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I don't often remember my dreams, but last night I dreamt I met Paul Bettany. Randomly, across the city. Don't ask me which city. He had weird facial hair (think Alan's at B3) due to filming some movie or other, and he was absolutely lovely when I walked up to him, which was such a relief. Hey, I'm used to the BDH, but I don't expect every star out there to be that cool to fans. But no, we chatted and he signed whatever scrap of paper I managed to find, and it was lovely and wonderful.

It was all in English, however. Why on earth did I not ask him to speak three words of French? Probably because I didn't want to scare him off by turning into a puddle of goo. He looked rather nonplussed at the thought of a sequel to A Knight's Tale, though, which about broke my heart.

Still. Best dream ever! Mhmmmmpaul. I even managed not to embarrass myself and be a horrible squeeing fangirl. I was perfectly articulate and did not leap on him.

Since it was a dream, I figure I really should have. Leapt.
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Which is a very sophisticated way of introducing the following fangirling.

Fangirling over her, first, because she bought me DVDs of Dead Babies and the BSG miniseries. I enjoyed them both so much it makes me forgive her for making me taste marmite. I didn't even know I could hate some form of food this much. God. *shudders*

Fangirling over Dead Babies, because dudes! That movie is insane in all the best and entirely British ways. And god, Paul. In ruffles and lipstick. And just. *gestures at the movie* You know! It's just insane. I love it.

And last but not least, fangirling over BSG. I started watching it and had to stop midway through to go to the movies, where I proceeded to get mildly bored in front of Goodbye Bafana, because oh god I had left them all in such a spot I just couldn't really care about a story I already knew (sorry Nelson). I just. Yeah. I cried when whatever his name was left his spot to Gaius. I love Gaius. I want to hug Apollo like you wouldn't believe and oh god Starbuck and I need to have a lot of sex. Also Callum! Oh, Callum. Not that Tricia isn't hot because she is uber pretty, but she's also really not my kind of girl and oh god I need to see the whole of this show now.

So yeah, I owe Lizzie, big time.

In other news, I really want to be writing Pirates fanfiction but am working tonight and tomorrow night, which means I don't have any time. Hmpf. I need to go to class now.
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So you travel away to Germany and come back to an internet connection and what do you learn? Heath Ledger as the Joker? Seriously? I'm going to ignore the fact that it meants Paul and Jude still won't be acting together ( I'm wondering if they're gonna cast Jake Gyllenhaal as Harvey Dent) because I'm still rooting for Brideshead Revisited and that's all I need as far as those two are concerned. But seriously, Heath Ledger? What? Paul or Adrien would've been so much better. It's not that I don't like Heath, I do. Sometimes despite myself. But come on Well. We'll see how he manages.

In semi-related news, the road trip has allowed me to listen to His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (thanks so much, [personal profile] the_grynne!), and I am in full support and then some of Paul and Nicole as Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter. That scene between them at the end of the book? Oh yes. Oooooh yes. Each of Asriel's scenes made me pause the book and replay it in my head with Paul instead. So much love.

In other news, we got to Berlin safely. We can't seem to manage to connect our laptops, which is a pain, but at least we have a connection. Cologne was pretty beautiful, and mostly the photo exhibition we saw at the Ludwig Museum was amazing and makes me itch to write a little something. It covered the history of photography, with some of the first types, daguerreotypes, etc. Very interesting, and somewhat unsettling, too. Also, the Cologne Cathedral looks much better from the outside than inside. And there were street performers! Between that, the Starbucks, the cream cheese, etc, it felt more like an English-speaking country than anything else. Except for the bit where I'm lucky if I manage to put three words together correctly. What do you mean I studied it for five years I should manage? Ooops?

Anyway. That was your German update of the day.
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Alright, so The Da Vinci Code opened in France today. Did you really think that there was any way for me not to go on Day One? I mean, we're talking about Paul here. (And Sir Ian, and Jean, and a tiny little bit Seth, too, let's face it. But really, the can't-wait-not-even-one-day factor? Paul.)

Spoiler-free review. )

I'm not following Cannes in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Paul, no I'm not.

Edit: woe! Alan's pilot for a drama show, "Capitol Law," has not been picked up by CBS. On the other hand, if it means he can make it to Serenity Cubed... I'm not too worried for the man, he hasn't had trouble finding work for a while, now, and hopefully it'll mean more theatre and/or movie work for him. I don't know why I want him to get back onstage, since I very much doubt he'd ever be onstage in Paris, but I like the idea anyway. Aaaanyway. Mostly I'm saddened because I really wanted to see him and Joshua Jackson sharing the screen. Hopefully the pilot will make its way onto the internet anyway, and if any of you finds it I expect to be notified immediately! Pretty please with naked Paul'n'Alan on top.
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In which "attractive" is a bleedin' understatement. And it's not a small picture.

If I don't share it this picture will drive me crazy it's all in his eyes. )
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Ahoy, all of you fans of Paul Bettany!

...and all of you non-fans that are about to succumb.

[ profile] shadesofbrixton has just picspammed and it deserves to be shared. Click at your own risk. Very much NOT dial-up-friendly.

Now go and bask in the prettiness, off, shoo!

(Also, for the record, will soon be doing a 28 Days-related Alan quotespam, as I've finally seen the movie. And as far as Who is concerned, I liked Madame de Pompadour. A whole damn lot. And Stephen cannot let the dancing or the banana go, can he. *sends love to Steven Moffat* Will share thoughts on episode after having watched it again... soon. Tomorrow Frédéric's coming over and we're RPing again, yay! Been too long since some good ol' tabletop RPing. Likely Firefly, which fills me with joy, because 'Shin and Amando are dying to come out and play for a while.)
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So. Went to the cinema three times in the course of two days. Yay! Yesterday was BDH Day, with Inside Man (Chewie!) and Slither (Cap'n!), and today was, at last, V for Vendetta.

Apparently people tend not to have liked Inside Man? I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's not so much about suspense, because everything is very figure-outtable, but it's well acted, well written, and very well directed I found. It was good to finally enjoy Clive Owen that much again, after Derailed, and Spike Lee knows how to direct him and make as much use of his voice as possible. Lovely. And so, yes, the BDH in this movie was Chiwetel "the Operative" Ejiofor, who I liked as much as ever. Wait, no, that's wrong, I didn't like him all that much in Love Actually, but what was there to like, honestly, he was barely in that movie.

And I'm digressing. Watching Chiwetel play in this movie made me think about how much writing a character played by this or that actor made you sensitive to the way this or that actor plays, in general. Writing fanfiction, at least for me, is partly about wrapping my mind around a performance, and what an actor relies on to create a character. And then, to transfer that into something that is adequate to the literary media, instead of cinema/TV. And then you become much more attuned to the way the actor plays, for any part. Anyway. That was the random thought of the day yesterday.

Now, Slither? I was actually disappointed, I won't lie. I'd heard so much good about this movie. I'm not saying it was a piece of crap, far from it. But it left me with the impression that, had it been made by Brits? I would've loved it as much as I did Shaun of the Dead. But as is? Maybe it's because I don't know the culture it parodies well enough, I don't know. I loved Nathan, and I loved Greg, and that young dark-haired girl rocks and the blonde's incredibly beautiful, but. I just didn't laugh all that terribly much. (Although I have to wonder, was the grenade "I don't think we'll need it" moment an allusion to Serenity? Because we all went *snicker* at that.)

And finally, V for Vendetta. I actually loved it. You Alan Moore lovers out there, what did he dislike about it? (Bear in mind that I have unfortunately not read the comic.) Hugo Weaving did an amazing job, although I couldn't dissociate the voice from "Hugo Weaving," which was a bit of a shame (and would have happened with Puresex too, had they kept him), but I got over that. All the actors were brilliant, with special kudos to Stephen Rea and Stephen Fry. Who I wanted to cuddle like crazy. I want to see Wilde again. Natalie Portman was pretty good, too. And some of the images were overwhelming. Some priceless lines, too. And oh how I love V's first scene. And the regular Shakespeare quotage. I might actually go and see it again. Maybe. Okay, likely not because I won't have time. But I wouldn't mind it.

I saw the Da Vinci Code trailer twice in two days. It's official, I cannot wait for this movie. Every shot of Paul has me squeeing like a fangirl on crack, which is exactly what I am, except I don't need the crack. He's so very creeptastic. (That said, Tom Hanks still makes me want to beat him on top of the head with a shovel. I can't help myself.)

And now I'm off to watch the second half of last night's Alias. Better be better than the first.
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If you read this entry, prepare to be "spoiled" for Firewall. "Spoiled," quotation marks, because this whole film is so unsurprising that I'm not sure it actually qualifies as being spoiled.

Okay, so. Firewall. Is a crappy movie. But we all knew that already. And Seattle and its outskirts seem to have amazing, free-for-all wifi coverage? Neat. Also, Harrison Ford bores me, but oh, Paul, and oh, Nikolaj. (And oh, Robert and Alan while I'm at it. Does Alan Arkin need that much money that he needs to take small uninteresting parts? People! It's Alan Arkin! Why are you not offering him amazing parts already? Well. At least I got to see him a bit. And hear him. There's something special about his voice.)

But really mostly, Nikolaj and Paul. Bill and Liam were totally shagging. That's why Liam didn't look too worried when Beth went all "he doesn't have any reason to keep you around once he's got the money." What he was thinking was, "'course he does, I'm the best shag he's ever had."

Also, 24's Chloe going all "what did I do wrong, Jack?" "I don't understand, Jack" blah-blah-whining-blah meant déjà-fuckin'-vu and I could've done without. Hell.

I can't believe even the dog made it. Seriously. Richard, mate, you're working on a romcom? Sure we need a happy-for-all ending. But when you're working on a movie with a bad guy like Bill Cox? You want people to die, and no all the bad guys don't count. Bloody hell. The bleedin' dog made it. ...okay, Harry died as well, but hell do we not care about Harry or what. Bill totally would've killed at least one family member to make Jack realise he meant business.

Although, granted, I adored the Flintstones/cookie scene. Paul at his best villain, all chuckling at the cartoon before assuring the kid there were no peanuts in the cookies, "I promise." Oh, how I loved that scene. (Okay, not Paul at his best villain, because, just no, hello Gangster #1, and hello Kiss Kiss Bang Bang too, but still.) Also loved him in the pancake scene. I think I have a thing for Bill mixed with food items. ...mmm. Anyway.

So the movie was crap, but I was duly warned by enough friends that it would be, and thus it went alright. I'm very grateful I went with Joey, though, because I'm sorry, I hate people who talk during the movies, but I wouldn't have made it without commenting through the whole thing. Honestly.

Tonight's Ice Age 2 yay! Hopefully as funny as the first one.

Oh, and I spent ten good minutes trying to figure Bill out once out of the theatre. Why did he want the money all that badly? It irks me to see Paul interpret a character that is so undefined, apart from his coldness and greed. Why the greed? How did he get there? We know nothing about him. Hmpf.

As a sidenote, no matter how badass/psychotic Paul's got in previous movies, I'd never found him so physically impressive. Which is ironic when you think of the "Harrison barely felt his punch" anecdote, but still. He was physically impressive, the way he handled himself, and dominated some scenes and other characters. I was rather nonplussed.

Also, got the 2-disc edition of Serenity in the mail today! Yay! Am off to watch Take a Walk on Serenity. BDH love!!


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