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Yesterday I decided to remember that I paid for a cinema card for a reason and went and caught two movies. Opted for a comic book adaptation night.

Wanted: nowhere near as bad as Jumper, which a friend had likened it to. For one thing, the script's structure is much better and there are no such huge gaping loose ends. For another, Jamie totally pulls his weight. And I'd forgotten Thomas Krestchmann (sp?) was in it! And Marc bloody Warren, although it wouldn't have hurt if they'd actually given him, you know, a part. There's no point hiring Marc Warren if you don't want him to act. (Though he kept making me want to pause the movie to screencap and later make icons of. Kinda sad.) Anyway, the movie was still half ridiculous, and completely predictable, but enjoyable all the same. I kind of want to read the comics now.

Hulk: oh, god, that movie was boring. Liv Tyler annoyed me, Edward Norton was good but not compelling, and after a promising start Tim Roth's character became a caricature. I liked Betty's shrink boyfriend, though. The guy you saw for one and a half scene, yes. The normal guy. The last scene had more wit in it than the rest of the frakking movie. ("You should talk." "And you should listen." *glees*)

Has anyone seen Surveillance? It looks promising. However, the trailer to the Bank Job sort of put me off the movie. Apart from how it made me realise Stephen Campbell Moore was in it woot!

I want to write Iron Man fic, but I really don't know the fandom well enough. Le sigh. People, suggest Iron Man crossovers for me to drabble about. I might manage that much.

Speaking of which, I don't think I ever recced the best Iron Man/Firefly crossover ever: Advances in Thermodynamics by [ profile] sotto_voice. Go read. And marvel at how well she captured all their voices. Special love to Tony and Rhodey.
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This fic has convinced me that after gay marriage, I want to fight to be able to marry fictional works.

It's Authority fic, Apollo/Midnighter, so I don't suppose most of you will give a damn. YOUR LOSS. I personally want to have this fic's babies.

A few quote-arguments on why you ought to read this fic. )

[ profile] buzzylittleb? I have no clue where you left me the link to your Authority/Who crossover but I want to read it so very badly would you terribly mind giving it to me again? And everybody reading this post: Authority/Doctor Who crossover by a brilliant author - I'm hoping for a link in the comments below - you should all go read it.

I need an Authority icon.
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For Fred anybody that likes the Authority, go read this amazing fic, now. It's nothing surprising, but the Midnighter voice is so amazing. That guy is so much darker than I could ever write him.

Examples, not PC, and probably rated something, if only for language.

For starters, I’m not a tough guy, I’m a bastard. Sure, the opposition are bastards, but who bastards the bastards, to quote a little Latin.


That could only happen to me, or possibly any other poor fuck who got the Henry Bendix mindwipe treatment, with a spa massage and battle computer thrown in as handy extras.


How can I think with this going in my head, I think I’ve almost got a whole belfry of campanologists (I half remember a very good education, or at least the sense of one) in there, ringing away.

Or this piece of genius:

I want to bash their freaking teeth in, and rip their dicks off, and stuff them in their mouths. I’m not sure where to stuff the teeth yet. But I’ll think of somewhere. I let the computer run that scenario, keep me nice and happy, and talk to her like the nice retired civil servant I am, while my fists are covered in his blood, and I break his nose for the sixth time, and kick him so hard in the crotch that his balls come out his ears. She talks about her kids, and I talk about my little girl, as we sit on the coffee table and wait for the cops.

*is in awe*
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Very quick entry, just to rec a lovely little Wash-centric ficlet: Dinosaur Envy. It's lovely, sweet and hilarious the way only Wash can be, and it's spot-on. The voices are there exactly, and man. I just love Wash and Zoe so badly. And the use of the dinosaurs, oh my. Perfect. Go read, now, shoo!
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Okay, I'm officially flooding your flists now. But I have to share this fic. The Operative meets Jubal Early. One of the best takes I've read on post-Serenity Operative, who we know how much I care about. So go on, it's short and it's excellent. Go read it, and... skip the summary and warnings. Because they'd give you the wrong idea about this fic, and that'd be a shame.
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I've been reading a fair bit of Firefly fic... lots of which is just amazing, but those two stood out and I thought I'd point y'all in their direction.

Tricen's pilot, by [ profile] writings_from. It's only a first part, and I usually balk in front of fanfic in several parts unless I know and love the author, but this one? It's just wonderful. Her goal is to write an episode set after Objects in Space, and let me just tell you that if this is any indication, this is really a story I'd have loved to see shot. The fact that it mostly centers around Wash doesn't hurt, and there is this scene between him and Zoe, through her eyes, that simply tells you everything about the two of them. I fell in love with that portrayal.

Sum of their Parts, by [ profile] trinityvixen. That wonderful fic will give you a view of each character through River's eyes, after Serenity. And it's spot-on. There have been a number of "let's look at the crew through River's eyes" fics, but this one, for some reason, stands out. The style suits her admirably, and it's astonishing how well the author grasped the essence of each character, distorted by River's mind paths.

Finally, not a fic but a short essay about Firefly and the westward movement to California and the Oregon territory. Okay, so granted, that might sound boring. It probably is, if you're not interested in history. But I am, and I'm thinking some of you might be as well, and this essay points out a few very interesting parallelisms between our favourite crew and the settlers of the 1840s/1870s. So, go and read! Shoo!

Finally, news about the previously-mentioned Spike movie. It seems that apparently, whatever movie they make should go straight to DVD. And Marti doesn't seem to think that either Sarah or Alyson would come back. Here's the article.
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I don't do recs very often, but...

First off, Something Like Moebius, by [ profile] doyle_sb4, which is what I got for the Jark Harkness ficathon. And people, look out, because it is good. It's with Jack as a kid, and he's spot-on. And... just go read it already, will ya? Trust me on this one. It's not too long (but not too short either, perfect length), and it's packed full with DW goodness.

And then, this ficlet by [ profile] gabby_silang. Spoilers for Serenity! Watch out! )
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For those of you who love Jack - and those of you who don't, too... go read this fic! The author is [ profile] khohen1, and very talented in a variety of fandoms (to only name a few: The West Wing, Sports Night (Sports Night, guys!!!), Pirates of the Caribbean, and lately Lost). And this fic would have blown my socks off if I wore any. As I said in my last "let's rant about Lost!" post, I've actually grown to like Jack. And this fic here... it shows everything about Jack that originally rankled me, and that now makes me adore him. I just can't give it justice with words, people. Just... go read it, if you watch Lost. Just go already. Shush!

Edit: I forgot to mention that you had better have seen the finale if you want to read it. It's in the headings anyway, but I thought I had better say so anyway.
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I've been unable to produce anything this weekend. I was so enthusiastic about writing something, and it just would not come. Not anything. So I reworked Tapping (no, I'm not giving up on it, but I am however going to make some radical changes to make certain Willow is as far from Sue as possible, and get a better sort of plot overall) and started rereading [ profile] cgwriting's very good Without. I'm enjoying it even more than I did previously, and it's good to get a Haldir fix now and then. Cinnie, it's been a while since I last told you: you rock, honey. Your writing is so very enjoyable, and such a welcome relief from the mass of insipid fanfiction one can find out there. Thank you for sharing all your stories with us.

So, if I did not spend it writing, what did I do with my weekend? Julia and I went downtown on Saturday to buy Leticia's birthday gifts (Lety is the Spanish assistant here), and I bought lots of clothes in TK Max (sp?). Which is bad, but feels so very good. On Sunday the boys cooked us an absolutely wonderful meal, with duck and oven potatoes, and we opened my last bottle of red wine. A true Sunday lunch. (Feel free to imagine the goofy smile on my face.)

By the way, my co-Serenity-attendants, I had - is it Sean? - on the phone, and it turned out they had lost all my details. So I gave them again and he said the tickets would be mailed to me first thing today, and he apologised for it all. The point is: the tickets are on their way. And Fred? I can't wait for CoRo!

Now if only my muses would come back from wherever they spent the weekend...
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Very quickly, just to let you guys know: I ordered the tickets for Serenity.
Woohoo! We'll be going, people. We being [ profile] greenie_breizh, [ profile] the_swordman and [ profile] heikki_cheren. And me, of course. And I
hope to see grimma there (sorry, not sure about your exact username anymore).
Announced guests so far are Alan, Jewel, Morena, Summer and Nathan. Again, I
have to say, woohoo!

For very quick news of me: still making icons like mad (must be a substitute for
something...), only have one last chapter to go on the Steve episode for Gaia,
and I've finally managed to read Billy's Best Devil thanks to the clever help
of [ profile] heikki_cheren! I'll probably be rereading it a few times
alright. It's angsty in just the right way, and the end is absolutely perfect.
I'm looking forward to the next part. A lot. (And it must be unhealthy for me
to enjoy RPS so much. Except it's so much more than RPS.) And to share the
cleverness that allowed me to get it: if you want to send me something, zip it
first. That way the filters can't read what's in it and pick up words they
don't want me to come in contact with. We shall prevail!

While speaking of humans vs. machines, Nick Stahl is much better in Carnivale
than in T3, no matter that he acts with the lovely Claire (much better in say,
My So-Called Life anyway). What did I expect?
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Wanted to pimp a certain fic here and the last chapter I read left me absolutely no choice. It's an Inuyasha fic - no, guys, I don't know the first thing about Inuyasha either, but let me tell you, this goes beyond usual fanfiction. This is one of the best pieces of fiction I've read of late. It's called One Less Star, and it's by [ profile] cgwriting. It's absolutely excellent. Right now, I lack the words, because the chapter in question left me in an odd state of angst-filled apathy, or something. It gave me the same feelings I got several times while reading The Fionavar Tapestry by Kay, and some of you know how much I adore those books, one of the main reasons being because of scenes that gave me such feelings. I don't know if I'm making myself clear.

Let's use an analogy most of you will get. Remember Hero, the S1 AtS episode where Doyle died? That's pretty much it. Except that I get pulled in and emotionally involved much more easily on TV, and you've got to work much harder to get me involved in a written work. This here was somehow more subtle than Hero was.

But it's not just that that makes the quality of OLS. That was just the last scene I read. The whole of it is excellent, truly so, because such scenes can only work well and evoke such feelings when what surrounds them is of equal quality. Right now I'm just a bit shaken by it. Since I don't have [ profile] greenie_breizh to cuddle up to (but will this weekend), nor any Ben & Jerry's handy, I think I'll go get myself some Nutella. I wanted to keep reading OLS, but I need a break to take all of this in.

Sis and I will actually be going downtown to try and find a birthday gift for our mum, after my Nutella break. Wish us luck. She's hard to buy presents for.


Aug. 30th, 2004 06:10 pm
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Don't have the time for a long entry about this weekend, I just need to gush. Apparently the Buffy panel [ profile] greenie_breizh and I took part in went even better than we thought, because there was extremely good response later, after we both had to go.

Consequently, Martin Winckler (who was unfortunately unable to attend, but who got told all about it by Antoine) offered us the chance to write an article about what we had said (pretty much "Growing up with BtVS") in his next book on TV shows. I am ecstatic!

/ end gush

I'll try and write an entry tomorrow. And hopefully get up to date with all the fics I haven't read (I'm thinking mostly of [ profile] cgwriting's and [ profile] houses7177's stuff). Btw, Mihan, I recced your Encore une fois to a friend who is both a Highlander fan and an Illyria one, he adored it - I do think he told me he'd sent feedback, but just in case, I'm telling you again. This fic is absolutely amazing. The depth of emotions and how much it explores, without overstating any of it, far from it... And a perfect use of Immortality. Bravo.
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Go there:
December. We have to wait until December? That hint of a scene between Pip and Faramir was the absolute tease! And on a very superficial note, I much like Dom's look in the interview. Am steadily preparing myself to the fact that RotK EE will still not be even close to a film I could have genuinely embraced and adored, so with a bit of luck by then I will actually enjoy it a whole deal more than the threatrical version.

Who am I kidding? I will completely enjoy it more than that!

Also, I went through quite a bit of AKT fanfiction - all of it slash. Most of it crap. Let me not put up links, but *oh* *my* *joss*, I couldn't even go through most of them. There was one, however, that caught my attention, exactly the atmosphere I was thinking of for my not-yet-written Chaucer piece, plus a delightful use of a second person narrator (which some people know how much I adore). Listen is short but powerful, a delightful piece of fiction that will take five minutes of your time to read, and hopefully pull at your heartstrings for the sheer emotion of it. How I adore Chaucer.

Well. Off to call the Consulate. Cross fingers, people.
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This is positively unhealthy. I'm growing obsessed with Vicious. *points at the new icon* Loving characters like Edward (from AB) or Lucius (from HP) is all good and well, but Vicious? This is me reaching another level of insanity.

It's all the more frustrating that this incredibly good fic is being written about his origins, as well as Spike's... and I want more. Desperately so. The psychology of it is simply amazing, the style flows very well, the usual clichés are avoided... I'm impressed. Here's for any and all Cowboy Bebop fan out there: Prelude. If you browse through that site, I also recommend After the Nova, though also a WIP, which is a take on what happens after the finale. But really, my love goes to Prelude, which is as good a piece of work as you can find. While the author's take on Spike is probably not the most original ever, it is still endearing and subtle, and their work on Vicious reels you in and does not let you go.

That being said, it leaves me very little room to vent my Vicious obsession, aka write more fiction about him. The tear of a warrior was hardly about him, since the Vicious we saw in that was through the eyes of a besotted Gren. I need to write him out of my system. Hopefully, I'll have an epiphany, but right now my muses are made shy when faced with the genius behind Prelude. I should let it all cool down and see what comes to me in a few days' time.
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LJ-related meme )

And this is gakked from [ profile] twixou:


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Looks like I'm not as crazy as you could think. Yay!

That being said, we watched If these walls could talk 2 last night and boy, okay, Chloe Sevigny does have something in that movie. She has the same kind of energy as Stuart in QaF UK - so very sexual. Can now understand [ profile] greenie_breizh's obsession with her.
We also watched Snatch again - kudos to Brad Pitt, really, he does an amazing job in that movie. Love all the accents, too, and Jason Statham rocks. Big time. This movie is such a good piece of fun.
Which Dogville was not. It didn't get to me as much as Dancer in the Dark had, but still. The directing was really fascinating, and the acting... Joss, the acting. It was so very good. Entrancing. Revived my Paul Bettany loving, too - I wanna see Master & Commander again, now - despite the disappointment in Billy-sightage.

Which makes me think, I crossed a new line. And it's all [ profile] khylarenelf's fault! I was rather angsty the other day, and she'd posted some fic recs, and one of them she said she read to cheer herself up, Billy's Best series by Lemur. So yes, people, I have read my first RPS fic... and I enjoyed it! Tremendously so, in fact. This series is so incredibly well-written and realistic, it's not just the guys jumping on each other and shagging like bunnies right away. You see the slow process they have to go through, questioning their sexuality, acknowledging the attraction, etc. It's just... wowowow. So very good. Have already read it twice, actually, just because I can't get over how realistic and touching it is. It rings true. (How bad is it? I'm enjoying RPS! Or, okay, one RPS fic.)
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Will rant about PoA later, right now I just wanna post chapter 3 of FoF. Again, if anyone's reading, I'd appreciate some feedback. Oh, and while I'm at it: [ profile] firesignwriter started another PotC fic which promises to be excellent, in which Norrington and a back-from-the-dead Barbossa ally to go after Jack. I'm quite excited about where she will take it. And she's got Barbossa's voice down just as well as any of the other characters.

Chapter Three: Run out the guns )
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As I said, here's chapter two of FoF. And again, please review? A feedbacked (fedback?) Fan' is a happy Fan'. Many thanks go to [ profile] cgwriting again, who considerably helped improve this chapter with helpful, constructive advice. And did I mention she was writing a sequel to No Rest for the Weary called Tempus Fidgets, which is Dawn/Groves? Yes, Groves. Yum, as far as I'm concerned.

A Flight of Fancy - Chapter Two )
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Alright, so here's all the stuff I wanted to post these last few days, and the great update-via-email service didn't work.

What you guys missed )

So yeah, my weekend wasn't terribly exciting - I'm supposed to be studying, after all. Cinnie is helping me improve FoF, though, and she's the best of helps. Really.

Also, since exams are coming up, muses are in a frenzy and I started working on a couple of birthday fics for people on Cinnie's mailing list. Yay! I hope they'll like them... and I hope I get them finished in time, too. One of them will be my first forray into that fandom and I'm rather anxious about it. Oh well. Time will tell.
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Thanks guys for the comments on Boys Meet Boys. I have no doubt you *will* live up to this, Khylaren. You're so very good at this.

After having, against my better judgement (the one that says I should be studying), spent my evening reading BMB fic, I've realised how much mine sucked. Mwah. Those guys are so good. Check out the fiction at Whee! I'm naked!, especially the stuff by Avarice... oh, and Harley's Big Adventure is quite worth it too... and I'll stop pointing out special fics now. Just go read your heart away, people!

*pouts* I should have read all this before posting Boys Meet Boys.
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This was gacked from the lovely [ profile] khylarenelf

Who is your Pirates of the Caribbean Lover?
by SoExcited612
LoverThe sex god CAPT Jack Sparrow
Where it will go downWith treasure..Isla de Muerta
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Can't say I'm disappointed! Though I'd very much ask for him to brush his teeth first.

And, damn. Am starting to write pointless entries. Let's make it pointy.

Oh, yes! Read the promising beginning of a fic by [ profile] khylarenelf called The Game of Love: Strike. *Very* promising. People, go check out her website already. If you're into LotR fiction, of course; she's got both het and slash.

And there you go. Pointy entry.


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