Lucian, with his actually not evil goal in mind, did some terrible things to get there. (Just look at the number of Michael Corvins they went through.) But neither are the Vampires!

Here the worst of them is a coward (played by Lord Tywin, who would no doubt scoff and behead the miscreant for being so yellow-livered a supernatural creature) whose son is obviously brave and comes to Selene's rescue and shows us that vampires really are good guys when they're not too scared. ...right. Let's just forget about how you enslaved the Lycans for however long! And feed on humans! And generally are sadistic sociopaths! It's all good!

Lucian would have hated this.

Besides, when you typecast Kris Holden-Ried into playing a Lycan, you damn well give him a better part than 'oh look I'm such a badass Lycan, and I'mma kill you all'.

It was more fun to watch than Evolution, but it was so disappointing all the same.
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