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Title: One Day
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. All of it's fair use.
Summary: "One day, John tells her, you will know more than I do."
Notes: Written for [ profile] mahaliem in the Sarah Connor Chronicles Flash Fiction and Art Challenge, who wanted either Gen, Ellison meets Cameron, or John/Cameron, sweet rather than porny. I did a little bit of both.

Knowing is not knowledge. She has managed to integrate this in a subprogram, hide it behind a few codes. Knowledge is what is stored in her databanks; knowing is something she cannot put in binary. )
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Fic: Dance with the lillies in the shadows of the valley
Fandoms: Heroes, Moonlight
Summary: Dance with the lilies in the shadows of the valley - my lily of the valley of the shadow of death. ~ Skyclad, My Mother In Darkness
Notes: the whole blame for this fic can be put on [ profile] the_grynne. Which indirectly also makes it [ profile] transtempts' fault. I don't know where the first person narrative comes from; it surprised me, too.

When I finally meet her, I meet my match. )
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The first of the drabbles I owe people. This one is for [ profile] the_swordman, for his birthday, even though that was now a while ago. It's the thought that counts! He wanted Kaylee, back in Firefly days, envying Wash and Zoe. (You other people I owe ficlets? I will get to them, yes I will. I swear. I want to! So I shall.)

Also, spoilers for the Big Damn Movie.

But ifs don't get you food or cred or nothing, her momma used to say. And she was right. )
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Title: 20 Things You Didn't Know About Inara Serra
Author: fan_elune
Rating: PG13, I suppose
Characters: mostly Inara, mentions of others
Spoilers/Timeline: Firefly and Serenity
Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. Just having fun.
Author's Note: This was written for [ profile] melnotmeli's "20 Things..." challenge.

Twenty Things You Didn't Know About Inara Serra )
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All right, so I've just finished writing them. I'm not a hundred percent happy with them, but if I don't post them now I never will. And okay, they're bigger than what drabbles should be I guess, but who cares. Let's call them vignettes then.


Harry/Remus for [ profile] stampinground - weirdly, it's the one of those three drabbles vignettes that I like best. Thanks for the (squicky) prompt!

Wrong, wrong, wrong. )


Sark and Vaughn for [ profile] twixou - this is probably nothing like what you expected, 'Lexia, but hopefully you'll still like it. I might give a try to some very short smut between them, if you want, as I'm all for hot desperation-driven smut and that would work very well in between S2 and S3, or even after Lauren's death, but... this is what came out today. I can't believe I wrote S5 Sydney. Argh.

There's something to be said for eggs. )


Mal and Simon for [ profile] thewatch - as predicted, not paired together, although I'm pretty sure you could read it that way if you wanted to. Hope you like it!

Wind's picking up. )
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Title: Players.
Fandom: Lost
Disclaimer: I don't approve of everything JJ does, but on the whole he's done a bang-up job on Lost (and surrounded himself with very talented writers, might I add). Kudos to them all!
Rating: R
Summary: Shannon wants to get drunk and knows only one person with booze on the island.
Author's notes: this was written for [ profile] jade_plume, who wanted to read about either Sawyer or Shannon. I decided to write about them both, since I love them too much to make a choice! Happy birthday again, honey!
Author's notes 2: This happens before Outlaws, since that's the level of spoilers I could get away with.
Author's notes 3: big thanks to [ profile] khohen1 for the beta job. Any flaw this fic still bears is most definitely my fault.

Guys were so easy to play, and Sawyer wasn't that different. )
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You've been hearing about it for ever so long... there you go. The beginning of my Sarkney fic, now entitled "Same Calibre, Different Makes." While this prologue actually takes up a scene in season 2, the rest of the fic will veer AU from the end of S2 onward (as in, no two-year blank, just a continuation from Sydney killing Allison (yes, she kills her in my world)). Due to the fact that I do not hang out in the Alias fandom at all, I don't have anyone to beta this... any mistake is completely and utterly my own. (And if anyone feels in the mood for a beta job, I'd love it. I don't publish often, *cough*understatement*cough*, so I don't think it would be too tasking. However, I've got two more chapters - far, far more consequent than this - ready to be beta'ed!)

Title: Same Calibre, Different Makes
Part: Prologue - The Hammer
Rating: Up to R in later parts.
Disclaimer: No matter how much I'd like that, Sark doesn't belong to me. Neither do any of the others. (Not even Weiss. *sniffles*)

Irina glances at Sark, whose face is an unreadable mask, then tilts her head backward and smiles again, a smile that is not meant for anyone to see. )
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Gakked from [ profile] heikki_cheren:

"If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction etc, post an extract from your WIP in your journal."

So I guess now's the time when you guys realise exactly how many ongoing projects I have. Let's start with fanfiction, I'll do original fiction in the next post.

The much-talked about Firefly/Highlander/Carnivale crossover. )

The Alias fic. )

Wat/Kate fic (A Knight's Tale). )

Collion (Crossed Destinies 3 – BtVS/LotR). )

Out of Memory and Time (BtVS/LotR) )

Thank you (AtS) )

The Small Print (AtS) )

Tapping into that Darkness (BtVS/HP) )
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Well, [ profile] greenie_breizh is gone back home. I'll be joining her there on Tuesday, and I have approximately a ton of things to do in the meanwhile. Watch some DVDs, for starters, including O Brother (still haven't seen it!) and Jurassic Park (am finally going to see it in English! Hopefully Ian Malcolm will be just as enjoyable.). I have some Farscape to watch in English too, while I'm at it, among which the cartoon episode. I'm in for a laugh.

And if I find myself a couple free hours, there'll be a second viewing of Mononoke Hime. Bought myself the soundtrack yesterday, been listening to it non stop. It's sparking muses, too.

Oh, and [ profile] houses7177 really liked Harshness, cold and deceit, the birthday fic I wrote for her. That made my day yesterday, though I haven't had time to respond to her reply. I was just ecstatic. I'd been so anxious about it, since what she writes is so very good... Not to mention that my AB books are very much not at home and that I was quite worried that I might be twisting Edward to my wishes/needs. Apparently not. Yay! I'm actually really grateful for this whole birthday fic [ profile] cgwriting started, because I don't think I would have ever written this particular fic if it hadn't been for it. houses had a list of characters she liked, and Narcissa and Edward basically jumped out at me while I was looking it over. Or, more characteristically, Narcissa raised an eyebrow at me and Edward made a very discreet hand motion, face betraying nothing. I think they work wonderfully together.

Besides, it got me to write about all the Malfoys, and that's always something I love. (The only actor who has signed up for OotP, according to imdb, is Jason. There'll be at least that reason to go see the movie. His Lucius is absolutely magnificent, and rather scary too, in a sends-shivers-down-your-spine way. In a very human way, really. All hail to Jason.) I even threw some Zabini in there - couldn't help myself, and it did work with the story, it wasn't just a pointless cameo. Those Slytherins are so very fascinating to write.

Anyway. I've also been thinking about the way I write, which I think has really evolved these past few months. In a very good way. I've completely gone past the stage of "let's get so and so together" - not that I don't write those fics anymore, just that when I do, which is no longer a requisite, it's not just about that. I feel quite good about some of my recent productions, and those I feel most good about, surprisingly, don't really pair up anybody: A Flight of Fancy, Thou Liv'st forever, and now Harshness, cold and deceit.

I'll need to use those few days on my own to really plan what I'm going to write next. I do need to go over and rewrite most of Out of Memory and Time, which I will post on the [ profile] wadingpool to make it as good as possible as I go. I also have to work on the next episode of Gaia (, focusing on Steve - title unknown as of now, probably something music-related. There's another original project of mine that needs working on, untitled as well for the moment, about yet again homosexuality and the way to fit in the world. For those of you who know of my obsession for the then unknown hotness that belonged to one of Buffy's former boyfriends, the kid's name is Fab. *wicked smirk*

Those are the most "urgent," I suppose. I have been attacked by several plot bunnies lately, but I'm doing a good job filing them away for later use, so far. Let's just hope they'll keep being that easy to deflect for a while.

Anyway, here's Harshness, cold and deceit. For you BR-people who haven't read AB, just in case you wanna give it a try, let me just explain very quickly what you need to know: the Anitaverse happens nowadays, only the supernatural is part of everyday life. The US is the first country to grant vampires civil rights, and weres of all sorts (there aren't just wolves, but also leopards, lions, swans, etc - and one of my favourites, rats) are being discriminated against. Edward is a bounty hunter, he likes to take out the "monsters" (weres and vamps, really). He's a cold-blooded killer with quite a personality disorder. He can slip as effortlessly into his Death persona (total absence of emotion) as into his Ted persona (Ted Forrester, one of his identities, lives in New Mexico, has a very Southern accent, wears a cowboy hat, can be quite charming and is actually engaged to a New Age woman called Donna, who has two kids - it even seems as if Ted loves her and her kids). Edward's a bit of an enigma, since very little is known about his past, and he's very hard to figure out. There, I think you're good now.

(Oh, and [ profile] twixou, to shamelessly pique your interest: personally, I have this fantasy of mine where Edward is just Sark in a few years' time. I'm sure an older David would be perfect for the role, but even as far as characterisation is concerned, Sark could have become Edward in the right circumstances.)

Harshness, cold and deceit )
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Well. Have not been updating too regularly, have I? That's all [ profile] greenie_breizh's fault, really. She's keeping me far too happy. And when we're not exchanging cookie recipes, I've had to write. I'm proud to say both birthday fics were done on time! Granted has been posted and liked by Marion, so yay! Harshness, cold and deceit has been beta'ed and is ready to be posted on D-day.

On the English front: I'll be living in Grappenhall next year, a village not far from Warrington and Manchester. I got an e-mail from a German assistant I will be living with. I'll be working at Lynn High School. We attended a couple days' meeting in Besancon to prepare us for next year, it was most informative. I cannot wait to be there.

This weekend I left my flat for good. I won't miss the place so much as the people, though Nancy is a much finer city, in my opinion, than Reims. Still, it's good to be back here and see the family a bit. Will be leaving on the sixth of July to go to Rennes with [ profile] greenie_breizh (she'll be leaving on the second). Have got my Sarkgasm t-shirt at last! Which makes me think I should write a small something about the last Alias episode. And HP3. And the end of Angel.

Alias finale )

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban )

The end of Angel )

And so, here is the first of the birthday fics. Written for Marion, aka samwise_gamgee_fan. Set after Buffy's season seven and during the War of the Ring.

Granted )
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I really like that piece of lyrics from Placebo's Protège-moi. I think I'll keep it tucked away somewhere and use it as a title for a fic some day.

Anyway. On to more important matters. Happy anniversary to the PotC fandom! Have posted Chapter Six of FoF to [ profile] pirategasm in celebration. I just want to, again, rec the work of [ profile] firesignwriter, who masters those characters unlike anyone else I've ever read. Her "Moonverse" series is particularly heartbreaking.

Anyway, here's chapter six of FoF.

A Flight of Fancy: Chapter Six )
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Ha! I finished one of the two birthday fics I'm working on. Only have to get it beta'ed, now. Hopefully it doesn't suck too much! I really hope I'll be able to finish the second one in time, too. Otherwise I'll just post the beginning on time - though I really don't like doing that. Posting any part of a fic before it's finished. You never know when you'll want to go back on it to have it better suit what happens later. Besides, it saved me from posting some quite, quite bad fiction. Tapping, for one thing, and OMT. I haven't given up on either of them, I simply need to go through them all over again.

To go back to that second birthday fic, I know exactly where I want to go. It's just not something I've ever written before and I'm doubtful I can pull it off easily, and in such a short amount of time. I'll see.

Anyway. Here's chapter five of FoF.

Chapter Five: Still the guns and stow 'em )
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Will rant about PoA later, right now I just wanna post chapter 3 of FoF. Again, if anyone's reading, I'd appreciate some feedback. Oh, and while I'm at it: [ profile] firesignwriter started another PotC fic which promises to be excellent, in which Norrington and a back-from-the-dead Barbossa ally to go after Jack. I'm quite excited about where she will take it. And she's got Barbossa's voice down just as well as any of the other characters.

Chapter Three: Run out the guns )
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As I said, here's chapter two of FoF. And again, please review? A feedbacked (fedback?) Fan' is a happy Fan'. Many thanks go to [ profile] cgwriting again, who considerably helped improve this chapter with helpful, constructive advice. And did I mention she was writing a sequel to No Rest for the Weary called Tempus Fidgets, which is Dawn/Groves? Yes, Groves. Yum, as far as I'm concerned.

A Flight of Fancy - Chapter Two )
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Wrote the first draft of Boys Meet Boys, the answer to the 10 things challenge I've got going with [ profile] khylarenelf. I need to reread some BMB comics to make sure the BMB boys are in character, and then get it betaread and it'll be good. Had so much fun playing with them all. Couldn't resist putting a bit of Hazel into it, too.

Also wrote a quick Draco/Ginny ficlet for shycutie, who got sunburnt and was in need of some fluffiness to make up for it. Here goes (no spoilers for anything, it's a future fic). It's unbetaed, so if anyone notices anything, please let me know!

Sunburnt )

Other than that, I now officially have the role of Blanche in Streetcar! Yay! Though I don't know how on earth it's going to work out, the performances are in a month and not half the actors know their text. But it's drama. It'll work out. It's got to.


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