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So, you know, I was getting very excited over Summer being at Complete because lotsofsarahconnorchroniclesquestionsomg. Then she cancelled.

And then I was all happy at the thought of seeing Jamie Bamber because, well, do I need to list the reasons? I didn't think so. Then he cancelled.

So I was consoling myself with Alan, who is my first convention love and always will be and he owns a little piece of me and. Then he cancelled.

But Adam Baldwin is still on. How is that justice?

I'm back to looking forward to a convention for my fellow attendees more than for the guests. Group hug, guys?
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- Ashes to Ashes is being mildly disappointing. I love Keeley Hawes, but she doesn't have John Simm's charisma, and the time period is much less endearing, I find. Still, I'm looking forward to next episode entirely too much. Stephen Campbell Moore, here I come.

- I still haven't gone and seen Cloverfield, and it's Ultimate Drew's jump to the big screen. I'm a bad, bad minion. I might go after class today. After six hours of classes, straight. Good thing the four hours (I'm in the middle of) are computer classes I don't really need, or my brain might go splodey. It's not used to such long hours in one go anymore.

- Lost is being really interesting. I blame the future flashbacks, that was in fact a good move. Supernatural is also rocking my world, I feel for the boys so much. The L-Word is being unexpected fun. And I'm digging the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay Summer!

- I want this t-shirt. Can Threadless please be having a sale before it's sold out kthx.

- With the resolution of the writers' strike, dare I hope Alan Tudyk's lawyer show with Andrew Lincoln might get picked up? Pretty pleaaaase. I'm also desperately waiting for 3:10 to Yuma to be released in France so I can see it on the big screen and everybody else in my country can join in on the Yuma love.

- I've been watching everything with Marc Warren I could get my hands on. Even a Miss Marple episode in which he only appears for the whole of five minutes. With a moustache. And hardly any lines. Maaaaarc. I have such a crush.

- I'm starving. Yes, everybody should care about my hunger, thank you very much. I hate Excel, I want to eat something.
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It's not like I wouldn't be all a-squee at the thought of a second Serenity movie. Trust me, I WOULD BE. It's just that Alan's never lost hope and I'm not sure how much credit we should give what he's saying. Hell knows I'll squee like madness if a sequel does get greenlit, but in the meantime, the only thing this video inspires in me is: NGH. ALAN. I. HOW CAN YOU BE EVEN HOTTER WITH CLOTHES ON THAN YOU WERE IN DEATH AT A FUNERAL.

I'm sorry, but have you seen how FIT he is? I can't stop staring. Especially when he gets up. And also, arms.

Okay, this was me sharing one of my many shallow moments of the day!

In other news, I'm very annoyed because my uni's forum won't let me upload an avatar of the Master. I think their uploading thingie is broken. Or else they don't like evil Timelords. Damn.

Yesterday in class, one of my teachers told one of us, when she got up to help him figure out the VCR, "you're my hero!" on the exact same tone Sean used when talking about Nathan. You Browncoats will (or should!) know what I'm talking about. And yet the guy is so not gay as far as my 'dar can tell. He does, however, have a very deadpan sense of humour, which I already love.
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Updating at long last! Several items today.

1) Robin Hood. )

2) Jamie Cullum. )

3) The latest SPN. )

4) Alan in CSI. )

5) Rudebox. )

6) Lost. )

7) Grey's. )

8) Family weekend. )

9) The Pianist. )

10) Troy. )

So, pretty much? I love Jamie Cullum. I love my family. And I want to be watching Torchwood already!
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1. Snakes on a Plane? I genuinely enjoyed myself. I'm wondering if I should feel ashamed about that.
2. After rewatching The Modern Prometheus, I'm convinced that it's Adrian Paul that has a thing for the goat. He is, after all, the director of the episode. Byron... *sobs*
3. Does anybody read the Authority? Anybody that's interested in online RPing? Because we've got the Midnighter and Jenny Quantum already, and we'd love an Apollo to complete the family. Or anybody at all from the Authority. We're not desperate for more Authority fans, we just love those guys that hard. The World Hero Network: comic book heroes unite!
4. Serenity Cubed minus 12! God! And they still haven't announced the party themes. What's up with that? Now, who do you think we'll get as a bonus? Both Nathan and Alan seem to be woefully unemployed right these days. I could also do with a Jonny or a Chris.
5. Jewel Staite is love.
6. Alan Tudyk has given me a neck fetish. (See icon!) I can't stop noticing Peter Wingfield's.
7. I've been reading the flist pretty assiduously for the past few days. I think I'm back!
8. I wish I could do something for Joey's throat, damnit. Anybody has any miracle cure for Sore Throats From Hell?
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So now that I've finally seen 28 Days, and cackled and awwwed and all other sorts of reactions over Gerhardt, it's high time to do another Alan quotespam. Sadly, much less interesting than the one over I, Robot, and even Dodgeball. And also much shorter, as it seems that nobody, back then, wanted to interview him about this movie. ...what do you mean they were all fixated on Sandra Bullock.

Quotespam not so much of doom. )

Right. So that's it. It's very sad that there isn't more out there about him and his part in that movie, so if you have anything please leave it in a comment and I'll add it here? Ta very much.

In other Alan-related news, I've finally got my hands on his episode of Into The West, and between the riding and the getting angry and arguing with his brother, and oh dear god the accent? Much, much squeeing for just four or five scenes.
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Despite appearances, Supernatural isn't the only thing on my mind.

I don't often remember dreams, but hell am I glad to remember this one.

I'm very fuzzy on the circumstances, but what I do know is that we were sitting on the grass outside a park (don't ask me why we weren't in the park, or who "we" are, other than "me and other people"), and that Ron and Alan came and hung out with us. For so long, and no reason whatsoever, they just came and sat with us and god Ron. I mean, of course, god Alan, but. Ron and his laugh and I just felt so at ease around him whereas Alan is more with making me feel all omgomgomgalan and yes I know it was just a dream but it's what I felt at the con, too. So there.

It was... very, very, very, very nice.

So SPN isn't the only thing on my mind. There's SPN and there's the BDH. What a surprise.

In unrelated news, [ profile] gabby_silang? Joey has rediscovered the pictures of Charlie Hunnam you left on her laptop, and finally noticed the names you gave them, and she keeps pushing them at me and dear GOD.

Also, flist, I need your help. I'm doing something I should've done a while ago, that is setting up a playlist for smut-writing. Any suggestions? What do you all write smut to?
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Right! Pictures, pictures, pictures. I created myself a Flickr account for the occasion, and uploaded quite a few pictures from the signings (Alan, Ron, Tony and Mira) and some from the Firefly/Serenity talk (Alan and Ron, obviously). Some were taken by Elisa, some by me, but I'm not sure which. If they look brilliant, they're very likely hers. If they focus on some weird part of Alan's body, they're probably mine.

And under the cut, a few of my personal favourites. )
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So, I'm back. And I took notes, because I love you all and wanted to share the Alan and Ron goodness. So you'll find in this post, in the middle of all the fangirly usual stuff, a report of the Sunday talk.

Pictures will come in a few days' time to illustrate everything. For the moment, no time to upload them all.

Friday, The Day of OMG*flails* )

Saturday, the Day of Much Staring. )

Sunday, the Day of Big Damn Love. )

Monday, the Day of It-Was-A-Great-Weekend-Why-Must-It-Come-To-An-End. )

I took pictures of several other guests - Ian wasn't there, [ profile] twixou, terribly sorry darling! And there is much more to be said about what we did/watched/did while we watched, but I'll keep almost everything for a friends-locked post later. There's only one more thing that ought to be made public, really, and that is...

Ladies and you menfolk, I give you the A Knight's Tale drinking game! )
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For some reason people on the flist are linking to Firefly-related vids a lot. So let me spread the love, too. I love my captain, and I love my captain and his whacky pilot sidekick. (For the record? I was not staring at Alan's neck for the first minute he was on screen. ...just whenever he turns his head, really. Let's hope he looks at me straight this weekend or my tongue might suddenly find itself attached to his neck. Ahem.)

Am I the only one dying to be a fly on the wall when those boys get together to play Halo?

On other semi-related news... *singsong* I'm leaving for England tomorrow!

*definitely not singsong* And now I have to get ready to go teach FoG. Oh yay.

Edit: I'll reply to the last batch of creepily intimate questions tonight, so if you want to ask me anything, do it now! Last chance!
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Just a quick entry because I'm officially giving up catching up on the flist. I'm only at 75, but I know if I wanted to I'd be aiming at over 200, possibly 300, and I need to go to the bank to get pounds for this weekend (OMG ALAN AND RON AND TONY AND SO MANY OTHERS AND LUCY AND WHO AND ELISA AND POSSIBLY ROSIE AND TESS I CAN'T WAIT), I'm more than ever convinced that the Brits refused to switch to the euro just to make my life hell, and I should also prepare my class for this afternoon. ...and try to remember if I'm due there at 5 or 5:30, oh god.

Who says I'm disorganised?

Anyway. The point is: you posted something important? Please link me to it. What's going in your lives, flist? I want to know, I just don't have the time to find out.

And very quickly just because: green is not his colour but oh boy does he have nothing to be ashamed of body-wise honesly. (Those of you who regularly check out [ profile] tudyk_daily will know what I'm talking about.)

Now I need to stop staring and get to the LESSON-PREPARING. Hell.

Oh, and very quickly, about Who: I don't have as many issues with this episode as others seem to have, nor am I OMGBRILLIANTing as much as others. But I'm very much looking forward to what is being set re TW vs the Doctor. And that's as cryptic as I can make it, that's what you get when I'm too lazy to use an lj-cut. What did get me OMGing, though: glasses! accent! knowledge is a weapon Russel is such a Buffy fan yay!!

That's it.
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Rent, Rent, Rent, Rent, RENT!


So, yes, I've finally seen it. It boggles the mind that there are posters everywhere in the metro, and it's been released in the whole of two (small) UGC theatres in the whole of Paris. Honestly. Why all the ads if it's barely available to be seen? On the bright side, they haven't dubbed it at all, it seems. Yay!

And the point is? I WANNA SEE IT ON STAGE. I am dying to see it on stage. I enjoyed the film, but god, I just wanna experience that musical on stage.

Taye was not enough in it, but it's okay, because Tracie Thoms! Mahandra from Wonderfalls! *loves up* And she looked good in pants suit and suspenders. And Jesse L. Martin, yay! I hadn't realised there were people I loved outside of Taye in it.

And when I see it on stage? Alan needs to be playing Mark. Just saying.

No I don't care that he probably couldn't pull it off vocally. Leave me alone in my perfect world. I did not at all spend the whole movie seeing exactly how he would have played him. The fact that I can actually picture him acting a part with such clarity is not at all troubling. Because we've all known for a while that I'm completely crazy.


Mar. 26th, 2006 05:02 pm
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So. There's this movie not yet out in France, you might've heard about it, seen the trailers, or actually seen it already. It looks like a movie I'm gonna spend two hours groaning and bitching at, but I will spend those two hours of my life in front of it. It's called Firewall. And it stars Paul Bettany as a bad guy.

In the same vein, I've just watched Dodgeball. Which, much as I sorta like Vince Vaughn, I never ever in a million years would have watched if not for Alan Tudyk as the lovely, ever so blasted adorable Steve the Pirate.

Yes, this is going to be another one of those fangirly posts. And then a lot of Alan quotage about the movie. Because I said I would. ...I think I might even picspam, yes. Very much not dial-up-friendly, or people-who-can't-stand-fangirls-friendly. All pictures snagged from, definitely the best Alan resource out there as far as I'm concerned.

So without further ado. Fangirly picspam! )

Alan quotage. )

And okay, that's it. Remember that it was all your fault for encouraging me after I did the I, Robot quotespam. If my flist wasn't so Alan-friendly this never would've happened. just admit you all just can't wait until I get my hands on Into the West. (Okay, you're going to have to wait a while, I think, unfortunately.)

Now don't forget everybody, tomorrow's Nathan's birthday. ...I might be convinced to picspam. Are you interested in a Nathan picspam?
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At least it is for those of us who love the hell out of one Alan Tudyk. It's his birthday! He just turned 35. For the occasion, picspam! (As [ profile] elite set a very good example here. Go check hers out.)

Clicky for not-dial-up friendly Alan goodness! )
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GAP - for Gratuitous Alan Post - or GBDHP - for Gratuitous Big Damn Heroes Post?

Tough choice.

In any case. I haven't even mentioned the fact that Alan showed up to the premiere of Nathan's movie Slither (upcoming horror flick that sounds amazing, from everything I've heard), probably because that seemed like a bit of a DUH to me. Of course Alan would show up, it's not like he's doing anything else these days. (Not that I mind! Let him enjoy his free time after the hell of being in a musical. Plus, it allows him to do cons. Nhjgglkhg Collectormania be here already.)

Aaaanyway. The reason why I mention it now is because I've just read this report by a fan who actually got in to see the movie and stuff, a dream come true, and anyway. What made me perk up was not the Alan and Nathan and Joss goodness, because that was a GIVEN. No. It was the mention of CHRIS BUCHANAN. Yes, yes, our beloved Chris was there at the premiere too. Which is completely squee-worthy in its own right. ...and he kinda left with Alan. Okay, so the speculation re Chris and Alan dating kinda made me perk up too. I mean, come on. In the event of the both of them liking men, how much of a OMG PERFECT AND HOT AND EVER SO GEEKY COOL AND FUNNY couple would they make?

...I want Chris to make it to Serenity Cubed. (And Alan, too, duh, and Nathan wouldn't go amiss. Pretty please with Joss on top of the three of them. ...not that way. Unless they insist.)

Also, [ profile] orangepenguino's gallery of Firefly pics is absolutely amazing, with tons of pics I'd never seen before, and you should all check it out.

I am so so so filled with Chris love right now. While it's a given that Alan and Joss would be all with the showing up if they can, it just rocks to no extent that Chris is that much of a part of the Firefly family. He fits in right there and he's smart and funny and I heart him and want to bear his babies. (I do. ...I kinda told Nathan I was ready to do that last time we met. I panicked! He was being Nathan and going all "oh you're the ones Chris told us about" and inside I kinda froze and went "omg wait what? Nathan Fillion has heard about us? CHRIS I LOVE YOU! ...and wow Nathan you're taller than I remember. Er." and then I didn't know what I was saying but my love for Chris clearly made it to the fore. Gaaaah. *buries head in hat*)

Finally. News about Alan's lawyer drama. I am all hormoned up at the thought that he will share screen time with Joshua Jackson. They just. Yeah. I can see them click. A lot. I am expecting so much funny, in a "drama" sort of way of course. ...why isn't it a Sorkin show? It should be a Sorkin show. They'd both be perfect. (Also announced as having signed on are JAcob Pitts and Kevin Pollack (from The Usual Suspects).) Full news here.

EDIT: GBDHP it is. Adam Baldwin calls Nathan Nate. It's incredibly cute. "We just had a party over at Nate's house," he says, "and Joss showed up, so we had some nice reminiscences. He's still down in the salt mines writing 'Wonder Woman,' and when he will finish with that, we don't know. I have no idea what's in his head." Ah, to be a fly on the wall during their parties. (Scratch that, make that to be invited to one of their parties. Why be a bug when you can be human.)

EDIT 2: Check out those interviews of Nathan and Joss! So lovely! And funny! And I love Nathan! And the way he kept looking at Ruth Ann during the whole interview, always wanting to integrate other people and he's such a lovely, lovely man.
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Because I need to prepare a lesson to teach a seven-year-old how to read English (heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp), take a shower, dry my hair, call the householders' association to find out where the hell is the main water pipe, and oh yeah, get dressed.

First off, I keep loving the L-Word. Which sort of blows my mind away, when I think back to the season premiere. If Joey hadn't kept downloading, I would have signed off that show because of that premiere. But it's actually become good! I swear. And Alan Cumming wasn't even in this one, so really.

Then - we watched Transamerica, which was actually rather disappointing. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it either. (Although the kid is hot. Just sayin'. He sort of looks like a mix of Stuart Townsend, Daniella Sea and Billy Crudup. Yum.) There were lots of good things, but it simply didn't take me in, and there was nothing really WOW about it. Felicity rocks, though, but what's new?

And she looked ever so beautiful at the Oscars. "Ladies, gentlemen. ...Felicity." Heee! We've only seen the first half hour of them so far, we'll watch the rest tonight I think, but I still wanted to say a couple words about them. Other than "I love Jon Stewart" and "oh god George will you marry me?" Mini Oscar rant. )

And finally, [ profile] elite transcribed a 2004 Alan interview given after I, Robot, for which you should all thank her and then some. In which we learn that Alan wanted to be a hotel manager when he was a kid (um... okay, Alan, whatever) and which makes me want to let him know that my ovaries are there should he need them. Any time, mate.

I now have an hour to do everything I'm supposed to be doing. Ready steady go, me.


Feb. 25th, 2006 12:03 am
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No, I'm not posting this because I can't get over using my new Alan tag. I'm posting this because I cannot stop squeeing inside. Honestly. Props to [ profile] elite for informing the world (or at least me) of what it didn't know yet: Alan's been cast in a pilot for a lawyer show next year. He's to play a "competitive and arrogant Ivy League graduate". Which has me squeeing in glee all over the place because god, yes, I want snark, and I want Alan to play somebody that's not absolutely adorable for a change.

The man will make me get back into lawyer shows if it's picked up, I'm sure. And it had better be. It's got Alan!

News is over here if you want to read it for yourself.

"Can you?"

Feb. 24th, 2006 06:41 pm
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I've just watched I, Robot and man. I don't think I'd have made it through the whole movie if not for Alan. I do not enjoy action blockbuster types, it's become very apparent. Will Smith and I really aren't best mates, to start with. And the whole movie is just so... very... obvious. There's nothing subtle about it whatsoever. That said, I expected them to abuse Asimov more than that.

It was highly entertaining to listen to Sonny, though, and pick up more and more of Alan's voice as the movie went. And it was fascinating to watch him, and think, wow. That's all Alan. (Apart from some of the battle stuff, obviously. He's not that good that he can somersault all over the place. Though he did do some of the fight stuff, just FYI.) But mostly, I felt kinda bad that he'd have gone through that much trouble for a part that, sure, is potentially so very interesting, but that has a place in a movie that so doesn't exploit, or celebrate, said potential. I still see how fulfilling, as an actor, it must have been, to work on a role like this. Especially since they spent a month before filming began just working on the character, and doing all sorts of theatre stuff that Alan obviously loves doing. But I can't help wonder if it mustn't have been more frustrating than anything else, in the end. Seeing the finished product, and thinking "okay, they say the journey's more important than the destination, and the journey sure was exciting on top of fucking exhausting but I kinda would have liked the destination to be a bit more with the quality."

So what if I'm biased? The only reason why I wanted to see this movie at all was because of how Alan talked of Sonny in his interviews. Here are a few choice excerpts, you'll see what I mean. (Beware, the rest of this post is rambling on and on and on about Alan, the kind of rambling I usually reserve for [ profile] shadesofbrixton. But today, everybody gets to read more than they ever wanted to know about my favourite pilot!)

Thank you, Alan, for being one of those guys who talk about their acting, and not because they're full of themselves, but because they love it. And geek over it. )

Right now is me being puzzled because I just realised I never actually ranted about Alan all that much before. On LJ, I mean, obviously. Or did I and then forgot about it, flist? *creates an Alan tag for the occasion*
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Yes, we survived Serenity, hard though it was to withstand the sight of all those amazing guests together. Let me just run through them: the shiny Nathan Fillion, the lovely Jewel Staite, the ever so shy Summer Glau, the hilarious Alan Tudyk, the so very handsome Ron Glass, the lovely Morena Baccarin, the browncoat Mark Sheppard and the best surprise of all, Chris Buchanan.

What do you mean, who?

Chris used to be the president of Mutant Enemy, Joss's production company. He was also one of the producers of Firefly and is the executive producer of Serenity. And he happens to be a great guy. No, seriously. He's funny, interesting, friendly, passionate, and, point of interest, rather handsome.

Anyway. Before you go on, do know that the level of spoilers for Serenity in the upcoming rant will be equal to that in the trailer. You're warned. Read everything about this shiny, shiny weekend. )


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