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Apparently preordering, on Amazon, does not mean that they will make sure they have the ordered item on the day of release. That would be far too easy.

Instead I get an e-mail telling me they're having trouble getting their hands on it. Not quite as fulfilling.

I want my copy of The Shadow's Return, damnit. Now.


Apr. 7th, 2008 05:59 pm
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I'm just done with The Vintner's Luck, and I sort of want to read it all over again. When I should be studying for my exams. This book is mesmerising. One reading is not enough, no more than a single sip is to appreciate a wine's full flavour.
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Now that I have finally finished reading this bloody long autobiography, I have the whole of tomorrow evening, after classes and internship, to prepare a presentation on it ("On the rim of the farthest circle", aren't you so very inspired?) for Tuesday's class. Woot!

PS, my brain is dead from the bar. *THUNK* That was the sound of my head hitting the floor. How can I be wanting to go to bed already it's nine thirty this is wroooong.
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I wanted to ask, and forgot. Those of you on the flist who've read (...or are reading, seeing as it's not quite over yet) Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, who would you love to see cast in what parts if HBO does adapt it? I'm curious.

...maybe Miranda Otto for Cersei, I'd be curious to see if she can pull her off. Tyrion would have to be either Michael J. Anderson or Peter Dinklage. Nobody is striking me as right for Jaime just yet but if they miscast him I will SCREAM. Oh, and the Hound, they need to cast him right. Orly for the Knight of Flowers! That's all I have right now. I need to track down physical descriptions and make with the thinking. ...after my exams.

Edit: because I like this meme, although I probably won't get around to answering any requests until after Wednesday. Gakked from [ profile] yahtzee63.

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.
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Gakked from [ profile] the_grynne:

The current top 46 books from Bold the books you have read. Italicise the books you might read. Leave the rest.

Clicky. )

Which brings me to: god, I used to read so much. I always had two or three books going on at the same time, and I finished them quickly, too. Now it's a struggle to get through one, because, very simply, I don't take the time anymore. When and where do I read? On the metro. And that's it. The internet has swallowed up my literary life.

Part of me would like to go "oh, resolution! now I shall read more once again! go back to those glorious days when I read ten books in a month, instead of one!" But I just know that it won't happen. The internet has swallowed up my literary life, and it sucks, but at the same time I know I'm not ready to give up any of my internet-related addiction to remedy to that.

So, um, yeah. This is pointless whining. I'll shut up now.
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In a less squeeful post, we went and saw HP again last night. I have still not recovered from the Snape love, and the cuffs love (will icon very soon). Possibly it's actually gone worse. But while on a first screening I managed to cling to the liking I have of Hermione, on the second viewing it is absolutely impossible. In this movie, she is unbearable. Absolutely unbearable.

Have watched Blood - the Last Vampire, a fairly good anime that I bought due to its cheapness on CDiscount. Is it the pilot for a series? Because it ought to be. Am very intrigued by the interaction between David and Saya - the bonds that are born out of forced cooperation, I suppose.

Am also going through Profit again and loving it. Oh how I'm loving it. The ninetiesness is rather amusing, now, but it does not detract from the script. Such good scripts. I can only deplore the lack of audio commentaries.

We went to an American grocery store yesterday (thanks for the address [ profile] heikki_cheren!) and bought Dr. Pepper (hurray!), cream cheese, crackers, mango chutney and bagels. Hmmmcreamcheese. Can't wait to taste mango chutney, too, which I don't think I have before. I'll trust Joey, and the "mango" bit, that it's something to look forward too. And then we stopped by this English library and I kinda couldn't help myself and bought the Chronicles of Narnia and the Saga of the Icelanders. Two huge books. Very pricy. But I truly couldn't help myself.

Which incidentally means that my Icelandic story is officially on hiatus until I'm done reading the Icelandic saga and I can rework it all accordingly. Since I've just started on the Saga of the Grail (well, I'm a good 100 pages into it and Merlin has just been born... worst is? I'm really enjoying it), I think the hiatus isn't about to end. I'm such a sucker for myths.
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Baaaad night, and baaaaad awakening. That would be to a letter telling me that no, they didn't have any job for me. Wankers.

On the other hand, I'm discovering Langston Hughes, and it's good. I thought I'd share a couple. Okay, more than a couple.

The Weary Blues )

Moonlight Night: Carmel )

A Black Pierrot. )

Love )

Beale Street )

And I'll stop here with the poetry-spam, but... I don't know. There is something beautifully evocative in his poetry. That first poem, I'm actually there, I can hear that blues. And some of those images - dawn bleeding into the sky, love as a brief spark in darkness - they just resonate in me, I suppose.

I'm actually not sure I'd like to study Hughes, though. Deconstructing his poems doesn't sound very appealing, not when I can just lean back, read them, and feel them. Now that would work better if I didn't still automatically notice some stuff.


Jun. 8th, 2005 05:00 pm
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Gakked from [ profile] thewatch and [ profile] heikki_cheren:

Otter. You're a social animal, revelling in play
and friendship.

What Is Your Animagus?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, I'm ever so happy about it! If anyone has read Lynn Flewellyn's Alec and Seregil stories, they'll know why. If not... tough luck (in the shadows). And you should read them. They're amazing. Great fantasy, I think the first fantasy I read in English, when I went to Canada, on the amazing advice of my exchange partner. Great fantasy, with a thread of romance in it... beautiful.

Now I feel like rereading them.

Quote of the day: "I'm not about to be a grandma, am I? Else my brother needs to get his ass moving. ... ... ... No, wait, I need to get my ass moving!"
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Finally taking the time to update. So loads of fun were had this wekeend. It was supposed to be a weekend for me to rest and get some sleep back, but all plans went to hell when Fred called and we decided to go to Manchester. The Christmas market is lovely (kudos to blueberry warm wine and crepes) and there we ran into some other foreign girls, and assistants at that, French, German and Spanish. They told us they'd be at a bar tonight and we were welcome to join them, which we did. It was all manners of nice. It was a student bar and the DJ was excellent, he did his best to fulfill our requests. The music was consequently better than anywhere else we'd been to before and dancing was lots of fun. One of the German guys is a dungeon master for DnD and we might just rpg one day. Fingers crossed.

Which makes me think that, wow. Nathan Fillion actually sat down with some gamers and played a Firefly RPG with them. How awesome is that guy? And also, my crush on Summer Glau has reached epic proportions now that I have seen pictures of her at The White Room. Nathan and Morena together are sweet, but Summer is simply beautiful.

On Sunday night I watched the Beach. Alright, Virginie Ledoyen was lovely, but really... I didn't overly like it. Danny Boyle can do so much better. I want to see 28 days later again. Also, on another note altogether, the BBC adaptation of Gaskell's North and South (if you're reading this, Elodie: yes! North and South!!) came to a brilliant ending that actually got tears to my eyes. I all blame it on Richard Armitage's performance. I always cared about Thornton more than about Margaret, but he made me reach a whole new level of caring. He completely sold Thornton's epiphany for me. Brilliant. I want it on DVD. Very badly. And I'm gonna be obsessing on Richard Armitage (he has a voice... and eyes... and the accent he takes in NnS!). Kudos also to whoever wrote the music, it's marvellous.

On Monday night I went and had a few drinks with a teacher , one of those that went out with us the previous weekend. It was really nice, especially to be able to talk freely and away from school. Kinda fun 'cause we were talking in French and my French is not that much better than his, despite my being a native speaker. Etienne keeps saying I should spend a year as an assistant in France to improve my French; I heartily agree. I'm losing my own language, people!

Our plans for this weekend are to go out on Saturday night with the teachers and the assistants we met last weekend, but we don't know how much of this will actually work out. And also hopefully, Fred and a couple friends and I should go to Vanilia (lesbian bar in Canal Street) on Friday night. I don't think I'll rest this weekend either.

Finally, reading-wise. Clive Barker's Sacrament is a masterpiece, I can't believe I never read anything by that guy before. I absolutely need to read more things by him. However, I've only just started Patrick O'Brien's Blue at the mizzen for more Aubrey/Maturin goodness.
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Been a while since I last updated. Not much happening here that bears telling. I
don't have a clue what I last babbled about, and it's not like I can check my LJ
from here. Did I mention I hated these filters? Now, let me put everything
behind a cut so as not to overwhelm anyone.

Read more... )
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At last!

Yes, I finally have the opportunity to update. And before I go ranting on about me, me, me, and me, could I ask a favour of you guys? I'm not going to be able to read up on everything I've missed on my Friends page, so if you could just point me to any entry of significant interest and/or importance that you might have posted? Or just tell me very quickly what you've been up to these days?

Now, for my part - here is great. )
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Wanted to pimp a certain fic here and the last chapter I read left me absolutely no choice. It's an Inuyasha fic - no, guys, I don't know the first thing about Inuyasha either, but let me tell you, this goes beyond usual fanfiction. This is one of the best pieces of fiction I've read of late. It's called One Less Star, and it's by [ profile] cgwriting. It's absolutely excellent. Right now, I lack the words, because the chapter in question left me in an odd state of angst-filled apathy, or something. It gave me the same feelings I got several times while reading The Fionavar Tapestry by Kay, and some of you know how much I adore those books, one of the main reasons being because of scenes that gave me such feelings. I don't know if I'm making myself clear.

Let's use an analogy most of you will get. Remember Hero, the S1 AtS episode where Doyle died? That's pretty much it. Except that I get pulled in and emotionally involved much more easily on TV, and you've got to work much harder to get me involved in a written work. This here was somehow more subtle than Hero was.

But it's not just that that makes the quality of OLS. That was just the last scene I read. The whole of it is excellent, truly so, because such scenes can only work well and evoke such feelings when what surrounds them is of equal quality. Right now I'm just a bit shaken by it. Since I don't have [ profile] greenie_breizh to cuddle up to (but will this weekend), nor any Ben & Jerry's handy, I think I'll go get myself some Nutella. I wanted to keep reading OLS, but I need a break to take all of this in.

Sis and I will actually be going downtown to try and find a birthday gift for our mum, after my Nutella break. Wish us luck. She's hard to buy presents for.

Quick one

Aug. 22nd, 2004 04:13 pm
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Am back in France! We're crashing at Jo's house while the Icelandic people are away to get our e-mail and stuff. Yesterday was the Day of Eternal Waiting, or so it seemed. We got to Stansted at 11:30, approx, and the plane to Dinard was at 7:15. Good thing I had Master & Commander with me to not die of boredom. (Which makes me think that reading it is a great help for understanding the way the Navy worked, and if I listened to myself I'd need to do a massive rewrite of FoF.) Also, cannot but agree with... was it you, [ profile] khylarenelf? about the numerous opportunities for slash in that novel. I do hope I'll be able to either buy the rest of the series second-hand, or that the school will have them for me to borrow.

I have more news about next year, btw. The high school itself is in the village of Lymm, and I will live in Grappenhall, very close by, with at least two other German assistants, Daniel and Julia. We'll be sharing a kitchen. I need to call the woman renting us the rooms as soon as I'm back in Rheims.

Also, [ profile] greenie_breizh liked her present! Yay. She's now happily listening to the latest Gaelic Storm CD she received while we were away. And I bought myself the Ned Kelly DVD. Couldn't resist it in the tax free shop, not with the cast in it - Heath and Orlando wouldn't have been enough on their own, eye candy though they might be (not my style anyway), but Naomi Watts and Geoffrey Rush? Oh yes. I can't wait to watch it. (And here's to hoping Orly will prove to me that he can act in a different way, this time. Or will this be a "Will Turner the second"? No wig to help make the difference between the two roles this time.)
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Very quick post. We're back! It was great. There was much swimming in *hot* pools, and I do mean hot (over 30°C), with amazing Islandic mounts in the background... true delight. There was also amazing sight-seeing - the landscapes are as beautiful as New Zealand! I don't even envy Frederic anymore, and that's saying something. We climbed through some caves and up some semi-cliffs and over a river on a plank of wood (no rope-walking yet, but working on it - [ profile] pee_wai must have some Elvish heritage though. With all due respect to Orly, Peewai did the whole climbing thing with much more ease) and finally saw the tallest waterfall of Island... wow. It was worth it. We also climbed up a dead volcano, very nice view there too.

I'm in awe of this country.

I also read The Princess Bride - such a riot. I adore that book. I wanna see the film again! Hopefully I'll find a cheap dvd somewhere next year. Along with the whole "The far side of the world" series, should I like the first book. Which I don't doubt I will.
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Righty-ho! For some reason, I'm in a really good mood. Might be that I'm fairly satisfied with the way Thou Liv'st Forever (the Byron fic) is shaping up, through the corrections I've made. Sent it for beta. Turned out to be much more about Damien than I thought, too. Actually, here's the unbetaed first scene. Would love to know what y'all think, especially if you don't know Damien yet - to know where you think this is going. You don't need to be a big fanlander to read it, I don't think so. Knowing the basic concepts of Immortality is enough: Immortal guys running around with swords 'cause beheading's the only way to kill them. You're all set now.

Thou Liv'st Forever )

Even the news that the bloody government won't let gay marriages proceed doesn't manage to get at my good mood. Probably 'cause I never thought for one second they would. At least now the debate is here, too.

Oh, and on Wednesday was Towel Day, by the way. A day in homage to Douglas Adams - I thought I'd take the opportunity to again advise all of you who don't know his work yet to rush to the nearest bookstore and grab his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to start with. The guy was a genius. Anyway, if you're wondering what Towel Day was: all Douglas Adams fans carried a towel around all day long in remembrance of him. If you wanna know why the towel, go read the Guide already. Ford Prefect rocks my socks. Or, more accurately, my towel.


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