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The Knight's Tale - by Geoffrey Chaucer - adapted by the Beeb - starring John Simm, Keeley Hawes, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Bill Patterson.

I'm starting watching it right now. Can you imagine how squeeful the anticipation is getting me? There is not one of those names up there that isn't gettin me fangirly.

In related news, I posted an old Wat/Geoff co-written with [ profile] shadesofbrixton to the [ profile] fic_orphanage last night. Go read, and give us feedback!

Heeeee! Chewie and John on screen together! Hugging and just being brilliant actors and I love them! I love them so much! Yes the fangirlitis is back and I can't stop using exclamation marks!

I'm gonna shut up and watch it now. Man I'm seeing slash already. I'm doomed.

Can Life on Mars be on again? I missed John Simm. And his accent. And him. And Chewie. And I said I was shutting up, right? Right.

EDIT: heeeeee! Chewie wants to beat off thinking of Buffy! I kid you not! (His first thought was Angelina Jolie.)
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So, I'm back. And I took notes, because I love you all and wanted to share the Alan and Ron goodness. So you'll find in this post, in the middle of all the fangirly usual stuff, a report of the Sunday talk.

Pictures will come in a few days' time to illustrate everything. For the moment, no time to upload them all.

Friday, The Day of OMG*flails* )

Saturday, the Day of Much Staring. )

Sunday, the Day of Big Damn Love. )

Monday, the Day of It-Was-A-Great-Weekend-Why-Must-It-Come-To-An-End. )

I took pictures of several other guests - Ian wasn't there, [ profile] twixou, terribly sorry darling! And there is much more to be said about what we did/watched/did while we watched, but I'll keep almost everything for a friends-locked post later. There's only one more thing that ought to be made public, really, and that is...

Ladies and you menfolk, I give you the A Knight's Tale drinking game! )
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Tagged by [ profile] zoesca:

My Five Guilts. (Yeah, I know, only five?) )

Originally gakked from [ profile] anna_tarawiel, but it's popped up all over the flist since. Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

01. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)
02. River Tam (Firefly)
03. Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)
04. Captain Jack (Doctor Who)
05. Wash (Firefly)
06. Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)
07. Commodore Norrington (The Pirates of the Caribbean)
08. Nine (Doctor Who)
09. Haldir (LotR)
10. Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
11. Methos (Highlander)
12. Dana (Sports Night)

Questions madness! )

Okay, now I'm off to procrastinate by finishing editing NaNo, and then if Joey's still not back I might actually try to write something. I swear. I need to get my muses back, seriously.

Note to self: try and write some Pirates fic in the not too terribly distant future. It's been too damn long. I miss it.
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Pointed out by the amazing [ profile] cinnamongrr1, to my utmost amusement, Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog. Alas, no mention of Wat, but he does recommand buffie the vampyre slayre. Heeee!

Gakked from [ profile] yahtzee63: Name a character or pairing! Watch me ramble on about it!

On that note, I am off to bed. Because I do sleep normal hours, once in a while. I'll ramble on about who you want tomorrow!
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Sister and I complete loonies. Have no clue what [ profile] greenie_breizh and [ profile] pee_wai are doing with us (must look into Peewai's suggestion that it's something to do with genes). Have spent the past three quarters of an hour on the dance from AKT, with conclusive results. You BR folk, am afraid you shall not escape a rendition of it next time you see the both of us together at a party (New Year's, next birthday, who knows? have not been discussing it with sis.) - cower in fear.

Btw, [ profile] the_swordman, we're gonna have to have some words about the treatment you inflicted sis. Picture me scowling.

Must now go and practice the Dance of All Medieval and Bowiesque Fun some more.
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Watched Wuthering Heights last night, with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. Unfortunately, the DVD was damaged towards the end and there are a few minutes of film I could not see. Overall, it was quite good. Ralph Fiennes was absolutely perfect as Heathcliff, and the whole thing is quite a good adaptation of the novel. Nothing earth-shattering, though. Good actors all around, not only the two lead guys. Yes, a good movie.

Also made an MP3 out of the dance moment in A Knight's Tale, 'cause you can't find the mix of medieval music and Bowie anywhere at all, and sister and I are quite intent on learning that choregraphy and having tons of thoughtless fun with it. (Hmm, guess I'll be doing William. I can do William. Except that weird jump of his.) While I was at it, did MP3s of the "Lichtenstein" songs, and of Chaucer's speeches. Now I have them all for my listening pleasure. ([ profile] pee_wai, just be glad we won't see each other for a while after all!)

Gakked from [ profile] greenie_breizh:

Your Torrid Friends List Affairs!
LJ Username  
Your affair to remember will be with: foxman
Your oops! affair will be with: greenie_breizh
You will have a hot and steamy one night stand with: old_brat
Your backup booty call is: yodah
Your lover turned stalker will be: the_swordman
This Quiz by astrotre - Taken 287 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

[ profile] the_swordman, you don't mind if it all stays platonic, do you? I'd hate for you to stalk me.
I can't believe [ profile] greenie_breizh doesn't show up at all. Always better than having her be a one night stand or a back-up booty call, though, eh? (And huh, now I'll know who to call. *leers at Yod'*)

Later addition: been pointed out to me that [ profile] greenie_breizh did show up. I have nothing to blame but myself - I've slept, I've eaten, I've not drunk any alcohol or smoked any untrustworthy substance... so I decided to blame my subconscious. 'Cause why would I want to see her being called my oops! affair?
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Go there:
December. We have to wait until December? That hint of a scene between Pip and Faramir was the absolute tease! And on a very superficial note, I much like Dom's look in the interview. Am steadily preparing myself to the fact that RotK EE will still not be even close to a film I could have genuinely embraced and adored, so with a bit of luck by then I will actually enjoy it a whole deal more than the threatrical version.

Who am I kidding? I will completely enjoy it more than that!

Also, I went through quite a bit of AKT fanfiction - all of it slash. Most of it crap. Let me not put up links, but *oh* *my* *joss*, I couldn't even go through most of them. There was one, however, that caught my attention, exactly the atmosphere I was thinking of for my not-yet-written Chaucer piece, plus a delightful use of a second person narrator (which some people know how much I adore). Listen is short but powerful, a delightful piece of fiction that will take five minutes of your time to read, and hopefully pull at your heartstrings for the sheer emotion of it. How I adore Chaucer.

Well. Off to call the Consulate. Cross fingers, people.
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I don't suppose there's anyone out there that could beta-read an "A Knight's Tale" fanfiction? One that is *not* slash, mind you?

How sad is it that the only A Knight's Tale fiction archive I could find on the net is slash? I don't mind slash - hell, I read slash, I enjoy slash, good slash in both cases of course, I spent a great part of the day today hesitating between trying myself at some Sparrington or doing that Kate/Wat I finalled settled on doing - I just find it sad that there seems to be nowhere where I can archive this fic of mine when I'm finished, let alone *read* other fics of the same kind. I will however sort through those slash fics, and hopefully find something that is worth reading.

Hell, if one of the cut scenes had not shown Chaucer to be 1) married, and 2) very happily so, I would have slashed him myself, though in an "unrequited love" way, and thus a "not getting any" way, or at least not with the one he so dearly wished to get it on with. Might still do it one of these days, I'd need to give it more thought. I just love the character so, hard to write though he might turn out to be. (And I apologise in advance to fans of the *actual* Chaucer out there. I don't know anything about the real man (does *any*one?), apart from having read the Wife of Bath's Tale, and I'm all with the character here. Just blame it on Paul Bettany. Guy's too good not to make me obsessed.)

Anyway, to come back to my point: again, I don't suppose there's anyone out there that could beta-read an "A Knight's Tale" fanfiction? I'm beginning to fear I'm the only one fascinated with those characters in a non "let's slash them" way. Wat and Kate were just begging to be written about! I'm only sad I could not write Edward in - Chaucer and Germaine each had their cameo, but writing him in would have been pointless and simply for the sake of it, so I refrained (note to self: one more reason to write that Chaucer fic).

If anyone is, I'd be quite grateful. This fic might all turn out to be one huge piece of shite, and I'd rather I was told that much than I went ahead and published it without having a clue.

Anyway, I'm off to write the third and last part.


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