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- Ashes to Ashes is being mildly disappointing. I love Keeley Hawes, but she doesn't have John Simm's charisma, and the time period is much less endearing, I find. Still, I'm looking forward to next episode entirely too much. Stephen Campbell Moore, here I come.

- I still haven't gone and seen Cloverfield, and it's Ultimate Drew's jump to the big screen. I'm a bad, bad minion. I might go after class today. After six hours of classes, straight. Good thing the four hours (I'm in the middle of) are computer classes I don't really need, or my brain might go splodey. It's not used to such long hours in one go anymore.

- Lost is being really interesting. I blame the future flashbacks, that was in fact a good move. Supernatural is also rocking my world, I feel for the boys so much. The L-Word is being unexpected fun. And I'm digging the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay Summer!

- I want this t-shirt. Can Threadless please be having a sale before it's sold out kthx.

- With the resolution of the writers' strike, dare I hope Alan Tudyk's lawyer show with Andrew Lincoln might get picked up? Pretty pleaaaase. I'm also desperately waiting for 3:10 to Yuma to be released in France so I can see it on the big screen and everybody else in my country can join in on the Yuma love.

- I've been watching everything with Marc Warren I could get my hands on. Even a Miss Marple episode in which he only appears for the whole of five minutes. With a moustache. And hardly any lines. Maaaaarc. I have such a crush.

- I'm starving. Yes, everybody should care about my hunger, thank you very much. I hate Excel, I want to eat something.
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1. Today I waited on Simon Woods. Well, not really, but he had the eyes and the mouth and ngh. I really kept wanting to make him smile. Again and again and again. I forgive him and his friend for only tipping me a few cents. Still no piano sex with JRM. Dude.

2. The bar is eating up my life.

3. Love and Other Disasters? Is wonderful and lovely, as far as romcoms go. I have such a squeeful crush on Matthew Rhys now. (Although I still like Jonathan Firth better as far as Byrons go.)

4. Starter for 10? Oh, my god, Simon. And heee Jamie! Fun, fun, fun.

5. Did I mention I'd read the second Lucifer Box novel and was now dying to fic fic fic? Unsurprisingly, I still haven't had time. In related news, upon hearing that the BBC was adapting the Vesuvius Club, [ profile] queenspanky came up with the perfect casting: Rupert Penry-Jones for Lucifer, Callum Blue for Charlie. And JRM for Venus.

6. Sunshine? Is one of Danny Boyle's good movies. I loved it. So interesting and challenging and Chris Evans, of Fantastic Four 'fame' but who I'd never seen in anything, rocks, and Cillian is so pretty. Sometimes I forget how pretty that man is. Now I want to watch 28 Days Later again.

7. Hotel Babylon is fun. Max Beesley and Craig Kelly make me happy.

8. Lost bores me. The Tudors is wonderful but I still miss Rome liek whoa. The Dalek double parter we just had of Doctor Who failed to thrill me, despite David's amazing performance. I love Sam and Dean. I want to sex up Addison and Callie.

9. I'm sure I've forgotten stuff.
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Updating at long last! Several items today.

1) Robin Hood. )

2) Jamie Cullum. )

3) The latest SPN. )

4) Alan in CSI. )

5) Rudebox. )

6) Lost. )

7) Grey's. )

8) Family weekend. )

9) The Pianist. )

10) Troy. )

So, pretty much? I love Jamie Cullum. I love my family. And I want to be watching Torchwood already!
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There are no words for how hot Richard was in that scene Guisborne just had with Marian. it me or is this episode better than the ones before? (Yes, I used the word better, and not less bad. I blame Richard. He makes me see layers of depth they probably never planned for.)

In other news:

GA 1x05. )

SPN 2x04 )

Lost 2x03 )

Veronica Mars 2x03 )

Robin Hood 1x03 )

Hustle 1x01. )

Movies! No spoilers. )
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Lost non-finale. )

Right. Well. The good thing? I definitely won't be holding my breath until next season week.

As for Alias... (spoilers for this week's, obviously) )
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Spoilers for Alias 5x14. )

Now, as far as Lost 2x21 goes... )
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I wanna climb onto Logan's lap and cling to him. That said, where was Weevil this episode? But gods, Logan. Jason is just too good at looking tortured and in agony and in need of some major cuddling. The use of the name "Iceman" in precisely this episode? Made me giggle like the geek I really am.

Lost wasn't bad, either. Really. I liked it!

That said, flist! What have you been doing? I'm still waiting for you people to tell me which LotR I'm most like, which Firefly character I'm most like, and now also which Sorkin character. Pretty please?
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By Jesus and all his whacky nephews, The L-Word looks like a good show again! And I thoroughly enjoyed the last episode of Lost! I don't know what's going on. Likely because The L-Word is getting more and more into serious, heavy stuff (but god could someone get rid of Carmen like super soon?) and because Lost actually gave us some answers for once.

This evening I met up with a French journalist, for a paper she's doing on fanfiction. It was interesting to discuss it all with her, in more of a social sort of light. ...I might have babbled about Firefly. A lot. She encouraged me! A Browncoat can't help herself, now, can she?

On another note, I'm watching Velvet Goldmine and, yum. (Also, heeee! Eddie Izzard!)
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First off, J. Michael Straczynski's statement about Andreas Katsulas. It makes my heart break a little.

I'll move on to Lost. Spoilers up to One of Them. )

And good news for Lost! There is still hope. They've signed on Drew for two years. I love my master: "There's a simple formula to the kinds of scripts I write," he told Daily Variety. "Basically, people talk about their feelings, something explodes and/or a fight breaks out, more talking about feelings, someone bleeds to death and then everyone makes jokes about their pain."

He's also writing the 100th Alias episode, for those who care. Hopefully it'll make up for what-was-it-called, the absolutely BORING last episode he wrote on that show. Was it Mockingbird? Might have been. In any case, it was a let-down coming from him. Drew, you're capable of greatness. Help them put Lost back on track! And don't screw up Alias, kthx.
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Series ranting time! Lost, The L-Word, and Veronica Mars. But first, a few lines about Lord of War. I don't think I will ever truly enjoy Nicholas Cage, but I genuinely went into that movie thinking that that might have changed, as it has rather been a while. And, well, I still can't enjoy Nicholas Cage. And the script was incredibly heavy-handed and could have used a bit more subtlety. So in the end, I'm not crazy about it, but I'll say this much about it: those supporting actors, oh wow. Eamonn Walker, whose performance made me think of Triple A's in Oz', and that was just so amazing to see. 'Said' playing 'Adebisi.' This guy is good. Also Jared, while his performance was nothing extraordinary, was ever so pretty. Which is not to be dismissed.

And, for some reason, Ethan Hawke. I really didn't expect to be taken in by him, but - yeah. There was something about his character and the way he portrayed him. Such a righteous cop, and just - there was this sort of simplicity, of not-over-the-top-ness to his performance, that worked so well. Kudos, Ethan.

Lost, spoilers for 2x1...1? The hunting party. )

The L-Word, spoilers for 3x03. )

Veronica Mars, spoilers for the beginning of S2. )

If you haven't written me a letter from a character or another yet, shame on you! And go do it now. Pretty please? You have no excuses. Go! And those of you who have? I LOVE YOU.
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Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) - not the recent one, but the one with Stellan Skarsgard, Chris Penn and Paul Bettany. It's a very weird little film, but Stellan and Paul are... well, they're Stellan and Paul. Stellan has a compelling quality to himself, it's odd. I need to watch Dogville again, which I've been meaning to do for a couple weeks now, but you don't just watch Dogville. That film breaks me too much. As for Paul, well, he made me cry. Which, you know, is what Paul does. Entirely too easily. But still.

Speaking of which. [ profile] shadesofbrixton and I were talking the other day, and wouldn't Paul make the freakiest, creepiest Blue Glove ever? Meep. It's very scary. (Possibly you don't realise how creepy Paul gets. That would be because you haven't seen Gangster Number One. Which you should.)

Lost, spoiler-free - the Analucia ep was good enough, though I found her whole flashbacks entirely too clichéd. Same goes for Kate, although she wasn't as annoying as she could've been, which was a nice surprise. And Sawyer's chest is pure SIN. Just sayin'.

Also, I love Eko so fucking much. Not-really-spoilerish-but-you-never-know quote. )And do not want anybody to be nice and offer him another shirt, because the ripped one? Suits him so well. Oh yeah.
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This week's Lost. )

Have also tried Arrested Development, following [ profile] wields_a_pen's advice. And I actually know it! I'd caught a few bits of it two years ago I think, and stopped to watch because, Portia de Rossi. But then it only aired on cable, so I couldn't follow it, and anyway. It's pretty funny, sure, but I wasn't sucked in. I might give it another go later. After NaNo. Which is going along well, and for those who care I've put an extract of my first chapter up on my NaNo LJ, [ profile] nano_fan.

I have some Alias to watch, too. Oh, and I bought Profit! Couldn't resist Jim's call any longer. Have watched the pilot again, and I still love that show. So much. Will rant more when I watch more.
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Gakked from the very talented [ profile] yahtzee63, iTunes talks about me. In very mysterious ways, sometimes. Read! )

Ok, and now with the actual pointy things. Saw A History of Violence and was completely blown away. Viggo Mortensen was absolutely amazing. I mean, seriously. That man can act. And the film itself was fascinating, so many things said in silences, and so real too. The character of the son I particularly liked and felt for. He made me feel more than Viggo's character, actually. In terms of "how far are you willing to go for your family." And that ending, oh that ending.

Also saw Red Eye, and thank Joss for Cillian otherwise I would have really wondered what the point was. The script was so expected, from beginning to end, no subtleties, nothing. That said, Rachel - McAdams, is it? - is very cute. And makes me think of Neve Campbell. Except I like Neve Campbell better.

As for Ralph, also very expected. It's good on the emotions, but there was nothing surprising about it. In the case of both these movies, it was all in the trailers.

That said, also saw Beetlejuice, which means I've finally seen all of dear Tim's movies. I think BJ's my least favourite. It shows that it was just the beginning for him. Although Michael Keaton was impressive! Wow.

And finally, Lost 2x06. )
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Watching Lost 2x05 again with Joey made me realise I hadn't reviewed it yet. So, here goes. )

Now, Alias. This is gonna be quick. BORED was me. I can't believe Drew wrote that one. Bored bored bored. There was nothing - nothing - Drewesque about it. How utterly horrible and disappointing.

In Drew-related news, Marti Noxon said in an interview that Tim Minear and Drew were the likeliest to write the Spike movie, since Joss wasn't interested in doing that himself. There's supposed to be a Spike movie? O-kay. Joss? Just because you managed to get Serenity back in the air on a big screen doesn't mean you have to do that with all your universes. Really.

I'm every bit afraid of what a Spike movie would be like.

And, finally, have realised that Mal/River intrigues me, and makes sense. When well-written, of course. Anybody has any recs? I could use them.
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Lost 2x04 - the Hurley ep. )

Alias 2x03 - 'Boring boring boring.' )

Unrelated, but I've just chatted with Etienne on MSN - Etienne was the other French assistant at the school where I worked near Manchester last year. He's going back to visit everybody in January. Oh how I longed to be able to say "wait, I'll book the same dates! I'm coming too!" *heaves a deep, deep sigh* I miss this place and those people so much. It's all the harder to turn my back on it that I had a bloody job over there, and I liked it, and Etienne and I both wish we'd stayed on another year. But regrets are hardly constructive. I need to look to the future.
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My thoughts on Lost 2x03. )

And now Alias 5x02. )

And, last but not least, I just have to share. A while back, Morena, Summer, Nathan and Joss did a live chat for Empire. And they were hilarious, but this one question (or, mostly, the response it got) particularly amused me.

escapedape: Who keeps the raw sex power of Alan Tudyk in check?
Nathan: Ron Glass.
Joss: There is a facility in Montana where they have to put him when it gets too bad.

Joss's reply is priceless on its own, but Nathan's is even more when you bear in mind that Alan, when asked which was the most handsome man of the cast, answered Ron. Honestly. Which I can understand.
That said, Empire = love. Excellent interviews (of Joss and all our BDH but Ron) and the transcript of this chat can be found here.

EDIT: I almost forgot. Shame on me! But I love Jonathan Woodward for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his latest LJ entry. Which I was about to link to, but it seems to have disappeared. Anybody else read it before it was gone? I should have copied and pasted it, but how was I to know? It was about owning up to who you are, just being yourself (and about coming out?). It was all manners of moving.
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So, I've been pretty silent lately, but I've been watching things. Like The Brothers Grimm, wherein Heath Ledger redeemed my faith in his acting skills. More on that and on the film. )
And now a bit with spoilers. )
And now for something completely different, Keane. )

What else... Oh, yes. Supernatural, the pilot. Jensen Ackles = teh pretty. But apart from that? Well, his brother's cute too, I'll give them that. But, while I have only seen the pilot, it still feels like there isn't much but that to the show. It seems so very... unsurprising.

Oh, and I haven't actually shared my thoughts on the second episode of Lost. Let's remedy to that. )

And, oh yes, the Alias pilot. Which totally fascinated me, not. I was very much not into it, and that was fairly annoying. But, well, Elodie Bouchez. And Victor Garber, as always. So I'll wait and see.

And, finally, about Serenity. I feel a bit disconnected from it all, since it's not like we here can go and improve the numbers. But while I was at first really annoyed that it wasn't doing that good, I've cheered up since. We shouldn't have had a film to start with, that's a small miracle already. We got to see our Big Damn Heroes once more. I'm gonna stick with being happy about that. Even if we don't get anything more, we'll have had more than Fox let us. What do you mean, the goal wasn't to screw Fox over all along?
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So. We watched things. The Lost premiere, the Kitchen Confidential premiere, and the Nip/Tuck premiere. Spoilery rants ahead.

Lost's Man of Science, Man of Faith. )

Nip/Tuck's Momma Boone. )

Kitchen Confidential's Exile on Main street )
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So - Charlie/Dom is dubbed by the same guy that usually does Jensen Ackles and it's ridiculous and he's not even funny, all accents are non-existent (I wouldn't have expected Claire's or Charlie's to translate, but Sayid's would have been nice), most some of those dubbers cannot act (or at least cannot dub), Locke's dubber was probably cast from just the script of the pilote because he sounds all Indian Wise Man Cliché, and... the worst so far? Kate and Sawyer say "vous" to each other, which is a mark of respect or distance. *snorts* As if.

But it's not as bad a dubbing as Buffy or Firefly. Which isn't much of a compliment, but it's still something.

Also, another good thing. The oral acting is sometimes so poor that you (or, well, I) naturally pay much more attention to the silent acting. Their faces, their eyes, their body language... Foxy's never been that good! (Well, that's a lie because I think he's been that good and then some in later episodes. But you get my point.)

Spoilery concern about the dubbing, for those of you who haven't watched tonight. )

And Kate is even more annoying in French. Or maybe I'm biased.

That said, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine (Klem, for those of you who know him) about fate vs. chance. And now that i'm watching Lost, I realise that if the two of us were on the island? He'd be Locke, and I'd be Jack. Well, he's not into hunting and knives, and I'm not big with the heroics and the leadership, but... still. It's a scary thought.

*perks up* Oh, it's The House of the Rising Sun... and thus the flashback is in its original version! Guys! We've got V.O. on TF1!! Imagine someone who doesn't know about Lost just switching channels onto TF1... enough to give anyone a heart attack.
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For those of you who love Jack - and those of you who don't, too... go read this fic! The author is [ profile] khohen1, and very talented in a variety of fandoms (to only name a few: The West Wing, Sports Night (Sports Night, guys!!!), Pirates of the Caribbean, and lately Lost). And this fic would have blown my socks off if I wore any. As I said in my last "let's rant about Lost!" post, I've actually grown to like Jack. And this fic here... it shows everything about Jack that originally rankled me, and that now makes me adore him. I just can't give it justice with words, people. Just... go read it, if you watch Lost. Just go already. Shush!

Edit: I forgot to mention that you had better have seen the finale if you want to read it. It's in the headings anyway, but I thought I had better say so anyway.


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