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Title Narcissus Unbound
Fandoms: QaF, QaF US
Rating: R
Summary/Notes: It's probably been written a million times, but Stuart Allan Jones meets Brian Kinney. I blame this on Vae.

It's a look they exchange. Appraisal, acknowledgement, and it turns into instant dislike. )
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Title: Unthinkable
Fandom: Lucifer Box, Torchwood
Characters: Charlie, Lucifer, Jack
Rating: R
Summary: Some things are in fact able to make Lucifer speechless.
Disclaimer: Lucifer and Charlie belong to Mark Gatiss; Jack to Russel T. Davis. Just having fun!
Notes: For [ profile] queenspanky, whose birthday I forgot and that makes me an ass. This is my penance, and it is sweet penance indeed. Hope you enjoy, honey.

The smell of the sewers has never done anything for me. )
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So I finally saw "No Night Is Too Long," wherein Lee Williams and Marc Warren have hot naked happy sweaty man sex. It's not anything earth shattering, but it's nice enough to watch if you like the actors. I think I'd have been rather bored were it not for my deep Marc Warren love. I've also recently watched him in the latest installment of Messiah; I hadn't seen any previous episodes, but now this I truly enjoyed.

But mostly! Ashes To Ashes, dudes. I can see how people wouldn't like Alex Drake, but I'm sorry, I do. Yes, she's very hysterical, but she thinks she's hallucinating! I can't dislike Keeley Hawes anyway, apparently. I know I should be heavily disliking her and her dynamics with Gene, but apparently I can't. I don't, anyway. I'm sold on them. When he came and just filled her glass at the counter and left her to go back to his table? I dug that. A lot. I also find it very interesting to see the different kind of sexism in the 80s, from the 70s. And Chris has balls! Dude. The overly cheesy hero shots around Gene I'm not sure how I feel about just yet. We'll see as the show goes on. I can't wait! Plus, Stephen Campbell Moore.

Supernatural I've really enjoyed for the past two episodes, and Lost is not actually boring me the way it used to. The L-Word is actually fun, too!

Now, just because I have a presentation on Aristotle's Poetics for Thursday, help me procrastinate creatively! Meme snagged from [ profile] the_grynne!

Five Things ______ Doesn't Know About _______

Name two characters, preferably from the same fandom (or pick an easy crossover to write), and I will write a list or a ficlet or an advert.
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Title: Every night Vince has ever known
Fandom: Queer As Folk (UK)
Summary: It's a moment in a long night.
Notes: Don't ask me why I'm randomly writing QaF fic for the first real time. It just came to me while clubbing the other night.

They're dancing, a bit like prats. )
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Fic: Eight of Nine Lives
Fandom: Lucifer Box
Summary: Someone kindly told me you'd wasted eight of nine lives. Morrissey, You're gonna need someone on your side.
Notes: The huge sort of spoilers for the second novel, The Devil In Amber. Not sure there's much point to this fic besides me writing it out at last, but it's been stuck somewhere in my chest since I read the novel.

Sometimes they only smoked a cigarette in silence, shoulder to shoulder. )
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It's been so long since I last wrote Methos, it's like hooking up with an old friend and realising that you get on just as well, but in wholly different ways than before. General spoilers for this season of Heroes, I suppose.

The first time they meet, neither one of them is called Adam. )
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So the plan, my plan, was for me to go to bed early enough tonight, so that I might not be exhausted tomorrow. Tomorrow is the family lunch where I will have to 1) eat endives, which I hate, but this is really rather anecdotic, 2) and this is the important part, steel myself in case the conversation turns to politics. My mother's family, mum excepted, is quite homophobic, and for you French peeps to whom it means something, they all support Sarko, oh yay - for you non French peeps, it's as bad, in a completely different way, as if we were American and they supported Bush. The point is, I need to steel myself and not start snapping at people angrily seeing as that wouldn't exactly lead to a happy jolly (and other things in -oly) Christmas place.

But the problem is, well, this 'verse, and how for some reason I needed to finish the fic I'd started in translation class on Wednesday tonight.

Mind you, I call it a problem, but it was really a pleasure. My pleasure. Despite the early hour.

I posted it at the [ profile] fic_orphanage, since anything from that 'verse truly belongs there more than anywhere else (seeing as it doesn't actually belong anywhere else), but just in case anybody else among you has read these books (or just the one, as have I), and also very selfishly so I can archive it under a fanfiction tag, here is a link to it.

I do not deem myself perfect, as perfect happens to be really quite boring, but I have spent most of my life making sure to only cultivate the most endearing of flaws.

Yes, it's had me reacquaint myself with a first person narrator, which I hadn't done in forever, but Lucifer truly wouldn't have it any other way, stubborn, self-centered bugger that he is. And oh how I love him. (He reminds me of the days when I enjoyed Lestat.)
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Title: The Loudest Voice
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Until Torchwood 1x10, Out Of Time
Summary: There are times when silence has the loudest voice.
Disclaimer: they're entirely and completely RTD's, and the Beeb's. Although I wouldn't mind getting custody of them, say, every other weekend?
There is no light in Jack's office. His feet lead him there all the same, and he leans his forehead against the glass pane, eyes closed, hands in his pockets. )
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...I've finally posted my first real forray into the wonderful 'verse [ profile] shadesofbrixton and [ profile] havenstar set up over at [ profile] fic_orphanage. [ profile] the_grynne, it's that fic I had long ago promised you. It's come at last. Hope you like it!

I'm now gonna go and collapse in bed, because I am in dire need of some major sleep.
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Apart from the fact that some of those characters own a bit of my soul, and always will, and will never leave me as long as I have some fandom love in me.

But, I have just posted the epilogue on [ profile] nano_fan, and I am DONE WITH NANO.

So it could have been edited better. Yes, alright. But then I'd have never posted it, and I needed to get it out of the way. It might have meant writing over 50,000 words in a month, but it's also borne down on me ever since and I've been unable to write much of anything else since. Now, at last, I've finished telling my tale of the Operative. Now I can let those characters rest.

[ profile] the_grynne, thanks again for your incredibly valuable help on the Chinese. [ profile] greenie_breizh and Frédéric, thank you for the input and the suggestions and the urging me on.


Now it's time to get back to writing, damnit.

EDIT: in the personal announcement section, happy birthday to [ profile] heikki_cheren (or not, if you'd rather people still didn't wish it to you - take your pick!), and welcome to this world to Frédéric's baby niece, Kim. (I like the name, despite the horribleness that's Kim Bauer. Nice one!)
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All right, so I've just finished writing them. I'm not a hundred percent happy with them, but if I don't post them now I never will. And okay, they're bigger than what drabbles should be I guess, but who cares. Let's call them vignettes then.


Harry/Remus for [ profile] stampinground - weirdly, it's the one of those three drabbles vignettes that I like best. Thanks for the (squicky) prompt!

Wrong, wrong, wrong. )


Sark and Vaughn for [ profile] twixou - this is probably nothing like what you expected, 'Lexia, but hopefully you'll still like it. I might give a try to some very short smut between them, if you want, as I'm all for hot desperation-driven smut and that would work very well in between S2 and S3, or even after Lauren's death, but... this is what came out today. I can't believe I wrote S5 Sydney. Argh.

There's something to be said for eggs. )


Mal and Simon for [ profile] thewatch - as predicted, not paired together, although I'm pretty sure you could read it that way if you wanted to. Hope you like it!

Wind's picking up. )
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Title: The gay's everywhere
Fandom: Rescue Me
Disclaimer: They sure aren't mine. I'll give all the credit he deserves to Denis Leary, and all those other guys who are why this show exists the way it does and whose names I have no clue about.
Rating: R
Warning: this is very much slash.
Summary: Sean is worried, Franco reassures him. And they decide to go have a beer. (I hate summaries. So sue me.)
Author's notes: yep, that's it, I've gone and done it. Started writing for Rescue Me. Which is a very stupid thing to do, writing about a show when you've only seen the beginning of the second season, and consequently have very little background story on any of the characters. But I couldn't help myself, Sean just had to bring it up again after all that talk about Mike being gay (poor lil Mike, so very misunderstood). Point is? It's my first try at the RM fandom. Please let me know how I did! If anybody actually reads this.
Author's notes 2: I completely blame [ profile] khohen1 for my writing this fic, which turned out (half against my will) to be as much of a slash fic as I've ever written. But she completely won me over to Sean/Franco. What can I say? I'm a sucker for well-written slash. Also, kHo, thanks so much for the beta job.
Author's notes 3: kHo, now that U've caught up on your LJ - I'm sorry your birthday sucked so badly, and this is completely and totally for you. (Not like it would have been written if it weren't for you.)

The gay isn't passed on by touch, Sean. )
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So. [ profile] greenie_breizh and I just watched Chasing Amy, as the quote right here might have hinted. When we saw the last goodbye scenes, I could not help but once again notice that I was more touched by the bit with Banky than the bit with Alyssa, and it ties up quite well with stuff I've been wondering about lately, due to a couple of discussions that were going on on [ profile] cgwriting's and [ profile] khohen1's LJs regarding slash.

I've always felt more at ease writing male characters than female, for some reason. They just come to me much more easily. Quite in the same way, there is something about well-written slash that is so very interesting. Something in a bond between two men, instead of being between two women or a woman and a man, is much more interesting to me. It seems to resonate within me much more. And I just have to wonder why that is. My hypothesis is, that it's because a male-male bond (should it be love or friendship or what-not, this goes beyond slash actually) is something that I cannot by definition experience. Hence being more interested in it.

[ profile] greenie_breizh remarked that another factor might be how unconventional male-male relationships are - even friendship, says she. It might play a role, but I remain to be convinced. I think the "unknown" factor plays much more in it. But I wonder whether there's anything else in it. Or maybe it is that women are on the whole less well written than men - with some wonderful exceptions of course! Far from me to think that women are not beautifully portrayed on a daily basis... but maybe they're still, on the whole, given less thought than men.

But then where does my difficulty writing them come from? It's not that I can't - it's that I find less pleasure, less interest, less challenge in it. Is this it then? A challenge thing? Or are they on the contrary more difficult to write because they are too close to me and I can't step back enough? I just don't know.

Have you noticed how my thoughts are going in circles and not getting anywhere? People, I need your input here. What are your thoughts? How do *you* view slash? What are *you* more interested in reading, and why do you think that is? Can you suggest any reason why interaction between men is so very interesting to me? Anything is welcome.

Very slightly related: I watched The Doctor Dances. Which was a brilliant episode. So [ profile] the_swordman, did you mean "Captain Jack" when you were telling me of Doctor Who and the first male bisexual character on British telly (though so far, he hasn't said he is bisexual, it's just the Doctor making assumptions)? (And might I point out the irony of Rose calling him Captain Jack... especially for those of us who have loved [ profile] firesignwriter's Moonverse series.)
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When I wrote this, I didn't think I'd actually ever put it up on the net for other people to read. I thought it was just for me, because I needed to write about how Ted and Greg broke up, and also because I'd been toying with the idea of Bosie being Ted's rebound guy for so long and finally seeing Wilde made it so I had to write it. Anyway. After a while I convinced myself it might actually be worth reading to other people than me, so there. When I asked Rinaldo's creator (Edouard, for those of you who know him) for his okay on my brief use of his character in the fic, he told me he'd enjoyed it...

So, for the disclaimers: the concept of Immortality belongs to Ryker, Panzer/Davis, for all the good they're doing with it. Rinaldo belongs to Edouard. Bosie belongs to himself, I assume – my portrayal of him does not claim to be that of the true lord Douglas, however, only of the character portrayed by Jude Law in Wilde, whoever he belongs to. Don't crucify me for it! Theodore Groves is originally a character from PotC and consequently belongs to the mouse, but I like to think I've made him into my very own character by now. Grégoire, however, is completely mine.

Yes, it's Highlander fanfiction and it's slash. But really, it's about getting over the end of a relationship, and it doesn't matter that you're an Immortal or into guys. Reviews will be much welcome.

Unbound )
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You've read me ranting about the movie, pondering over what to write, and here it comes at last. My first AKT fic. It's all Chaucer (and quite a bit of Edward, too). It was beta-read by and significantly improved thanks to [ profile] dragonfare. I'd much appreciate any review, guys. I do love Chaucer an awful deal.

Where He Walks )
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This is all [ profile] khohen1's fault. She wrote this with Jack (and did a bloody good job of it, too)... and I couldn't resist. I would have done it with James, but then dear Teddy does not get enough fiction written about him, so how could I actually do that to him? Much as I love the Commodore, he'll have to make do with the few cameos he has in here. I'm thinking I should find a title for this, since it was just supposed to be 14 independent drabbles and ended up as a whole (and a character study of Groves, yes).

Alright, so here's the deal: write a drabble for each holy virtue and deadly sin. It's quite fun, btw, as much to read as to write (though it's hell to keep them all under 100 words), so if any of you wants to give it a try, too... I think I might do Damien's soon, but probably in French.

As for those of you who care about Groves in a "what-I-do-of-him-in-the-Highlander-verse" way (or, really, for [ profile] heikki_cheren, 'cause I don't think anyone else here does), this is AU. Very much not what happened to the Groves who turned Immortal.

'What about yer god, luv?' )
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Alright, so there goes what I've been working on lately. I won't lie, you'll be rather lost if you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop (or at least the episodes Jupiter Jazz, part one and two). However, if you do read it, please let me know what you think. I'm venturing into new territory (beware, ahead lies NC-17 of the non too vanilla variety) and am consequently rather anxious about the fic. It wasn't planned at all, the characters pretty much took me along for the ride without my having a say in the matter. I love it when that happens, especially when it challenges me so. It's unbetaed and open to changes, so any suggestion will be welcome. (And kudos to [ profile] pee_wai without whom this fic would never have been!)

Here's a wallpaper I made for it: The tear of a warrior I know, not much of Vicious in it. I'll probably do another one with more of him. Or maybe one about just him and Spike... I'll see.

Update, 07/16/04: just reworked on it a bit, so that it would be more understandable to non CB fans, plus a few minor changes.

On with the fic. )
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There was this hilarious "top ten things you will never hear in slash" list that [ profile] khylarenelf had pointed out from Citizens Against Bad Slash. Next thing we knew, we'd made it into a challenge. Get all of those quotes into a slash fic (with a license to slightly modify them to have them fit the fic/characters/pairing/genre better):

10) "Deep down, I'm not really into guys."
9) "That's OK. I didn't really wanna have sex anyway."
8) "You remind me of my dad."
7) "I can't sleep with him. I hardly know him."
6) "Forget about the sex. Let's just cuddle."
5) "Wait a minute. I have to go phone my mum."
4) "Guys like you make me want to stay home and play with my Billy doll."
3) "How about touching both sides next time, Scooter?"
2) "We don't need lube. I like to scream like a woman."
1) "Not tonight. I have a headache."

So this happens after the end of Boy Meets Boy, you're warned if you don't wanna get spoiled - those boys belong to Sandra Delete, kudos to her! It also happens after the end of QaF UK, during Vince and Stuart's lil American tour - those two and any other character mentioned from QaF belond to Russel T Davies and whoever holds their copyrights.

Now, if you give this a review, I just might be so happy I'd "Whee!" all alone at my place. (You're puzzled as to what "Whee!"ing is? Go read BMB already.) Also, this was not betaed, so if you see any mistakes whatsoever or have any suggestion at all, please do let me know, you'll be doing me a favour.

Boys Meet Boys )


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