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And at long last. The first 20 hotties. )

I'm sorry to announce that the girls top 100 won't come until after my exams. Aka February. But I'll do it, too. Promise.
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The closer I get to the end, the harder it gets to choose which picture to put up for each man. There is too much hotness out there!

I give you hotties 40 to 21! )
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Looks like I'm keeping up! It's bloody freezing in here, we're getting the window changed - consequently, I could use all the hotness I can get.

Hotties 60 to 41! )
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And here's the next batch of hotties. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep up the 'once a day' rhythm, but oh well. (In very squee-worthy news, I'm posting this from my shiny new laptop, Amando! Woohoo!)

I give you hotties 80 to 61. )
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Finally, that which you'd all been waiting for, or likely not, but it's not like you're going to have to suffer through it, is it. The hotties are back! Starting with guys, just like last year. My Top 100 of the year. Twenty by twenty. Enjoy this first batch!

#100 to #81. )
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And finally, the top of the list. This was hard, people. Not only putting these lovely gentlemen in the right order, but very simply choosing one picture, and one picture only, for each of them. Some were more difficult than others. *glares at a few of them* But behold! There they are, in all their attractive glory.


20 to 1! )
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And the last but one post, hotties # 40 to 21. On with the hotness! )
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I now give you hotties 60 to 41.

Did it just get very hot in here? )
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The next ones won't come as quickly, but while the girls are writing an essay about the lyrics of the latest Indochine album (and I lend in an occasional hand) and we're not busy posing for Noëlle to later draw from the resulting pics (ahem, no comment), I can get my next batch of hotties ready for posting!

I give you 80 to 61! )
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I've decided, as my one and only new year resolution, to share even more of my love for my many, many lustees. In order to do so, I will take a leaf out of [ profile] gambits_rogue's book and post a list of my top 100 hotties 2006, first male, and then female.

Let's start without delay, I give you the last (but not least) 20 hotties.

100 to 80. )

In the same spirit of sharing the eye candy, boykiss picspam! Enjoy, ladies and you men-folk.


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