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It's not like I wouldn't be all a-squee at the thought of a second Serenity movie. Trust me, I WOULD BE. It's just that Alan's never lost hope and I'm not sure how much credit we should give what he's saying. Hell knows I'll squee like madness if a sequel does get greenlit, but in the meantime, the only thing this video inspires in me is: NGH. ALAN. I. HOW CAN YOU BE EVEN HOTTER WITH CLOTHES ON THAN YOU WERE IN DEATH AT A FUNERAL.

I'm sorry, but have you seen how FIT he is? I can't stop staring. Especially when he gets up. And also, arms.

Okay, this was me sharing one of my many shallow moments of the day!

In other news, I'm very annoyed because my uni's forum won't let me upload an avatar of the Master. I think their uploading thingie is broken. Or else they don't like evil Timelords. Damn.

Yesterday in class, one of my teachers told one of us, when she got up to help him figure out the VCR, "you're my hero!" on the exact same tone Sean used when talking about Nathan. You Browncoats will (or should!) know what I'm talking about. And yet the guy is so not gay as far as my 'dar can tell. He does, however, have a very deadpan sense of humour, which I already love.
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Serenity Cubed report!

And let me warn you now, this is going to be a Con Report of Doooooom. I took so many notes during panels, because I like to spread the love, and this is going to be entirely too detailed and extremely long but who cares! Spreading the love, sharing the love, yay! I'm actually going to make several posts about it, this being the sort of general summary of things.

First off, a nod to [ profile] grimma, [ profile] cerulean_blu, and [ profile] thewatch, as well as obviously [ profile] the_swordman and [ profile] greenie_breizh, who were all a big part of how much this weekend rocked. Thank you, guys. Also, [ profile] meivocis and [ profile] honeyfitz, it was so nice to finally meet you, even though we didn't talk half as much as we should have. (It can probably partly be blamed on me not being willing to leave the dancefloor. Mea culpa.)

The complementary pictures coming with this report will be put up in [ profile] greenie_breizh's LJ. I'll post a link here when they're up.

Now, about the con? Sean is lovely. I'm still not hot for him like the rest of the 'verse is, but he's adorable and so cute and is learning French and has the greatest smile and possibly a crush on my girlfriend. If he isn't gay. Jewel is as she's always been, cute and perky and funny and bitchy in a loving manner and I love her. Morena was possibly even more beautiful than before, absolutely gorgeous and just as wonderful as ever. I adore Mark Sheppard, and he has some stories to tell and he's really lived and his family's adorable and I want to go have a drink with him, just to chat. I'm crushing on Gigi as much as ever, she is gorgeous and a firestarter and I wanna party with her until the sun comes up.

As for the surprise guests - Nectar "Lovebot" Rose was very funny and sweet and, yeah, not just a blonde bimbo, great sense of humour. Christina "Saffron" Hendricks was amazingly beautiful and she gets on great with them all, it's lovely to watch. And the biggest surprise of them all, Michael "Niska" Fairman, who was absolutely amazing in ways I cannot even begin to sum up. I want to have long evening conversations around coffee with this man.

The Browncoats were brilliant, the guests enjoyed themselves, the parties rocked and I love convention songs. I can't, actually, sum this up adequately. But I've definitely tried to not sum this up in the upcoming con report. It's incredibly long, and detailed, I scribbled down so many things in and outside of the talks, and you'll probably skip over most of it. Some bits are interesting and/or funny to any and all, others mostly are "had to be there" moments which I'm writing down just for when I want to go reread this later, and reminisce. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it one way or another, and I'll give you a shoutout when Joey posts her wonderful pictures.

Let it just be known that writing this out has made me full of love with the whole world (with a few exceptions). I love you all, flist. And I don't just mean the Browncoats. *LOVES*

PS: that doesn't mean I'm going to manage to catch up with everything I missed this weekend, ye be warned. Did I mention that sis is coming over until Friday? Yeah.

PS2: OI! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ye'll have ter pardon me fer not writin' the report in pirate talk. Ye band of landlubbers wouldn'ta understood me, I'll wager.
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Happy birthday, Joss! May I remind all of you that can afford it that Browncoats everywhere are all buying a copy of Serenity today, and that you should too. Even if you already own it. Share the love, spread the love, today's the day to buy that DVD. ...except I haven't bought DVDs or books for months and there's a reason for that and I'm starting to get very stressed about money issues so, yeah, I won't. I'm sorry. Does that make me a bad Browncoat? I'm trying to rationalise it by assuring myself that it's not like the French numbers of Serenity sales would ever reach enough to be noticed. It's sadly true.

In other news - Pride tomorrow yay! Here's to hoping the weather's nice. It rained on Wednesday for the Fête de la musique, but fun was had anyway, even though I still like that holiday better in cities of a more moderate size. We saw some capoeira, though, which took me a few years back.

What else? What else. I'm finally watching Mawdryn Undead thanks to [ profile] vandonovan, I've got halfway through it and it's so. Much. Better than Terminus is (although I'm liking Planet of Fire better so far).

We've got Maltese crashing at home for Pride, and a Romanian maybe at some point, and of course [ profile] pee_wai yay! I need to get some sleep tonight if I want to be alive and kicking for Pride - we're meeting up to change the lorry into a float at 10.

A few spoilery thoughts on Rescue Me 3x04. ... )

Finally, watching the second season of Deadwood feels like coming home. Those beautiful shots, the strength and vulnerability of these characters. And on a very shallow note Titus Welliver has never been this attractive. And I've been crushing on him for years. And Alma keeps taking my breath away. And and and. *loves*
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The love what love? you will ask.

The Joss and RTD love, I will answer.

There's a seminar on homophobia this week in Paris, organised by Joey's LGBT youth association, for which people from similar associations all over Europe have come.

On Sunday my "Strong like amazons - No power in the 'verse" t-shirt helped me single out the one Irish Browncoat from them all. She looked at my t-shirt and went, "Firefly?" Oh yes, lady, now let's share the BDH love.

And today, I was talking with an Italian, and mentioned Manchester's gay neighbourhood, to which he went, very knowingly, "Canal Street?" Either he had been there, or had seen Queer as Folk. Predictably, as the geek and RTD fangirl that I am, I assumed the latter, and was right! I then quickly plugged in Bob and Rose and how much he should give that a try if he ever can.

Yes, yes, I'm hopeless. Although it could've been worse, I could've tried and pimped Who. But I don't think he's the right crowd for that. You have to know your target. Maybe I should ask the Irish Browncoat if she's seen Who.

But mostly? I'm shameless. I'm a geek. And I love it.

No, actually, scratch that. Mostly? I'm starving. I've just eaten some rice salad and sandwiches and it's only served to make me aware of actually how hungry I was. I'll go watch some more of Terminus (oh Turlough manipulating Tegan is a thing of glory) while I eat.
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Right! Pictures, pictures, pictures. I created myself a Flickr account for the occasion, and uploaded quite a few pictures from the signings (Alan, Ron, Tony and Mira) and some from the Firefly/Serenity talk (Alan and Ron, obviously). Some were taken by Elisa, some by me, but I'm not sure which. If they look brilliant, they're very likely hers. If they focus on some weird part of Alan's body, they're probably mine.

And under the cut, a few of my personal favourites. )
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So, I'm back. And I took notes, because I love you all and wanted to share the Alan and Ron goodness. So you'll find in this post, in the middle of all the fangirly usual stuff, a report of the Sunday talk.

Pictures will come in a few days' time to illustrate everything. For the moment, no time to upload them all.

Friday, The Day of OMG*flails* )

Saturday, the Day of Much Staring. )

Sunday, the Day of Big Damn Love. )

Monday, the Day of It-Was-A-Great-Weekend-Why-Must-It-Come-To-An-End. )

I took pictures of several other guests - Ian wasn't there, [ profile] twixou, terribly sorry darling! And there is much more to be said about what we did/watched/did while we watched, but I'll keep almost everything for a friends-locked post later. There's only one more thing that ought to be made public, really, and that is...

Ladies and you menfolk, I give you the A Knight's Tale drinking game! )
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First off, you Browncoats, here's an excellent interview of Joss about Serenity. Where he actually says, not so much a prequel as: flashbacks! A sequel with flashbacks. And makes a very good point about why he'd go for that. And I fully support it. And I want my Big Damn Sequel damnit!

Then. Joey and I have watched Bright Young Things. By Stephen Fry, who gets so much love. And the cast is just full of amazing actors. Clicky to find out who. )

I went and saw Romanzo Criminale this afternoon, which was actually rather good! Not a masterpiece or anything, but some of those characters were fascinating. Plus, there was a lot of pretty, and lots of Italian. But really, those characters. )This film is a tragedy, it is. With its light moments, its laughs, its joys and fears and the horrible unfairness of life, and Men, and society and government but in the end it's all so sadly ironic and absurd. It's life, and it's about friendship and love and the flaws of Men. And I loved it. And the score is amazing, I might have to go and buy it.

Also, can we have Veronica Mars already? Hmpf. Joey's been harping about why Beaver's the way he is so much that I now officially can't wait to find out. I still want to put eyeliner on him, too. Come on! He'd be even cuter. *angelic*

...I wanna speak Italian and be writing Romanzo Criminale fanfiction now. Really. Why can't they Matrix Italian into my head? I think it's the kind of film I could fall in love with, if I had the DVD to watch over and over again.
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Tagged by [ profile] zoesca:

My Five Guilts. (Yeah, I know, only five?) )

Originally gakked from [ profile] anna_tarawiel, but it's popped up all over the flist since. Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

01. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)
02. River Tam (Firefly)
03. Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)
04. Captain Jack (Doctor Who)
05. Wash (Firefly)
06. Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)
07. Commodore Norrington (The Pirates of the Caribbean)
08. Nine (Doctor Who)
09. Haldir (LotR)
10. Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
11. Methos (Highlander)
12. Dana (Sports Night)

Questions madness! )

Okay, now I'm off to procrastinate by finishing editing NaNo, and then if Joey's still not back I might actually try to write something. I swear. I need to get my muses back, seriously.

Note to self: try and write some Pirates fic in the not too terribly distant future. It's been too damn long. I miss it.
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GAP - for Gratuitous Alan Post - or GBDHP - for Gratuitous Big Damn Heroes Post?

Tough choice.

In any case. I haven't even mentioned the fact that Alan showed up to the premiere of Nathan's movie Slither (upcoming horror flick that sounds amazing, from everything I've heard), probably because that seemed like a bit of a DUH to me. Of course Alan would show up, it's not like he's doing anything else these days. (Not that I mind! Let him enjoy his free time after the hell of being in a musical. Plus, it allows him to do cons. Nhjgglkhg Collectormania be here already.)

Aaaanyway. The reason why I mention it now is because I've just read this report by a fan who actually got in to see the movie and stuff, a dream come true, and anyway. What made me perk up was not the Alan and Nathan and Joss goodness, because that was a GIVEN. No. It was the mention of CHRIS BUCHANAN. Yes, yes, our beloved Chris was there at the premiere too. Which is completely squee-worthy in its own right. ...and he kinda left with Alan. Okay, so the speculation re Chris and Alan dating kinda made me perk up too. I mean, come on. In the event of the both of them liking men, how much of a OMG PERFECT AND HOT AND EVER SO GEEKY COOL AND FUNNY couple would they make?

...I want Chris to make it to Serenity Cubed. (And Alan, too, duh, and Nathan wouldn't go amiss. Pretty please with Joss on top of the three of them. ...not that way. Unless they insist.)

Also, [ profile] orangepenguino's gallery of Firefly pics is absolutely amazing, with tons of pics I'd never seen before, and you should all check it out.

I am so so so filled with Chris love right now. While it's a given that Alan and Joss would be all with the showing up if they can, it just rocks to no extent that Chris is that much of a part of the Firefly family. He fits in right there and he's smart and funny and I heart him and want to bear his babies. (I do. ...I kinda told Nathan I was ready to do that last time we met. I panicked! He was being Nathan and going all "oh you're the ones Chris told us about" and inside I kinda froze and went "omg wait what? Nathan Fillion has heard about us? CHRIS I LOVE YOU! ...and wow Nathan you're taller than I remember. Er." and then I didn't know what I was saying but my love for Chris clearly made it to the fore. Gaaaah. *buries head in hat*)

Finally. News about Alan's lawyer drama. I am all hormoned up at the thought that he will share screen time with Joshua Jackson. They just. Yeah. I can see them click. A lot. I am expecting so much funny, in a "drama" sort of way of course. ...why isn't it a Sorkin show? It should be a Sorkin show. They'd both be perfect. (Also announced as having signed on are JAcob Pitts and Kevin Pollack (from The Usual Suspects).) Full news here.

EDIT: GBDHP it is. Adam Baldwin calls Nathan Nate. It's incredibly cute. "We just had a party over at Nate's house," he says, "and Joss showed up, so we had some nice reminiscences. He's still down in the salt mines writing 'Wonder Woman,' and when he will finish with that, we don't know. I have no idea what's in his head." Ah, to be a fly on the wall during their parties. (Scratch that, make that to be invited to one of their parties. Why be a bug when you can be human.)

EDIT 2: Check out those interviews of Nathan and Joss! So lovely! And funny! And I love Nathan! And the way he kept looking at Ruth Ann during the whole interview, always wanting to integrate other people and he's such a lovely, lovely man.
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How did I forget to post about this? Beware, squeeful fangirly Serenity post ahead. With capslock issues.

OMG THE LOVELIEST BROWNCOAT ON THE NET PUT THE SERENITY GAGREEL ONLINE!!! Posted about it in [ profile] fireflyfans. As the DVD has been released in a few stores in the US, she figured she'd put it on - expecting those who download it to buy the DVD later anyway, which, well, duh, yes, YEAH!

And OMFG I love our Big Damn Heroes!!! Especially Alan and Nathan. gagreel spoilers!! )
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Apparently there are talks of finishing the Carnivàle story in comic book form. (Go read about it here, scroll down to Something Wicked This Way Comes.) I'm not rightly sure how I feel about that, I suppose a lot would depend on the artist they choose, but I would definitely love to know the rest of the story. And then some. This is as compelling as it can get, folks, and if you haven't watched that show yet? Get to it. Now. Scoot!

Have been downloading very legal music like crazy, thanks to [ profile] the_grynne pointing out this amazing website. Discovering small artists and wonderful sounds. Spread the word about this site, guys.

Also? I wanna be at the Big Damn Flanvention. Pretty please? Not only are all the BDH but Gina there, and Jonathan Woodward (Jonny! just look at him... and read him...), and incidentally Jason "Marcus Cole" Carter, but the twins have been announced. Yan and Rafael Feldman, that play Fanty and Mingo.

So, if there's some sort of super-entity that could arrange for me to attend, and with a Big Damn Pass at that? I'd be willing to enter into your cult for at least a few months. Seriously. You know you don't wanna pass up on an offer like this... Get in touch.

preachers, leaders, writers, teachers, friends and lovers, you and i
everyone a liar, and everything a lie
all of this will fall, fade away or burn
all of this will fall, nothing will return
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Gakked from a few people:

My "Everybody Loves It And I Do Too" Show: Lost, I suppose. Well, hopefully I'll keep loving it.

My "I'll Catch It on DVD" Shows: Veronica Mars.


My "I Love, But Keep Missing, Dammit" Show: Kitchen Confidential. Haven't seen any since the third episode.

My Guilty Pleasure Show: Profit. Carnivàle. Oz', I miss Oz'! Berserk.

My "Comfort Food" Show: Buffy.

My "I'll Never Abandon You, EVER" Show: Firefly.

Also, people, stop holding back, tell us everything about Serenity Squared!! And go check out [ profile] gambits_rogue's excellent pictures. As always.

All hail to the Rev. Jonny Wallet.
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I've been reading a fair bit of Firefly fic... lots of which is just amazing, but those two stood out and I thought I'd point y'all in their direction.

Tricen's pilot, by [ profile] writings_from. It's only a first part, and I usually balk in front of fanfic in several parts unless I know and love the author, but this one? It's just wonderful. Her goal is to write an episode set after Objects in Space, and let me just tell you that if this is any indication, this is really a story I'd have loved to see shot. The fact that it mostly centers around Wash doesn't hurt, and there is this scene between him and Zoe, through her eyes, that simply tells you everything about the two of them. I fell in love with that portrayal.

Sum of their Parts, by [ profile] trinityvixen. That wonderful fic will give you a view of each character through River's eyes, after Serenity. And it's spot-on. There have been a number of "let's look at the crew through River's eyes" fics, but this one, for some reason, stands out. The style suits her admirably, and it's astonishing how well the author grasped the essence of each character, distorted by River's mind paths.

Finally, not a fic but a short essay about Firefly and the westward movement to California and the Oregon territory. Okay, so granted, that might sound boring. It probably is, if you're not interested in history. But I am, and I'm thinking some of you might be as well, and this essay points out a few very interesting parallelisms between our favourite crew and the settlers of the 1840s/1870s. So, go and read! Shoo!

Finally, news about the previously-mentioned Spike movie. It seems that apparently, whatever movie they make should go straight to DVD. And Marti doesn't seem to think that either Sarah or Alyson would come back. Here's the article.
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Serenity. Third time on Friday night, at the Parisian premiere, which, well, wasn't much of anything crowd-wise. Thank Joss for our few but lovely fellow Browncoats. I hadn't gone into details about it back when I'd seen it first, because few people on my flist had, but I guess now it would be much pointier. So, behold, spoiler-full rant ahead! Watch how I soar. )
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My thoughts on Lost 2x03. )

And now Alias 5x02. )

And, last but not least, I just have to share. A while back, Morena, Summer, Nathan and Joss did a live chat for Empire. And they were hilarious, but this one question (or, mostly, the response it got) particularly amused me.

escapedape: Who keeps the raw sex power of Alan Tudyk in check?
Nathan: Ron Glass.
Joss: There is a facility in Montana where they have to put him when it gets too bad.

Joss's reply is priceless on its own, but Nathan's is even more when you bear in mind that Alan, when asked which was the most handsome man of the cast, answered Ron. Honestly. Which I can understand.
That said, Empire = love. Excellent interviews (of Joss and all our BDH but Ron) and the transcript of this chat can be found here.

EDIT: I almost forgot. Shame on me! But I love Jonathan Woodward for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his latest LJ entry. Which I was about to link to, but it seems to have disappeared. Anybody else read it before it was gone? I should have copied and pasted it, but how was I to know? It was about owning up to who you are, just being yourself (and about coming out?). It was all manners of moving.
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In case you're still not sure whether or not you wanna see Serenity, here is a completely legal link to the first nine minutes of the film. Consequently, yes, it does have spoilers (duh). But it might help you make up your mind.

You can't stop the signal.
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Okay, so we've all seen Serenity (that went to Deauville), and the day was great, and the film was - ... think I'm gonna tell you? Mwa-ha-ha.

Dammit, there are so many moments I wanna icon but can't get caps of.


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