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Right. So a while ago, we had a debate with [ profile] greenie_breizh, [ profile] the_swordman and a couple other friends. Not all of us agreed on what the best orgasms were - on your own or with someone. Not so surprisingly, it seemed that there was a boy/girl divide. So, I give you The Orgasm Poll. I couldn't not, because I'm curious, and sex interests me.

Feel free to elaborate in the comments, if you want! (Actually, please do. It'll give me a happy.)

[Poll #740649]

This post is unlocked, in case you've got an unashamed friendlist you want to direct here. Don't hesitate to pimp.
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So, well, yeah. Three episodes ago, Rescue Me made me cry. Two episodes ago, quite frankly, I didn't get that much into it. One episode ago, it gripped my heart. And tonight, the finale dug its nails into it.

Rescue Me finale rant... )...followed by a rant on the fashion that is gayness in today's fictions. )

And to conclude this rant with something I'm not sure fits with any of the points I was making, guys, go check out the trailer for "Hellbent." I swear. You need to. A gay horror flick. It's bound to be fun - either because it's really bad, or because it's really good at not taking itself seriously. Cheesy gay films can just be so much fun.
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So we just watched Un Amour à Taire, which is a French TV movie about France under the Vichy Government, more specifically about the treatment of homosexuals back then. (And, incidentally, it's with Jérémie Rénier and Bruno Todeschini, who I love. And many other very good actors.) It was very moving, incredibly well-written, and I was just amazed, in a very good way, that French television would actually show this, and in prime time too (it was shown in prime time, wasn't it?). I mean, it was just so sensibly, and sensitively done. And you just saw that couple, and they were both guys, but it didn't matter - plotwise it did, of course, but I mean in the way they were shot. They kissed and laughed and were happy and treated like a heterosexual couple, really.

The film itself was just amazing, beyond that. I particularly liked the character of the brother (who really made me think of Ben Browder physically, for the pointless remark), who was just so misguided. But he was a good kid, deep down, he was just misguided, he didn't know how to go about things. The whole film is quite the tragedy, with its beautiful and funny and light-hearted moments, but a tragedy all the same. And I do love a good tragedy.

So, [ profile] yodah? Thanks. So much.

Other than that, finally saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I really enjoyed myself. It's not my favourite Burton of all (far from it), but it was very enjoyable. And I need to get the soundtrack, Danny Elfman has all my love. And the fact that the Oompa Loompas were played by Deep Roy did not make them any less freaky. I remember being creeped out by his character in X-Files!

It's good to be back with Jo.
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So, for those of you who want to have details about the Gay Pride, Clicky! )

That being said, why does sexuality matter so much? I know it always has to me. Mattered, I mean. It's something I'm quite fascinated with, something I love delving into in fiction. But why is it that important, or interesting? I'm wondering whether it would feel that way if society didn't think it mattered so much. So in a way, it might just stem from society itself, that would have made such an impression on me... the very intolerance and "it's a big deal"ness linked with alternate sexualities probably are the reasons why I'm so interested. That, combined with the fact that I've had to come to terms with my own sexuality, although it was quite a smooth and easy process. It just took time.

I'm devouring Doctor Who fanfiction, and can't quite believe that I still haven't had any plot bunny about it. What are my muses doing? Many fans saw John Barrowman (Captain Jack) this weekend at a con in London, and everything I hear makes it sound like the bloke's a wonderful guest. Attentive to the fans, great on stage... and I can't wait for the dvds. There are commentaries (John, Billy, Russel and the director, for at least one of them), and I'm crossing fingers about a bloopers reel, especially for the fun of witnessing a certain snog between John and Christopher. I kid you not.

I'm wondering whether this wasn't the con where the British trailer for Serenity was supposed to be premiered. Hmm. I should have a look on the net, see if it's online.
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All right, so I just watched Parting of the Ways, aka the Doctor Who finale. Without spoiling anything (mostly because my response right now is purely emotional and I need to watch it again to assert what I actually think of the episode), I spent most of it getting teary. I'm such a crybaby in front of a screen. Nine, I'll miss you. (And David Tennant's haircut was... interesting. Was it me or did he look younger than in Casanova? At least it's the impression he left me with.) And also, kudos to Rose. I've always been rather reluctantly liking her, but in this episode? Between the foil with Lynda and her arc story in the first part of the episode... I was less convinced by the second half, but still. I love Rose now.

I can't wait for the Christmas special! Russel, I love you! Even more now than before.

That being said, what's been happening? Well, I've done this fake interview for a friend - fake as in, it won't be broadcasted anywhere, it was for his studies. It was rather interesting and all stemmed from the fact that I'd written in Les Miroirs Obscurs. Really nice afternoon with him, Joey and a friend of his on Sunday. And of course, great prospect writing-wise: [ profile] cinnamongrr1 offered me to take part in an original fiction project with her, [ profile] houses7177 and [ profile] khylarenelf. I'm so very excited. Plus, two words on what it's about: Breton faeries.

We also watched a very interesting documentary, very powerful, about the murder of François Chenu, a young gay man killed in Reims (my native town) by three skin-heads. The reaction of his family was particularly admirable. They did not want to give in to hatred. A lesson to us all.

Oh, and Jack? I love him to bits. Russel did an amazing job on this guy.
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I've been thinking a lot about why I like the Village so much. )

Anthony and Cleopatra on Saturday at the Royal Exchange )

Miss Julie and acting )

I taped Lars Van Triers' The Idiots last night. Is it as depressing as Dancer in the Dark and Dogville? Hopefully it's just as good.

And people keep advising me to go and see Stage Beauty, saying they think I might like it. Huh. No shit, Sherlocks. Clearly I haven't ranted enough about it, but my love for this film has not yet found its limit.
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I finally watched Bob and Rose, a show created by the same person as Queer as Folk. [ profile] cgwriting, this might be of interest to you in the sense that it echoes our conversation about wanting to read about gay people falling for opposite-sex people for once. Read away (plus some stuff about a book I'm reading on bisexuality). )
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Ahoy, lads and lassies!

A pretty uneventful weekend gone by. On Friday we went to the pub with a couple
of teachers, it was nice to do a bit of socialising for once and just hang out.
However, I just hate being in the closet. You always have to watch what you’re
saying and I don’t care overly much for lying to people either. Grrr. Last
night’s episode of Teachers (a very bad TV show about, yes, teachers) dealt
with homosexuality, so I watched it, and did it suck or what. Couldn’t have
expected anything else from that show, granted, but still. It was full of
clichés and I’m really not sure what the message was supposed to be. Or rather,
I think the message wasn’t half bad, but the way they tried to put it across
negated it.

On another note altogether, [ profile] greenie_breizh and I are putting the
final touches to our article about Buffy for Martin Winckler’s Miroirs de la
Vie 2
. I think I’ll feel both proud (well, hopefully) and relieved when
we’re done. So much thought to put into it.

Yesterday night Etienne, Julia and I went to a pop quiz again at the pub, and
splendidly lost. It was quite magnificent. We had the lowest score and
consequently won a bottle of wine, so it was ultimately quite good, though.
*wine-loving grin* Though granted, we’ll be lucky if it turns out to be
drinkable. It's French, but even in France we have some terrible wines.
On a sad note, [ profile] cgwriting, I couldn’t get those files in properly, so
I’m still PtD-less. Christmas break will be like a breath of fresh air after
being locked in a room for a couple of months, fanfic-wise.

Otherwise, the one thing I did go out for this weekend was Finding Neverland.
”Was )


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