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- Ashes to Ashes is being mildly disappointing. I love Keeley Hawes, but she doesn't have John Simm's charisma, and the time period is much less endearing, I find. Still, I'm looking forward to next episode entirely too much. Stephen Campbell Moore, here I come.

- I still haven't gone and seen Cloverfield, and it's Ultimate Drew's jump to the big screen. I'm a bad, bad minion. I might go after class today. After six hours of classes, straight. Good thing the four hours (I'm in the middle of) are computer classes I don't really need, or my brain might go splodey. It's not used to such long hours in one go anymore.

- Lost is being really interesting. I blame the future flashbacks, that was in fact a good move. Supernatural is also rocking my world, I feel for the boys so much. The L-Word is being unexpected fun. And I'm digging the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay Summer!

- I want this t-shirt. Can Threadless please be having a sale before it's sold out kthx.

- With the resolution of the writers' strike, dare I hope Alan Tudyk's lawyer show with Andrew Lincoln might get picked up? Pretty pleaaaase. I'm also desperately waiting for 3:10 to Yuma to be released in France so I can see it on the big screen and everybody else in my country can join in on the Yuma love.

- I've been watching everything with Marc Warren I could get my hands on. Even a Miss Marple episode in which he only appears for the whole of five minutes. With a moustache. And hardly any lines. Maaaaarc. I have such a crush.

- I'm starving. Yes, everybody should care about my hunger, thank you very much. I hate Excel, I want to eat something.
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First off, J. Michael Straczynski's statement about Andreas Katsulas. It makes my heart break a little.

I'll move on to Lost. Spoilers up to One of Them. )

And good news for Lost! There is still hope. They've signed on Drew for two years. I love my master: "There's a simple formula to the kinds of scripts I write," he told Daily Variety. "Basically, people talk about their feelings, something explodes and/or a fight breaks out, more talking about feelings, someone bleeds to death and then everyone makes jokes about their pain."

He's also writing the 100th Alias episode, for those who care. Hopefully it'll make up for what-was-it-called, the absolutely BORING last episode he wrote on that show. Was it Mockingbird? Might have been. In any case, it was a let-down coming from him. Drew, you're capable of greatness. Help them put Lost back on track! And don't screw up Alias, kthx.
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Watching Lost 2x05 again with Joey made me realise I hadn't reviewed it yet. So, here goes. )

Now, Alias. This is gonna be quick. BORED was me. I can't believe Drew wrote that one. Bored bored bored. There was nothing - nothing - Drewesque about it. How utterly horrible and disappointing.

In Drew-related news, Marti Noxon said in an interview that Tim Minear and Drew were the likeliest to write the Spike movie, since Joss wasn't interested in doing that himself. There's supposed to be a Spike movie? O-kay. Joss? Just because you managed to get Serenity back in the air on a big screen doesn't mean you have to do that with all your universes. Really.

I'm every bit afraid of what a Spike movie would be like.

And, finally, have realised that Mal/River intrigues me, and makes sense. When well-written, of course. Anybody has any recs? I could use them.
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I realised I still hadn't shared my thoughts on Lost 1x15 and 1x16. )

That being said, as for RL... Things are still good, though not so much for far too many people around me. I wish I could ease their troubles somehow...

Tonight is one of the teachers' housewarming party, that should be good. I might go to Manchester on Saturday, not sure yet. And in one week and one day, I'm in Paris (and Les Miroirs Obscurs has been released)! It's a measure of how much I love [ profile] greenie_breizh that I'm still happy and excited about going back, because the sense of impending doom in the form of having soon to leave England and my assistant's life behind has not diminished any. But I can't wait to be with her again.

I'm very slowly writing the Sarkney fic. I'm putting the final touches to the new versions of Rien N'est Eternel and Nothing Lasts Forever, which I'll update over break. I'm also nearing the end of Vice Versa, one of my most challenging and thought-provoking readings ever, I believe. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in (bi)sexuality.

Now have a nice weekend, everyone! I'll be reading you in a matter of days.
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So, yes, I finally watched Welcome to Liberty Village. And my favourite scene was, obviously, *points at the title of the entry* I heart Weiss and you-guys-who-watch-it-know-who (absolutely gorgeous and charming) and that first scene was brilliant. I couldn't possibly resist it either. As for the episode itself, it wasn't half as good as a Drew Buffy (or some Angel) episode, but it was far from bad. This one and 4x04 Ice tend to make me have high hopes for the rest of the season; they were much better written than what they had accustomed us to. I'm slightly disappointed that Drew's Marshall wasn't more... amusing, and geeky. Drew can write the best geeks (just look at Andrew), I don't know what went wrong here. But really, you see in that pre-credits scene what his forte is. I'm not surprised his Weiss is so, er, Weissian. How else to put it? And the point he makes? Oooooh yes. That's why I'm turning into a true Sarkney. Though not really.

That being said, sis is back home and hopefully all right, I haven't had any news. Also, people, I'd muchly appreciate it if you didn't send me any e-mails during the next week or so. School starts up on the 22nd and I won't have internet access until then, and I'd love not to have full mailboxes when I come back. So if you have anything to tell me, can you please wait before sending it? Ta.

I do plan for this weekend to be excellent even though apparently we don't know where to sleep on Saturday... Just kidding, I'm really not too worried about that. Things will work out in the end. Tonight I'll be meeting up Noelle (can't for the life of me remember how you write your username - misskao, miss_kao?), wheee! So, yeah, for those who don't know, I'm flying to Dublin tonight!

Unrelated - I've kept in touch with JJ, one of the teachers from the French exchange. He seems to be a great guy, really. And he loves his kids so much, it's a pleasure to hear him (or well, read him these days) speak about them. I don't know how we managed exactly but in the course of just a few e-mails we've come to discuss life and death, religion, sexuality and family. Phew. :)
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I watched some episodes of Buffy S7 again – the last few – and that season was just so good. We owe it all to Drew, really, he did give the whole season its right tonality when he wrote in that introduction of the Big Bad. Who’d have thought, too? They took such a chance, and it worked. Fantabulously well. And they actually gave her an amazing death scene – or did they? I’d rather not believe Miss Kitty Fantastico is dead. It would be too dangerous a thing to believe.

Looking back on things since the S7 finale, it’s so odd how everything has changed. And I don’t just mean the end of Buffy or the unexpected direction Angel took – the death of Angelus and bringing in Andrew to be the central figure (I do need to write that essay some day about how his interaction with Spike is reminiscent of the Sark/Marshall friendship in Alias), obviously - or even my own personal life (though my professional, hell yeah - I would never have thought I could make a living out of that, only in my wildest dreams...). To see what Drew has managed to accomplish since Buffy is just… I’m ever so thankful they offered him that writing job on Buffy, for some reason it seems like it never could have happened without it.

It probably would have. If it hadn’t been Buffy, he would have got another job and we still would have been impressed by his Ultimateness. Minions would have appeared no matter the show. We would have eventually managed to rule the world anyway. Drew is that inspiring. It’s just... Somehow I feel we owe it all to Miss Kitty Fantastico.

I do wonder what’s happened to Joss, though.

Anyway, I need to jet. So much stuff to take care of for the next gathering for Drew and All That Is Ultimate, and there's also that Minion Security Clearance 768 Meeting I have to attend. Rumour is our ultimate leader is actually going to issue the list of who gets to bear his babies. Fingers crossed, eh?
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I'm more and more heartbroken at not having seen more of 24. The list of actors I love that those guys have in store is just... Plus, Carlos Bernard. I wanna see more of Tony.

On a less melo-dramatic note, I have my tatoo! Yay! On the ankle, though probably higher up than you picture when I say ankle - what can I say, I'm a sissy. Pain is not my thing. Anyone who got a tatoo before would like to share their experience? Just drop me a line on my e-mail. I wonder how long I should keep rubbing cream in.

Friday night was amazing. We went to a Belgian beer bar (Belgian applying to beer and not bar) in Altrinchan (South of Manchester) and... I'm not the type to overly like beer, but I will never thank the waitress who advised us enough. The beer I drank was a-maze-ing. She described it as "beautiful" and I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration... before I tasted it.

Then we headed to a couple of colleagues' place for digestives. Stuart treated us to some fine whiskey, I don't think I'd ever liked whiskey that much. Talisker. Oh wow. Also, Stuart has an impressive collections of DVDs (some French and some German, too) and CDs. He listens to some very good music. Nikki, his girlfriend, is an English teacher. It's good to be able to talk to someone about Shakespeare and have them understand what you're ranting on about. It had been too long. She's also very nice on a general level. I'm looking forward to maybe seeing more of her. They were both quite cool with learning about me and Jo, too. Friday was really a great night.

On Saturday we went and saw Vanity Fair. It was a good entertainment, though it would have been much more interesting if Becky had not been likable. And Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (sp?) can play a delightful jerk. Also... I still wanna carry James Purefoy's babies. I'm so putting him on the list with Joss and Drew.

Which reminds me, the Ultimateness that is Drew is also writing an episode of Lost! (I'm sure we can thank the magnificent David Fury for that.) Picture me squeeing in fangirlish glee and anticipation.

Other than that, I'm well enough. I have a bit of a cold but it's no big so far. Can't wait for sis to be here next week. There seems to be lots of persons getting heart attacks these days, for some reason - relatives of staff. Makes you think about how quickly those things happen, and sometimes how unexpectedly. Makes me wanna hug said relatives but well, we're not in the US. I can't just hug people I ultimately don't know that well at all. Can I?
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Not only are the IT guys being a real pain by upgrading those filters with ridiculous notions (why oh why should IMDb be banned?) and trying to make sure we cannot check our e-mail, but they're also unable to do their bloody jobs! Yesterday Internet was down right when I was about to buy my plane tickets for Easter, and now it's down all over again. Me hates them. (Obviously now it's back up, or I couldn't send this, but my point still stands.)

'Sides, first lesson this morning was with a pupil I really don't enjoy teaching. Her level of French is quite good, really – when I marked them on some oral work, she got the best grade. But oh how I do not like her. She has no motivation whatsoever. She is the typical blasé teenager who does not see the point but shows up anyway to each lesson because she is "a good student." She is just so unpleasant to teach. So I think I'm in cranky mode all right.

Spoilers for Lost 1x11 )
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That's the quote of the day by my lovely [ profile] greenie_breizh. Made me all giggly, on top of warm 'n fuzzy. Oooh, first people arriving, she's on the phone with them right now! That cuts my entry short, I suppose. Not much to say apart from "wheeee!" anyway (in a non-naked way since, well, people are arriving). There shall be much rejoicing and partying during the next two days.

And it's been a while since I last said it: Drew's a genius. (And I heart DB - as in DB Woodside, not David Boreanaz. He's so pretty - and funny and twisted.)
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It's a bit hard to get my mind around the fact that in three days' time I'll be back in France, and most likely thoroughly snogging and then more having a very meaningful philosophical debate with [ profile] greenie_breizh to make up for the time apart. I will try to write to all of you I should have written to ages ago, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Also, here is a mission for y'all: seeing as how I'll be rediscovering the joys of unfiltered internet access, I'll have to stack up loads of good fanfiction to last me until Easter. So people, I want recs. Recs, recs, recs, and then some more recs. I'm ready to take about anything. "Je suis en manque," like we say about addicts not getting their fix - no clue what the phrase is in English. Anyway. As long as it's good, I want it.

Now, a little bit about what I've been up to lately. Find out! )

And last but so very much not least, my Drew-minion-ness is coming back to me full force. I'm set out to convert as many people as possible, mainly by working Drew references into every one of my BR posts, and since our lovely dictator Joey is on her way to becoming a minion herself, she's unlikely to Jimjo me for it. (Plus I give her cookies - or I will very shortly. It's in her interest not to Jimjo me. *evil grin*)

Anyway, just out of curiosity, are there any other minions of Drew around? I need to join up their LJ community as soon as I have access to the LJ site. (Note to self: I need myself a Drew icon.)

I'll let the Ultimate One finish that entry and try to convince you guys to join up (, I'll write more about the Ultimateness that is him soon:

"Minions, as always, you are the reason I get up in the morning. Without you, I am merely a minion-less amazingly talented writer man-god. So, good thing I have you. "


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