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Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! There be no excuse not to be tarrin decks or plunderin towns this good day. Become yer governor's nightmare, and the thorn in the side of that lovely stuck up commodore who could well do with listenin to the sea once in a while. Feel the heave o' t'sea under yer feet and treat yer boat with every respect ye owe 'er. Spread the word! And drink ter a pirate's life fer us all.

Take what ye can. Give nothin back!

...drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

Edit: save me from boredom, ye scoundrels, else ye want ter have that on your conscience. Lord above knows ye likely have a lot on it already. Request drabbles from yours truly! Pirate drabbles, me lovelies, what else.
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Which is a very sophisticated way of introducing the following fangirling.

Fangirling over her, first, because she bought me DVDs of Dead Babies and the BSG miniseries. I enjoyed them both so much it makes me forgive her for making me taste marmite. I didn't even know I could hate some form of food this much. God. *shudders*

Fangirling over Dead Babies, because dudes! That movie is insane in all the best and entirely British ways. And god, Paul. In ruffles and lipstick. And just. *gestures at the movie* You know! It's just insane. I love it.

And last but not least, fangirling over BSG. I started watching it and had to stop midway through to go to the movies, where I proceeded to get mildly bored in front of Goodbye Bafana, because oh god I had left them all in such a spot I just couldn't really care about a story I already knew (sorry Nelson). I just. Yeah. I cried when whatever his name was left his spot to Gaius. I love Gaius. I want to hug Apollo like you wouldn't believe and oh god Starbuck and I need to have a lot of sex. Also Callum! Oh, Callum. Not that Tricia isn't hot because she is uber pretty, but she's also really not my kind of girl and oh god I need to see the whole of this show now.

So yeah, I owe Lizzie, big time.

In other news, I really want to be writing Pirates fanfiction but am working tonight and tomorrow night, which means I don't have any time. Hmpf. I need to go to class now.
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Spoilers for Pirates 3. )

We're watching Mysterious Skin now. We watched Tangled last night and it's so bad. We're not a bicycle, damnit.
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So, Janet Frame? Presentation I started last night and woke up early to finish this morning? On the book that's been kicking my ass for the past couple weeks? THE TEACHER LOVED IT. And when I say loved it I mean loved it. 18 or 19, she said, which is so, so, so kickass, oh god. *beams* I wish there was no final exam on it, though. I'm pretty sure I can't pull off this kind of grade on this book of all books twice. Damn.

Parisian people who read LJ between now and, like, less than two hours, if anybody's interested, I'll be at the 7:10 showing of Clerks 2 at the Orient Express. (We're finally getting that movie seriously.)

Also I cringed a little at seeing a huge poster of Davy Jones. I'm sorry, Bill, I love you, but this part just sucked in the second movie. *fervently hopes At World's End will be good, and maybe even Davy Jones, who knows, although really I'm all about Barbossa and could this asterisk get any longer?*

Speaking of which! Translation question time. So the (sub)title is At World's End, right? They translated it "Jusqu'au Bout du Monde", which is fair enough, except why change the preposition? (You non French speakers, from "at" we're getting "to".) I mean, why go for a directional rather than a locative preposition? It puts a whole new perspective on how said 'World's End' is going to be inscribed in the movie. No, I'm not thinking too much about this, shut up, it shocked me when I read it. Jusqu'au Bout du Monde. It sounds so "Cowabanga!" or something.

That said, the huge Sparrow poster rocks.

You guys, I just realised I hadn't even seen the trailer? I sort of hope I'll manage not to until then, but unfortunately going to the cinema will probably take care of that.

I'll stop rambling now.
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Do bear in mind that I've read none of my dear flist's detailed reviews prior to seeing this movie. All I knew was that half of it raved that it was wonderful, and the other, well, wasn't quite so enthusiastic.

I can see both sides of the argument. (Aka spoilerific ramblings ahead.) )

And for a shorter few paragraphs on the same subject... )

In other, very quick news: Berlin's great! Despite the fact that they make a ten-minute break at the most inopportune moment in the middle of movies, because on the other hand? They show Dead Man's Chest a week before France, and they show it without subtitles! There has been museuming and zooing going on. It's pretty hot. Joey is going trigger-happy with her new reflex digital camera. And I'm getting to sleep on a more time-zone-appropriate sleeping schedule, which is odd. And that's about it, folks.
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So. We'd planned to go see horses with [ profile] overcraft, except the owner of the place where her horse Java is kept for the summer was not there, and we could only see the horses for afar. Still, Java is gorgeous and the slash has not got to me so much that I was OTPing two geldings look it's all Over's fault.

On the other hand, we were supposed to meet up with [ profile] foley_durden and hopefully catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis outside the on-invitation-only French premiere of PotC 2, and we ended up completely missing her but oh so much more than I expected fangirly-wise.

The story in pictures, obviously not dial-up-friendly. )

Now, you know what pisses me off? That the movie isn't actually released in France until August. Bleedin' August. How am I supposed to wait while the whole flist erupts into squees and fanfiction and I haven't written any Pirates fic in ages but I want to I can't wait I love these characters I. Can't. Wait. I'm debating whether it's worth downloading it to watch it on a computer screen, before going to watch it in the cinema, or if I really do want the first time to be on a big screen. Thoughts?

...squeeful day. I still can't really wrap my mind around the fact that yes, they stood within a few feet of me. Orlando Bloom in all his pretty sweetness and Johnny Depp in all his tattoed, beringed, purplely-bespectacled, cheekbones-to-be-damned-for glory. I'm every bit a fangirl today. A very, very, very happy fangirl.
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My Five Guilts. (Yeah, I know, only five?) )

Originally gakked from [ profile] anna_tarawiel, but it's popped up all over the flist since. Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

01. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)
02. River Tam (Firefly)
03. Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)
04. Captain Jack (Doctor Who)
05. Wash (Firefly)
06. Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)
07. Commodore Norrington (The Pirates of the Caribbean)
08. Nine (Doctor Who)
09. Haldir (LotR)
10. Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
11. Methos (Highlander)
12. Dana (Sports Night)

Questions madness! )

Okay, now I'm off to procrastinate by finishing editing NaNo, and then if Joey's still not back I might actually try to write something. I swear. I need to get my muses back, seriously.

Note to self: try and write some Pirates fic in the not too terribly distant future. It's been too damn long. I miss it.


Sep. 19th, 2004 07:45 pm
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Fer all of ye scabrous dogs as've taken a liking to pirate types - the blazes only know what got into yer thick skulls ter induce such madness - bear in mind that today's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I don't have much time on me hands due ter the lass visitin', but I couldna let the occasion go by unmarked.

Spread the word! Arrrr!
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I'm back in Reims! Quiet night tonight, with two of my siblings (out of three) away. I'm glad to see G's getting so much of a social life. I'm always quite worried about him. Sometimes I have a sudden urge to hug him. Wish I could.

Got my requirement for the Tertiary PotC Character Ficathon, I'm going to have to work on this. I want the recipient to be happy. Am positively thrilled by the feedback I got on my Groves "Virtues and Sins" drabbles. I do adore spreading the Groves love, and this was highly enjoyable to write. Something non demanding that you still feel good about when the day's done.

Watched Ned Kelly this evening. )
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My Pirates muses are going crazy! Beware! I think it's all the fault of [ profile] firesignwriter (KJ) and [ profile] cgwriting (Cinnie)... No, like really. KJ writes the best PotC fiction I've ever read, and I suggest all of you rush and read it now. It's simply amazing. She can make a story about a donkey interesting. I swear. And there are donkey-free stories, too. As for Cinnie, she's writing a PotC/Voyager crossover with Khylaren, and their writing of Jack is just as fascinating as Johnny's performance was.
So yeah, I blame those three girls, really. It's all your fault! Particularly KJ's, actually, because her Moonverse portrayed our dear Commodore James in such an interesting, fascinating, complex way, I fell in love with him all over again, as I often do with characters.
So indeed, beware, I've started working on a PotC story. I never thought I actually would write a non-crossover PotC fic, but here I am. And it's got a plot and all! And there will be no non-canon pairings! (Well, you can never be too sure until I'm done writing it, 'cause we all know I don't control the characters, the characters control me, but there's no non-canon pairings planned, in any case.) So, it's a big, big first for me.
It's gonna have Jack, Will and Elizabeth, yes, but also Commodore James Norrington and Captain (aye) Theodore Sinclair Groves. Yep, my very own dear, dear Sin, the very same I made into an Immortal for my Highlander-verse. And let's not forget, an original character I am for once quite, quite satisfied with, who is absolutely not a Sue (how do you call male Sues again?), and who I am already half in love with.
I'm still working on Out of Memory and Time, yes. It's just, my muses tend to be very James-and-Sin-and-Jack-partial these days.
As Barbossa would say: arr!!!
Beware... A Flight of Fancy (hereafter referred to as FoF) will be written far too quickly for my own good, and that of my studies. And if you feel like beta'ing it, please let me know!
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First entry, yay! I now officially have somewhere to rant in. Isn't that sweet! I can hear all of ya who I usually rant to heaving huge sighs of relief.

Anyhoot. Topic of my first entry: Sin. Or Lieutenant Sinclair Groves, as he was called back then. For those of you who haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean (and what have you been doing, really?), just skip this paragraph. For those of you who *have* witnessed the amazing job of Johnny, Keira, Jack, Geoffrey, and should I really go on with that list, do you remember the nice piece of officer stating that, "That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen" after Captain Sparrow's commandeering of the Interceptor? That would be Sin. I just got a thing for the guy - a naval officer acknowledging Jack's genius, how could I not? Turns out he is referred to in the script as Groves, and the fanon seems to have named him Theodore.

So, since I'd been toying with the idea of creating an Immortal who had once served in the navy, this guy was the natural choice, 'cause you see so little of him in Pirates that I can just take him and make him into what I want.

Now, I love Theos. Really. I don't think I've written a Theo*dore* yet, but I'm having a hell of a lot of 'fun' (the kind of fun only a Jossbringer can have - I'll explain Jossbringers later, for those who might wonder) with Theodred in Out of Memory of Time (aka "Kate and Faith get stranded in Middle Earth," will expand in another rant), and some actual fun with a Theophile in Tapping (huge HP/BtVS crossover, will also expand in another rant). Point being, I love Theos.

But no, I couldn't have my dear lieutenant be called Theodore. It just didn't fit, for some reason. So I decided that he would go by his middle name, as I had seen done in a fic thus renaming him Ellis (after the actor playing him, Greg Ellis). That is, his mother's maiden name. She happened to be French. After much concertation with Joey (what would I do without you?), it turned out to be Sinclair. Suits him much better than Theodore. Muuuuch better.

So, what about his character, and will he ever be actually written? Well, be ready to chuckle incredulously, all of you who know me well enough, but Sin is a *good guy*, with a *code of honour*. I swear. Like, really. Kronos (my Kronos muse kinda lives with me. Sometimes. It's a long story - or to make it short: I'm a freak. And very possibly quite close to insanity. And I like it!) is never gonna let me live this down, whenever he hears about it (and for those of you who wonder, Kronos is the ultime K'Immie - understand, evil Immortal. Big bad ass of an Immortal.).

So yeah, that's why I liked Sinclair so much, 'cause shortening it to Sin, for the first of my Immortal characters who's actually a real white hat, it's pretty ironic. Me loves irony.

And also, sidenote, Sin is gay. For some reason. Or actually, for the very precise reason that I read a really good Jack/Groves fic on the Pirates archive Parley (Fortune and Favor for the non-slash bits, Shorn for the slash bits, all of it by firesignwriter - for the non slash-lovers, Fortune and Favor, as a stand-alone, is already bloody amazing, excellent Jack characterisation, not to mention Anamaria, Norrington and obviously Groves) and I mean, *really* good, I was amazed.

Now, yes, Sin will eventually get written (emphasis on eventually), in the sequel to Quelques Cahots, an X-Men/BtVS/HL crossover I wrote (all in French, for you English-speakers, sorry). Let's just say he'll have a serious grudge against Damien. I'm still in the thinking-it-out phase. Right now, I need to get to know Sin's mentor (kudos to Manu). Then I might just get to the planning of the fic. Might. 'Cause I do have a life. And, more importantly, tons of other WIPs.

Well, guess that's enough for a first rant. Plus, I have an exam tomorrow. My brain is so not in the right state to cram my civilisation course in it. I think it's starting to really, really miss some decent sleep.



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