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Happy birthday, Joss! May I remind all of you that can afford it that Browncoats everywhere are all buying a copy of Serenity today, and that you should too. Even if you already own it. Share the love, spread the love, today's the day to buy that DVD. ...except I haven't bought DVDs or books for months and there's a reason for that and I'm starting to get very stressed about money issues so, yeah, I won't. I'm sorry. Does that make me a bad Browncoat? I'm trying to rationalise it by assuring myself that it's not like the French numbers of Serenity sales would ever reach enough to be noticed. It's sadly true.

In other news - Pride tomorrow yay! Here's to hoping the weather's nice. It rained on Wednesday for the FĂȘte de la musique, but fun was had anyway, even though I still like that holiday better in cities of a more moderate size. We saw some capoeira, though, which took me a few years back.

What else? What else. I'm finally watching Mawdryn Undead thanks to [ profile] vandonovan, I've got halfway through it and it's so. Much. Better than Terminus is (although I'm liking Planet of Fire better so far).

We've got Maltese crashing at home for Pride, and a Romanian maybe at some point, and of course [ profile] pee_wai yay! I need to get some sleep tonight if I want to be alive and kicking for Pride - we're meeting up to change the lorry into a float at 10.

A few spoilery thoughts on Rescue Me 3x04. ... )

Finally, watching the second season of Deadwood feels like coming home. Those beautiful shots, the strength and vulnerability of these characters. And on a very shallow note Titus Welliver has never been this attractive. And I've been crushing on him for years. And Alma keeps taking my breath away. And and and. *loves*
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Rescue Me 2x03 'Torture' - SPOILERS )
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So, well, yeah. Three episodes ago, Rescue Me made me cry. Two episodes ago, quite frankly, I didn't get that much into it. One episode ago, it gripped my heart. And tonight, the finale dug its nails into it.

Rescue Me finale rant... )...followed by a rant on the fashion that is gayness in today's fictions. )

And to conclude this rant with something I'm not sure fits with any of the points I was making, guys, go check out the trailer for "Hellbent." I swear. You need to. A gay horror flick. It's bound to be fun - either because it's really bad, or because it's really good at not taking itself seriously. Cheesy gay films can just be so much fun.
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All right, many things to rant about. First of all, we've just seen Shaun of the Dead, and it ROCKS. Not being a zombie movie fan or anything, the references pretty much went over my head, but it was still incredibly funny. And so very English. I love English films.

Still in the movies area, UGC invited us to a screentest. We didn't know which film we were gonna see, and we'd have to give our opinion on it. So we went, and saw Merry Christmas, a film that happens during WWI. But it's not your regular war movie. )

Now, any of you actually cares about what I think of Rescue Me's latest episode? Among other things, I can't help loving Sean. )

Also, [ profile] greenie_breizh and I watched the pilot of House MD. I adore Hugh Laurie, and seeing Robert Sean Leonard was a very good surprise. So was Lisa Edelstein. I adore Lisa Edelstein. But mostly, I love the character of House. He's fascinating. His scene with Allison, at the end, about why he hired her? Brilliant. I'll download more next week. Yay!

And, last but not least, Berserk. No, ok, I won't rant about it. Because that would take hours. I'll just say that my brother was so very right when he told me I'd like it - I'd just told him the reason why I liked so much the few episodes of Samurai Champloo I'd seen was because of the brilliant characters, and he was like, you want good characterisation? Try Berserk. )

And to conclude, here's a writing meme gakked from [ profile] greenie_breizh. Clicky! )

I'm back!

Aug. 2nd, 2005 07:38 pm
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Had a nice little holiday in Brittany, despite overall pretty crappy weather. I spent quality time with the family (I love my family!), ate some niiiice food, did some shopping, did some watching, did some iconing, did some writing. I'll post the writing as it gets betaread and approved for posting, and there'll be an icon post one of these days, and as for the watching... Find out! )

Other than that, we went to the cinema on Sunday night and caught Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was really excellent. I didn't think I'd say that, but truly. It's such good entertainment, well-written, well-acted, everything. And I love Brad Pitt. So. Much, right now. Loved Vince Vaughn, too. I laughed quite a bit. Ok, more than a bit. And people clapped at the end!

Also watched 2x06 of Rescue Me, and am now consumed with anxiousness about the fate of a particular character. And I wanna comfort another one so much. Aw. Poor baby.

I'm now trying to catch up with my flist, but it's quite hard. I'll try to at least read whatever fiction has been posted, but I can't make any promise.

And I love Nathan Fillion.
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Just watched 2x04 of Rescue Me. Tommy scared the hell out of me, and waiting for the shit to actually hit the fan is awful. That said, great fireman action, lovely name-calling scene, great Sean moments... I love this show. I want more!

I can't believe none of those actors got nominated at the Emmys.
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I'm expecting HPB in the mail tomorrow, so that's when I'll go back to Paris. In the meantime, I've watched more "Rescue me" and "24" Day 3.

Rescue me rant. )

24 Day 3 rant. )

Emmy nominations rant. )

What with watching all of that, I haven't even had time to write anything. Can't we have longer days? Like, 28 hours, I'm sure four extra hours would be enough.
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I can now fully understand [ profile] khohen1's obsession liking for Rescue Me. (For those of you who know the British show? It has nothing to do with it. Think American show about NY firefighters.) After reading yet another RM fic of hers, I decided to go and get my hands on an episode. And after watching the season two premiere, I can only say that that show is quality drama, and bow to her love for Denis Leary. The guy is good.

That show doesn't mince words. It's real. Sure, there's a couple hot guys (how I adore Sean to bits, let me count the ways... and Franco and Michael aren't exactly bad on the eyes either), but they're not all playboys. It's just... it's just fucking good, is all. (And they seem to offer parts to former "Oz" cast, which isn't much of a surprise but a very good way to endear themselves to me even more. Lee, Dean, I love you guys.) It's dark and angsty and funny and just real.

I want more of this show.

Hell, this won't do. I'm obsessing over Doctor Who right now. I don't know if I can obsess over two shows at once, to this extent, and remain sane. When I look at the number of screencaps I took this afternoon, to be turned into icons, I really do wonder. But I HAVE TO do Rescue Me icons. I really truly completely have to.

Not now, however, since I'm off to eat with some old friends. Yay!

Edit: Very quickly. Amazon just let me know HP6 was on its way to me. I'm confused. Doesn't it take two days for orders to reach us, with Colissimo? Is my math completely screwed up or would that mean getting it two days earlier than the release date? *is confused, but can't wait to get her hands on that book!*


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