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Surely the few Browncoats who do not like Battlestar Galactica will think it's blaspheme for me to use that line in order to reflect my love for BSG.

I don't give a frak.

I have just watched The Plan. )
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So, Steven Moffat continues to own me. Like that's a surprise. Not at all daydreaming about Alex-Kingston-as-River/James-Nesbitt-as-Eleven now.

Also, for a Kara-and-Leoben-free episode, I really enjoyed the last BSG! Both Helo and Laura are able to hold a storyline, and oh, Helo, how much I love you. I also liked an Eight for the first time in a long time, possibly ever. And and and! Gaius. Is next week the last one before hiatus? I shall cry. And then start watching my dvds so I can stand the wait.

Meme snagged from [ profile] the_grynne. Please take me up on it! I feel like drabbling.

Comment with a sentence from one of my fanfictions. Without looking, I have to try and guess which fic of mine the sentence is from. If I fail, the challenger wins a drabble request. Post this in your own journal and let me challenge you!

PS: I don't like the latest Saez.

Edit: PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MY BOREDOM and take me up on this meme. You can find all my fanfiction under the fanfiction tag. Or just ask me for drabbles, I don't care, I just wanna be not bored anymore.
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How did I not realise before that Aylesworth was Bobby? By which I mean in Deadwood and in Supernatural. I've just got my Deadwood boxset (which is the prettiest boxset ever I am in love with the packaging) and I've started watching it again and I think I'm going to adore Aylesworth even more this time around. No matter how you're supposed to spell his name. And I love the Doctor so hard. And like. Every character in that show.

Speaking of SPN, that finale was pretty underwhelming. Was that really the finale? Surely not. Come on. Lame much?

Like the rest of the world, I adored Iron Man.

I need the In Case of Zombies Threadless Tee. When's the next sale, damnit.

PS: BSG rocks my frakkin world. I wouldn't even know where to begin. But just. LEOBEN. And Nathalie, and Starbuck and Anders, man. And all the rest of them. And, you know. FELIX. So much to say about him. And his voice. And that song.
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Sammy was awesome in this week's episode of the Riches. I love that he still dresses as a girl, too.

But I am TEH SAD because BSG didn't download in time for me to watch it before work. *CRAVES* Have a good Doctor Who, everyone!
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I love my frakking show, and how it can make me burst into tears with a simple honouring ceremony.
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Have just cried like a little baby in front of the Torchwood finale. Must now go make myself look presentable for work.

Was surprisingly underwhelmed by BSG premiere, though. Felt like it was half of what we should've gotten.

Burn was bloody amazing in that one scene.
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BSG Razor = so frakking good. Again with BSG making me well up. Oh, how I love those guys, let me count the ways. Also my hormones are so back and wanting me to sex up Starbuck like you wouldn't believe. And what he says, you know, at the end? OMGSOMUCHFLAILING.

Can it be the Bionic Woman time of the week already plzkthx. With Katee in it.
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I need to hang around the internet more again if only to hear about stuff like this. Alexander Siddig starring in a French movie oh god! I can't wait. Between that and the Last Legion, my Alexander Siddig love is going to be fed muchly in the next couple of months.

That said, Nothing was worth waiting four years for. It's fun, and funny, and it has David Hewlett and the awesome direction of Vincenzo Natali (think Cube, people).

In other news, OHMYGODBSGFINALEWTF. And FTW. And just. OH GOD. (I told you guys there was no reason to cry.)
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Which is a very sophisticated way of introducing the following fangirling.

Fangirling over her, first, because she bought me DVDs of Dead Babies and the BSG miniseries. I enjoyed them both so much it makes me forgive her for making me taste marmite. I didn't even know I could hate some form of food this much. God. *shudders*

Fangirling over Dead Babies, because dudes! That movie is insane in all the best and entirely British ways. And god, Paul. In ruffles and lipstick. And just. *gestures at the movie* You know! It's just insane. I love it.

And last but not least, fangirling over BSG. I started watching it and had to stop midway through to go to the movies, where I proceeded to get mildly bored in front of Goodbye Bafana, because oh god I had left them all in such a spot I just couldn't really care about a story I already knew (sorry Nelson). I just. Yeah. I cried when whatever his name was left his spot to Gaius. I love Gaius. I want to hug Apollo like you wouldn't believe and oh god Starbuck and I need to have a lot of sex. Also Callum! Oh, Callum. Not that Tricia isn't hot because she is uber pretty, but she's also really not my kind of girl and oh god I need to see the whole of this show now.

So yeah, I owe Lizzie, big time.

In other news, I really want to be writing Pirates fanfiction but am working tonight and tomorrow night, which means I don't have any time. Hmpf. I need to go to class now.


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