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I handed in my internship report last week, and had my soutenance yesterday (which is an oral exam about the work you handed in, pretty much).

And I got a 16! Which is a good grade, for those of you not familiar with the French grading system.

I am now sort of done with my studies. Not yet officially, we're still missing some grades and stuff, but still. Scary and COOL and AT LAST.

In other news, Heroes writers, I hate you right now. So much. So, so much. Of all the stupid things to write.

The American teacher of mine who got me to watch Being Human is now hooked to True Blood. Heee. I am not disappointed in his taste. I told him the good news about Being Human (it's been ordered to series) and the bad news (they're recasting Annie and Mitchell).
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1. Oh good GODS why must my period be so painful these days?

2. Since we never really did have a summer, it's like my body is refusing to withstand these semi-cold temperatures because it firmly believes that summer is on its way. I am freezing all day long. I hate this weather.

3. Sons of Anarchy! Charlie's brilliant, and so's Ron Perlman. I was very happy to see Mitch Pileggi as the head of the Nazi gang; the dude needs more work, he's a good actor. Really looking forward to seeing that show develop. Also, Charlie's hot even when he's not.

4. I very much liked the first two episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles' S2. Very mind-fucky for John, which needs to happen for him to become the man he needs to be. Also Dean Winters' continued presence makes me very happy. Oz alumn ftw.

5. Project Runway is going to drive me insane.

6. Swingtown keeps making me happy for a wild variety of reasons, including but not limited to Jack Davenport and Molly Parker.

7. No, seriously, labour is supposed to be painful. Why does it have to be excruciating every month on top of that?

8. Supernatural... tomorrow? I think. Only looking forward to it because I miss the boys. Kinda sad.
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For anybody who is French, or understands it (and slang) well enough, I love these commercials. I love the play on language and I think they're awesome. Way to go.

Clairefontaine 'Amoureux' ads )

Who's on Twitter? I just signed up and I want friends. (I blame James Gunn for making me sign up. I wanna follow his stuff. James Gunn equals lots of little hearts I don't know the code for.)

I wonder whether I might not try to do Nano again this year.
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I completely blame [ profile] greenie_breizh for this, but if I knew anything about the market I would so be writing The $treet fanfiction right about now. It's entirely her fault.

Watched Mean Girls yesterday, mostly liked it, although the ending sucks. Lizzy Caplan is so hot in this movie, too, but if it weren't for the character of Damian I would be very, very annoyed with them for the same reason I was annoyed with the Faculty about Clea's character. Understand, the whole 'dyke' thing. Where they're never really lesbians and always wind up getting a boy.

Damian might be there, he still doesn't get a boyfriend. Hmm.

PS: Tina Fey also rocks. Like, a lot.

This weekend is the BR weekend of the summer woohoo! I can't wait. I need to make sure we've got all the songs for the appropriate convention dances. And also, cocktails! Hee. Going to work on Sunday is gonna be tough.
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Dudes, I almost packed everything into my bag but my actual con ticket. Which I know doesn't matter all that much as they've got my name and everything, but still. Way to go, me.


Is it still pirates night tomorrow night? I don't think I'm going to be doing this one. Gasp, yes. But I've got Jayne and Bollywood ready! (How long has it been since I last danced? Way too bloody long is how long. Probably New Year's Eve. I can't wait.)

I really should go to bed so I'm not totally exhausted for my exam tomorrow. Especially given the exam that it is. Which means I'm dropping off the internet radar until Monday, folks! Possibly Tuesday. I shall miss you all, but I promise to come back with a lot of anecdotes to share! Mwah!
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- Ashes to Ashes is being mildly disappointing. I love Keeley Hawes, but she doesn't have John Simm's charisma, and the time period is much less endearing, I find. Still, I'm looking forward to next episode entirely too much. Stephen Campbell Moore, here I come.

- I still haven't gone and seen Cloverfield, and it's Ultimate Drew's jump to the big screen. I'm a bad, bad minion. I might go after class today. After six hours of classes, straight. Good thing the four hours (I'm in the middle of) are computer classes I don't really need, or my brain might go splodey. It's not used to such long hours in one go anymore.

- Lost is being really interesting. I blame the future flashbacks, that was in fact a good move. Supernatural is also rocking my world, I feel for the boys so much. The L-Word is being unexpected fun. And I'm digging the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay Summer!

- I want this t-shirt. Can Threadless please be having a sale before it's sold out kthx.

- With the resolution of the writers' strike, dare I hope Alan Tudyk's lawyer show with Andrew Lincoln might get picked up? Pretty pleaaaase. I'm also desperately waiting for 3:10 to Yuma to be released in France so I can see it on the big screen and everybody else in my country can join in on the Yuma love.

- I've been watching everything with Marc Warren I could get my hands on. Even a Miss Marple episode in which he only appears for the whole of five minutes. With a moustache. And hardly any lines. Maaaaarc. I have such a crush.

- I'm starving. Yes, everybody should care about my hunger, thank you very much. I hate Excel, I want to eat something.
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It's sad that the first thing I look at in a movie to decide its worth these days is: did I nod off at all during? It shows how exhausted I am, really.

But I'm Not There and Eastern Promises I both liked for other reasons than they interested me enough that I did not fall asleep.

I'm Not There was just as fascinating as I hoped it would be, and I must say that of them all, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett impressed me most. It's an extremely well written movie, if you ask, and I could not understand walking out of the theatre and hearing a girl in front of me, clearly a huge fan of his, complain that this was nothing like what he was really like. The whole point of the movie is that he was not one person, and that we never knew him. Um, hello? And in that extent, it was a success.

I'd heard lots of good and bad opinions on Eastern Promises, and I'm glad I managed to catch it before it went out of the cinema. I enjoyed it thoroughly, although I can't quite pinpoint why. Naomi Watts was nothing special in it, when she can be so much more, but Viggo was as good as ever. I have no clue how well he was doing with the Russian, but he sold it to me. Vincent Cassel sold the Russian less well to me, because of when the French accent was peeking through, but his performance was otherwise spot-on. I only wish that they had never actually had anyone accuse him of homosexuality, though, as it was quite obvious without stating it, and I think that stating it actually made it lose some of its strength, somehow. Nikolai played with that perfectly, always controlling him, being close to him and yet putting up the barriers where they needed to be so that he wouldn't freak out. Seriously, the more I think about it the more I think Viggo made that movie, as far as I'm concerned. (And, obviously, David. Duh.)

However, classes are starting to warp my brain as at times I kept studying the subtitles.

Random good news of the day: I've received my The Beginning t-shirt and it is making me full of squee. Baby Batman is so frakking cute.

For some reason, seeing a picture of Ron Glass and Michael Fairman marching together on Mutant Enemy Day at the WGA Strike is making me smile goofily. I wuvs them. Loadz.

PS: Thoroughbreds Don't Cry is 1937's Brokeback. I swear.
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I've just spent a whole weekend without the internet and it has been AWFUL. I've finally had the time to fix it and oh good god it feels good to be back. Yes I'm a net junkie. What of it? I'm so sorry, any of you that expected tags/e-mail/some form of contact with me, but I'll be getting back to you soon now! Christ.
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I don't know how much of the current atmosphere in France has made it to international news bulletin, so: strikes are popping up all over the place. Public transports, students, now the electricity company as well. Student meetings have voted for strikes all over the country and are blocking the premises so classes can't be held, public transports are going on a second strike tomorrow which might just last at least a week, and apparently we might get power shortage this weekend due to our electricity company striking too.

Given who we have for a president, I'm actually pretty afraid the unions will get crushed this time, Thatcher-style. For all that those strikes are a royal pain the ass, I'd much rather have them than not be able to strike.

My own university's been blocked since Friday. It's never happened to me before. Such huge striking movements happen every other year, it seems; two years ago we 'won', but I wasn't in university. Two years before that we lost, and in Nancy where I studied we didn't block the university, we simply informed people and encouraged them to strike with us. I say 'we' because I was actually part of that movement, I worked with those people. I committed.

This year, I simply can't. This year, I'm part of these students that actually needs to go to class. The fifteen of us in my class are already trying to figure out ways to have classes despite the block. We've already got a class set up to be had in a bar on Thursday afternoon. We need those classes in a way I haven't in any previous year, because we're learning something very specific, how to do out future job, and we need to learn it. This isn't a class on Ambiguity in Macbeth and Dream, it isn't a class on humour in the Monty Python - much as I loved both those classes, they were hardly necessary. They were a joy, a priviledge, a pleasure. This year's a necessity.

It's just so odd. I should be involved in the movement. I agree with what they're fighting for. What they're trying to do to our university system is ludicrous. It will kill the non-profitable courses. Who the hell will want to finance the departments of philosophy or literature? It's insane. But I can't actually participate. I'm already spreading myself thin between the bar and my classes, and I need to keep working on classes. The amount of homework they ask of us is simply unbelievable, for somebody who needs to work on weekends. I simply can't afford to get involved.

To make things even better, I'm working on Thursday night. The Beaujolais Nouveau night. With all of our boss' friends being there. Haughty right-wing pricks. Booya. All of us waitresses are depressed at the idea.
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I, like the rest of the world, am squeeing like insane over Heroes right now. More on that with plenty of spoilers. )

In other news, working the bar during the day yesterday has made it so that my right forearm hurts so much today. I never thought I would make so many coffees in my life. I am such a wimp. Ow.
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MWAH-HA-HA! Mine is a victorious laugh.

I have conquered my connection problems. Leopard did shit to help me (and is less pretty than Tiger was apart from the Dock, but I forgive it for it is still made of TEH WIN), so my best friend Google came to the rescue and I had a very, very, very hopeful feeling about that one possible solution I found on a forum (not to mention the fact that I actually understood what the guy was saying for once), and ta-daaaaa. A couple of System Preferences files deletions later, here I am with a working WiFi connection. I am so happy, people. I'm gonna try and tag all around before I have to head off to work.
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To any and all that might be reading this: I keep having connection problems, and until they're solved my onlineness will keep being as sparse as it has been recently. I'm so, so, so sorry, you guys I RP with, and trust me, I'm doing my best to settle this quickly. It's so frustrating.

In other news, I have managed to resist the call of NaNoWriMo! Probably a good thing for my school year.

PS, I love Kensei SO HARD. And Dexter. And Wilhelmina Murray. And the BDHs.
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I'm back! After staying for a week (ish) at [ profile] queenspanky and going to Serenity Infinity. I love conventions, god. So hard. And Lizzie was wonderful and perfect and kept feeding me really good meals she insisted were really nothing (because she's English, it's what they do - not the good food, the understatement stuff) and I've mentioned her cat before, but he's really perfect.

I've come home to find that my English flatmate, due to a flood in his room, is now sleeping on the living room sofa. Which means that all that separates us when we're both home is the drapes dividing my room from the rest of the lounge. Oh yay.

Anyway! Convention news. I didn't take notes as I usually do because... well, just because. But! Things to remember. Because I'm probably about to ramble. )
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So London is wonderful and huge and lovely and rainy as fuck and [ profile] queenspanky is the best host and tomorrow night we're seeing Darren at the Royal Albert Hall and yesterday we went to Coffee Cake and Kink (everybody should go there) and Soho and a really cool pub and ate Japanese and [ profile] immortalis was there and we're seeing her again tonight and Lizzie's cooking chili and her flat is awesome and I wanna live here and her cat is so big and incredibly beautiful and tonight we're getting more Heroes and and and.

Did I mention the whole OMG DARREN TOMORROW? Heee.

This weekend's Serenity Infinity, and I have to say I'm more excited about seeing you guys again than about the guests. Plus, con dances! But seriously, me not reading the flist has so made me lose touch with some of you, which sucks massively because I love you guys! Can't wait. Blame it on the boogie!
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1. The Brave One. Go see the Brave One. Beyond the fact that Jodie and Naveen is a sandwich I would really not mind being the meat of, it is so frelling good. I have yet to see a Neil Jordan movie I didn't like, and this didn't disappoint. The cinematography alone is brilliant, I kept wanting to screencap. It is incredibly beautiful to watch. Jodie Foster is as good as she can be, it's impressive. So much of the movie rested on her performance, and I didn't doubt one scene, not one moment. I just bought it all and it set my teeth on edge and made my skin buzz and it is chilling and horrifying and just plain damn amazing.

2. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead was kind of boring.

3. My Brother Is An Only Son was quite good! Admittedly, I love Riccardo Scamarcio ever since Romanzo Criminale, but still. He wasn't the focus of the movie, and I still highly enjoyed it.

4. I might cry. Un Homme Perdu - the French movie with Alexander Siddig - is already not showing anymore. I was dying to go see that! Damn you, UGC.

5. You know your extended family rocks when you manage to get them to dance along to convention songs at your aunt's seventieth birthday celebration.

6. Being on break from the Dupont feels so good I could sob with relief.

7. Tonight, I got a connection back after spending a full day without. I could have cried with relief. Again. (I'm PMSing. Bear with me.)

8. Because I still haven't said so: 3:10 to Yuma is one of the finest love stories between two men I have ever watched on screen. Take that, Brokeback. It is so incredibly good, there are very few words for it. Other than "Charlie Prince, I want to sex you and your jacket up. And then steal it."

9. Due to the connection fuck-up, I have still not seen the Heroes premiere. It is downloading as I type. FASTER, connection, FASTER.

10. What's the big deal about Californication? I'm definitely underwhelmed here. I was also underwhelmed by Rules of Attraction. But Conspiracy, with Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, and a shitload of British actors I love? Kicked so much ass. (Take my internet away from me and I will turn to DVDs, yes.)

11. ON SUNDAY I'M GOING TO LONDON WOOOOOHOOOOOO. To stay with the lovely wonderful adorable [ profile] queenspanky. And on Wednesday (is it Wednesday, Lizzie?) we're going to see Darren oh my god! Heeeeee! Ahem.

12. We have failed to get tickets to go see Mika at the Zenith. Damnit! I wanted to see that man shake his hips in real life.

13. I signed up at uni. I'm officially a student again!

14. I need to update more often and thus not have hugeamongific lists when I do.
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Ladies and gents, I am now officially part of a flat share in the 9th district (by St Lazare and Auber and Trinité, for those of you who know Paris), which is such a weight off my shoulders. I now know where I will live come the end of August. Woot!

Now, I just thought I'd share an excerpt from my new watch's guarantee:

Caring for your Leather Band:

Remember, leather is a cured portion of what was once a living, regenerating organ of a large land mammal. Ever since the leather that is now hugging your wrist was scraped off a carcass, it has lost blood flow, and thus lost its abilities to heal. So, avoid any of the following harm to your leather band.

Yaddi yaddi yadda, the rest is boring, but god, trying to make me feel bad for wearing leather much? (Tough luck.)
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Which is a very sophisticated way of introducing the following fangirling.

Fangirling over her, first, because she bought me DVDs of Dead Babies and the BSG miniseries. I enjoyed them both so much it makes me forgive her for making me taste marmite. I didn't even know I could hate some form of food this much. God. *shudders*

Fangirling over Dead Babies, because dudes! That movie is insane in all the best and entirely British ways. And god, Paul. In ruffles and lipstick. And just. *gestures at the movie* You know! It's just insane. I love it.

And last but not least, fangirling over BSG. I started watching it and had to stop midway through to go to the movies, where I proceeded to get mildly bored in front of Goodbye Bafana, because oh god I had left them all in such a spot I just couldn't really care about a story I already knew (sorry Nelson). I just. Yeah. I cried when whatever his name was left his spot to Gaius. I love Gaius. I want to hug Apollo like you wouldn't believe and oh god Starbuck and I need to have a lot of sex. Also Callum! Oh, Callum. Not that Tricia isn't hot because she is uber pretty, but she's also really not my kind of girl and oh god I need to see the whole of this show now.

So yeah, I owe Lizzie, big time.

In other news, I really want to be writing Pirates fanfiction but am working tonight and tomorrow night, which means I don't have any time. Hmpf. I need to go to class now.
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So there was a fire at the bar tonight.

Except way less dramatic than I just made it sound. Some water was spilled over a socket, and dripped down to the main fuses, and it caught on fire. It was immediately put out, no worries there. Still, the electricity was completely cut off, the whole electric installation was shot to hell, and of course we had to ask everybody to get out of the bar.

Which clearly means, to most people, PLEASE LEAVE WITHOUT PAYING WE DON'T MIND NO NO NOT AT ALL. One of my tables stuck around, and I think it's because they weren't sure what was going on.

I hate people, tonight.

We had to do the dishes with cold water, in vats, on the floor. Each waitress had at least 100 euros missing. We're just hoping they won't take that back from our salary because this was seriously not our fault.

In other news, was that what everybody was dying to see happen in Heroes or what? (I'm talking strictly Petrelliwise.) Yes, I cried. Surpriiise.
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So, Janet Frame? Presentation I started last night and woke up early to finish this morning? On the book that's been kicking my ass for the past couple weeks? THE TEACHER LOVED IT. And when I say loved it I mean loved it. 18 or 19, she said, which is so, so, so kickass, oh god. *beams* I wish there was no final exam on it, though. I'm pretty sure I can't pull off this kind of grade on this book of all books twice. Damn.

Parisian people who read LJ between now and, like, less than two hours, if anybody's interested, I'll be at the 7:10 showing of Clerks 2 at the Orient Express. (We're finally getting that movie seriously.)

Also I cringed a little at seeing a huge poster of Davy Jones. I'm sorry, Bill, I love you, but this part just sucked in the second movie. *fervently hopes At World's End will be good, and maybe even Davy Jones, who knows, although really I'm all about Barbossa and could this asterisk get any longer?*

Speaking of which! Translation question time. So the (sub)title is At World's End, right? They translated it "Jusqu'au Bout du Monde", which is fair enough, except why change the preposition? (You non French speakers, from "at" we're getting "to".) I mean, why go for a directional rather than a locative preposition? It puts a whole new perspective on how said 'World's End' is going to be inscribed in the movie. No, I'm not thinking too much about this, shut up, it shocked me when I read it. Jusqu'au Bout du Monde. It sounds so "Cowabanga!" or something.

That said, the huge Sparrow poster rocks.

You guys, I just realised I hadn't even seen the trailer? I sort of hope I'll manage not to until then, but unfortunately going to the cinema will probably take care of that.

I'll stop rambling now.
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Now that I have finally finished reading this bloody long autobiography, I have the whole of tomorrow evening, after classes and internship, to prepare a presentation on it ("On the rim of the farthest circle", aren't you so very inspired?) for Tuesday's class. Woot!

PS, my brain is dead from the bar. *THUNK* That was the sound of my head hitting the floor. How can I be wanting to go to bed already it's nine thirty this is wroooong.


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