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x Jamie was awesome. Not as good a concert as two years ago at the Zenith, but that was due to the venue. Who wants seats at a Jamie Cullum concert? He sang Twenty Something, though, which is all I need to be happy. Covered Rhianna and Lauryn Hill. But failed to sing I Could've Danced All Night which made me and sis v. v. v. sad.

x He started covering Camille's Ta Douleur, like two years ago, except this time she suddenly started singing and then walked on stage. They've become friends in the meantime. Camille is made of awesome. She is the singing equivalent of a saner River, I swear. She was even dressed like River! What she does with her voice is amazing and I now very much want to buy her album(s?).

x I do not understand Julien Doré's latest video. Well, I mean, I understand it, I just... It's beyond me. Why he would choose to do this. On purpose. Willingly. On the bright side, the song and the video both are making me like his previous single Les Limites.

x Midnighter throwing down with Batman in an RP thread of ours is eating my brain.

x Heroes sucks now. Le sigh.

x True Blood still rocks, and not just because it gives us Eric in a black tank top. (Rawr.) Much more than 24, I think that this is a show I could watch in one go, one episode after the other. It pulls you in and doesn't let go. And Stephen Moyer was simply way too frakking adorable in that scene with the kids.

x I want to be watching Spooks already. The three eps are sitting at home, waiting for me. Richard!

x Speaking of awesome British actors, why is fandom erupting over David Tennant's decision to quit Doctor Who? We've known about this for a while, and he's got every right to move on with his career, especially given the frenzied, fanatic, crazy attention his part in Who has brought him. I like the rumour about Paterson Joseph. If we're not getting a woman, we might as well get a Black dude. (...sounds familiar?)

x Jon Stewart and I should be hetero life mates. He can be Jay. I'll be Silent Bob, minus the beard.
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So, Steven Moffat continues to own me. Like that's a surprise. Not at all daydreaming about Alex-Kingston-as-River/James-Nesbitt-as-Eleven now.

Also, for a Kara-and-Leoben-free episode, I really enjoyed the last BSG! Both Helo and Laura are able to hold a storyline, and oh, Helo, how much I love you. I also liked an Eight for the first time in a long time, possibly ever. And and and! Gaius. Is next week the last one before hiatus? I shall cry. And then start watching my dvds so I can stand the wait.

Meme snagged from [ profile] the_grynne. Please take me up on it! I feel like drabbling.

Comment with a sentence from one of my fanfictions. Without looking, I have to try and guess which fic of mine the sentence is from. If I fail, the challenger wins a drabble request. Post this in your own journal and let me challenge you!

PS: I don't like the latest Saez.

Edit: PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MY BOREDOM and take me up on this meme. You can find all my fanfiction under the fanfiction tag. Or just ask me for drabbles, I don't care, I just wanna be not bored anymore.
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Oh, my fucking god, I love Steven Moffat.

On that note, I'm gonna crash.
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Spoilers for the Robin Hood finale. )

In other news, I actually enjoyed the Christmas Special. It was fun, and I thought that Kylie was the cutest thing and I love her boots. Also Baffa-thingie kicked ass, and oh, god, Alonso. The kid's something alright. I don't mind that Astrid fell for the Doctor, either, because he didn't fall back. He never does. And of course she'd fall for him. Hell, I would. I'm still looking forward to seeing Donna with him - as in, a Companion who doesn't want into his pants.

Can it be Torchwood time already?

Now, to pack! And head to work and then Fred's for New Year celebration stuff.
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It's official, I lust after Harry Lloyd like a madwoman when he goes all homicidal. First in Who, now in this episode of Robin Hood? There's just such an intensity to his acting... Even in Hood, there was this alien quality to him, at times, in this episode.

PS, I can't wait for next week. The show is still very silly, but is it me or has it actually got much better? Maybe I've just learned to ignore Robin and the Robin/Marianne enough. Maybe screencapping every other second of Richard Armitage's screen time helps.

"I win."

Jul. 1st, 2007 03:05 pm
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Spoilers for the Doctor Who finale. )

I could keep on rambling for a whiiiiiiile, but instead I'll say that I want pictures from the London Pride featuring 1) that Scott/John kiss, 2) DARREN. Good thing I wasn't there. Seeing the three of them in the same place at once? I might have, like, EXPLODED.
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Spoilers for Doctor Who 3x11. )
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And this time it doesn't have anything to do with me freaking over a mouse although I would appreciate it if Brownie our unexpected guest could seem even mildly interested in the (humane) traps I set up! instead of exploring the rest of the bloody flat way too quickly for me to catch her. I've tried.

OH GOD STEVEN MOFFAT I LOVE YOU, I think, was what I originally wanted to say.

I'm talking about Doctor Who, for the record.

Also I love the guy who played Billy, from his gay receptionist role in Hotel Babylon. But mostly OH GOD this episode creeped me out so wonderfully I haven't felt this spooked in ages oh god. So, so good. Love the script, lovelovelove the direction so creeped but oh that script and just. Yeah.

PS, Joey and Peewai? This is absolutely the fanfic I should've written after seeing that park full of statues in Germany and thinking they would make for a perfect Who story. Damnit! Maybe Steven and I mindmelded. I'm cool with that hypothesis.

SO CREEPY. And the very end, even creepier.

I need to go and sleep now. Evening shift tomorrow!
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1. Today I waited on Simon Woods. Well, not really, but he had the eyes and the mouth and ngh. I really kept wanting to make him smile. Again and again and again. I forgive him and his friend for only tipping me a few cents. Still no piano sex with JRM. Dude.

2. The bar is eating up my life.

3. Love and Other Disasters? Is wonderful and lovely, as far as romcoms go. I have such a squeeful crush on Matthew Rhys now. (Although I still like Jonathan Firth better as far as Byrons go.)

4. Starter for 10? Oh, my god, Simon. And heee Jamie! Fun, fun, fun.

5. Did I mention I'd read the second Lucifer Box novel and was now dying to fic fic fic? Unsurprisingly, I still haven't had time. In related news, upon hearing that the BBC was adapting the Vesuvius Club, [ profile] queenspanky came up with the perfect casting: Rupert Penry-Jones for Lucifer, Callum Blue for Charlie. And JRM for Venus.

6. Sunshine? Is one of Danny Boyle's good movies. I loved it. So interesting and challenging and Chris Evans, of Fantastic Four 'fame' but who I'd never seen in anything, rocks, and Cillian is so pretty. Sometimes I forget how pretty that man is. Now I want to watch 28 Days Later again.

7. Hotel Babylon is fun. Max Beesley and Craig Kelly make me happy.

8. Lost bores me. The Tudors is wonderful but I still miss Rome liek whoa. The Dalek double parter we just had of Doctor Who failed to thrill me, despite David's amazing performance. I love Sam and Dean. I want to sex up Addison and Callie.

9. I'm sure I've forgotten stuff.
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How much did I love the Shakespeare Code? A whole hell of a lot is how much. Verily, forsooth, yegads. )
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At some point I might've had something to say about the latest Desperate Housewives, except now it's all been wiped away by Torchwood oh dear god. Cut for spoilers! Of the spoilery kind! )
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1. OH MY GOD MY (USUALLY) BEAUTIFUL TWINS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR?!? Also this is slightly spoilerish for OotP the movie. (Think Harry Potter 5, people.) But, seriously. You guys used to be so attractive! Damn.

2. This is a public service announcement. [ profile] heikki_cheren, you were right. Dr. Pepper is indeed better when it comes in a bottle. [ profile] cerulean_blu, thank you so much for having provided this latest fix. I enjoyed it until the very last drop. *checks the bottle* Yeah, really, it's as empty as it can be.

3. So I caught sight of Donnie Wahlberg on a banner for Runaway - had to try it out. What is it with ruining people's attraction by way of their hair these days? Not only Donnie (who still rocks my world as an actor, mind), but also Sandrine "needs to have DB Woodside's babies she's so pretty" Holt. Also, so not hooked.

4. VM premiere: HOT DOG! I love Keith. They mentioned Spamalot! (It was Spamalot, [ profile] emma_daisy. I blame Alan and my Monty Python love.) Oh, Logan, you still own me, and Piz needs to be bi because he and Logan, well, yeah. Also when did Wallace become sexy and I love Mac, and Dick, oh, you jerktastic jackass I love so hard. (Are they gonna go for Mac/Dick?)

5. Heroes premiere: can I please have more? Greg wasn't even in it and I loved it. Adrian! Adrian was great and I love his brother for the sole reason that, cute, but mostly, mostly I'm in love with Mohinder Suresh who absolutely needs to get down and dirty with someone. And Isaac. MmmmIsaac. I'm sorry I'm a sucker for... him. Not to be spoilerish. And Hiro is SuperGeek and yay! I also surprisingly like the cheerleader.

6. Studio 60 102: now that's what I'm talking about! I loved it so hard, and much more than the pilot, probably because I felt like Amanda Peet was less in it? Oh, Matt, oh, Danny, oh ALL OF YOU GUYS it was just so good and Sorkinesque and the best clock fic is already getting written about it and of course it would be because the clock is Sorkinesque and BRILLIANT. *clings to Aaron* Missed this. Sarah Paulson rocks my world a little more each time I see her.

7. Grey's: Derek and Meredith can you go and die? Possibly on another show? Kthx. Bailey owns me. So do Cristina and Burke and also oh god Izzie. I love that they're not glossing over it. Addison marry me will you?

8. Nip/Tuck: I LOVE that they're daring to go down that road. I wonder how far they'll go. It's Nip/Tuck, you can never be sure of anything.

9. I can't really think of a 9 right now, but I like that number.

EDIT: REAL NUMBER NINE! LJ's still being a bitch with my comment notifications. Sorry if it seems like I'm ignoring you.

EDIT: And we have a number TEN! Which is more than fitting. Who-related! Seen on [ profile] kabukivice's journal. Do you all remember Jacky-boy Jake, the oh so gay resistance fighter whose accent I kept squeeing at who was totally hot for Mickey, or so we all said? Well, he really was supposed to be. This is what Russel had to say about it: "I hate all these shows which have rubbish gay relationships, and I took another look at the script and realised it was cheap, soapy nonsense. I won't have cheap gay references." I totally wish he'd left it in.
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This whole post is majorly SPOILERIFIC in a Doctor Who finale, Doomsday kind of way.

Typed as I watched. Not very inspired, clearly. )

More like actual thoughts. )


Jul. 2nd, 2006 01:42 am
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Army of Ghosts spoilers, typed as I watched. No spoilers for the trailer for next week. )
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Doctor Who 2x11, Fear Her. )

Now, for [ profile] vandonovan (and thanks again!): Mawdryn Undead. )

Also, quote of the day's definitely Turlough's "I'm not that easy to get rid of." Yay for Turlough aboard the TARDIS! I'll be downloading the third story soon. But now, some Deadwood, and then a class to teach.
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Happy birthday, Joss! May I remind all of you that can afford it that Browncoats everywhere are all buying a copy of Serenity today, and that you should too. Even if you already own it. Share the love, spread the love, today's the day to buy that DVD. ...except I haven't bought DVDs or books for months and there's a reason for that and I'm starting to get very stressed about money issues so, yeah, I won't. I'm sorry. Does that make me a bad Browncoat? I'm trying to rationalise it by assuring myself that it's not like the French numbers of Serenity sales would ever reach enough to be noticed. It's sadly true.

In other news - Pride tomorrow yay! Here's to hoping the weather's nice. It rained on Wednesday for the FĂȘte de la musique, but fun was had anyway, even though I still like that holiday better in cities of a more moderate size. We saw some capoeira, though, which took me a few years back.

What else? What else. I'm finally watching Mawdryn Undead thanks to [ profile] vandonovan, I've got halfway through it and it's so. Much. Better than Terminus is (although I'm liking Planet of Fire better so far).

We've got Maltese crashing at home for Pride, and a Romanian maybe at some point, and of course [ profile] pee_wai yay! I need to get some sleep tonight if I want to be alive and kicking for Pride - we're meeting up to change the lorry into a float at 10.

A few spoilery thoughts on Rescue Me 3x04. ... )

Finally, watching the second season of Deadwood feels like coming home. Those beautiful shots, the strength and vulnerability of these characters. And on a very shallow note Titus Welliver has never been this attractive. And I've been crushing on him for years. And Alma keeps taking my breath away. And and and. *loves*
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The love what love? you will ask.

The Joss and RTD love, I will answer.

There's a seminar on homophobia this week in Paris, organised by Joey's LGBT youth association, for which people from similar associations all over Europe have come.

On Sunday my "Strong like amazons - No power in the 'verse" t-shirt helped me single out the one Irish Browncoat from them all. She looked at my t-shirt and went, "Firefly?" Oh yes, lady, now let's share the BDH love.

And today, I was talking with an Italian, and mentioned Manchester's gay neighbourhood, to which he went, very knowingly, "Canal Street?" Either he had been there, or had seen Queer as Folk. Predictably, as the geek and RTD fangirl that I am, I assumed the latter, and was right! I then quickly plugged in Bob and Rose and how much he should give that a try if he ever can.

Yes, yes, I'm hopeless. Although it could've been worse, I could've tried and pimped Who. But I don't think he's the right crowd for that. You have to know your target. Maybe I should ask the Irish Browncoat if she's seen Who.

But mostly? I'm shameless. I'm a geek. And I love it.

No, actually, scratch that. Mostly? I'm starving. I've just eaten some rice salad and sandwiches and it's only served to make me aware of actually how hungry I was. I'll go watch some more of Terminus (oh Turlough manipulating Tegan is a thing of glory) while I eat.
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Doctor Who - Planet of Fire (spoilers!) )

So, to sum it up? The Doctor and Turlough? More slashable than ever. Me? Perving muchly over Turlough. And disliking Peri rather intensely. Also? Relatively good work on the issue of religion and blind faith, although I'd have hoped for a less manichean ending. Ish. Oh, well. There was much Turlough-perving.

As for today's episode, spoiler-less? OMGMARC! Right, so I have a huge crush on Marc Warren ever since I saw my first episode of Hustle. Certainly not helped by either State of Play or, oh god, Green Street Hooligans, where he played a not-whacky part and oh god Marc you are so talented. Shirley Henderson was very Shirley-Henderson-y, too. Pretty good episode. Definitely a Russell vibe to it. And next week's Nina Sosanya oh god I can't wait! *bounces*
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The very annoying thing with watching old Who stuff on your own, is that you have no knowledgeable Who fan to ask about every single thing that goes through your mind.

I've watched the Eighth Doctor movie (even though "Paul McGann doesn't count," yes, he still does, ish, at least as an incarnation, doesn't he), and nowI'm getting started on Genesis of the Daleks and while okay, yes, Sarah Jane (Ten-voice: she's young!), who is Harry? ...or Henry? What did he call him?

And also oh dear god the Timelords have no fashion sense whatsoever, do they. The Doctor's whacky, and I particularly love Nine and Ten, but should it be the Master or that Timelord at the beginning of GotD? Guh. I can see why Russel wanted them out.

And I know I haven't updated in a few days but I'm fine, everything's great, Joey's off to Rennes for the weekend and I'm left here watching Four on my own nursing some pina colada. Which is actually not as depressing as it sounds, I swear.


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