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x Jamie was awesome. Not as good a concert as two years ago at the Zenith, but that was due to the venue. Who wants seats at a Jamie Cullum concert? He sang Twenty Something, though, which is all I need to be happy. Covered Rhianna and Lauryn Hill. But failed to sing I Could've Danced All Night which made me and sis v. v. v. sad.

x He started covering Camille's Ta Douleur, like two years ago, except this time she suddenly started singing and then walked on stage. They've become friends in the meantime. Camille is made of awesome. She is the singing equivalent of a saner River, I swear. She was even dressed like River! What she does with her voice is amazing and I now very much want to buy her album(s?).

x I do not understand Julien Doré's latest video. Well, I mean, I understand it, I just... It's beyond me. Why he would choose to do this. On purpose. Willingly. On the bright side, the song and the video both are making me like his previous single Les Limites.

x Midnighter throwing down with Batman in an RP thread of ours is eating my brain.

x Heroes sucks now. Le sigh.

x True Blood still rocks, and not just because it gives us Eric in a black tank top. (Rawr.) Much more than 24, I think that this is a show I could watch in one go, one episode after the other. It pulls you in and doesn't let go. And Stephen Moyer was simply way too frakking adorable in that scene with the kids.

x I want to be watching Spooks already. The three eps are sitting at home, waiting for me. Richard!

x Speaking of awesome British actors, why is fandom erupting over David Tennant's decision to quit Doctor Who? We've known about this for a while, and he's got every right to move on with his career, especially given the frenzied, fanatic, crazy attention his part in Who has brought him. I like the rumour about Paterson Joseph. If we're not getting a woman, we might as well get a Black dude. (...sounds familiar?)

x Jon Stewart and I should be hetero life mates. He can be Jay. I'll be Silent Bob, minus the beard.
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Midnighter : Armaggedon, yet another story that manages to turn one of the most beautiful men in comic books into something seriously not that shiny, even in the present. I mean Apollo, of course. Come on, you guys, make an effort. I shall forever cling to Human on the Inside as far as looks go. They were all. so. pretty. Too pretty to die.

BUT! Midnighter/Apollo smooches. (Yes, he hates me for using that term.) YAY! Midnighter is his usual ever so optimistic self, and it's a Midnighter story in which Apollo is not a complete doormat. *THROWS CONFETTI AROUND!* That makes me forgive the art.
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You guys! Well, you guys from HN and/or you guys that are fans of the Authority! It's like Apollo's finally back!

GOD I missed him. But after origami and zen patience exercises, he is back and in the mood to put his fist through somebody's head. And butting heads with Mr. Majestic! How cool. And Midnighter's so on, too. It's sad that a crossover gets Apollo, and thus their couple, more right than the Midnighter series ever has.

PS: I've just watched the pilot of the Black Donnellys and I should've got to that show earlier. Just one episode and I was already tearing up by the end. It is so good! And it has Kirk Avecedo, passing off as an Italian this time. I wonder what his bloodline really is.

PPS: please not to advertise that a movie stars Jérémie Rénier when all it has of him is his voice, for three lines, at the very end. Other than that, 28 Weeks Later was a fairly stressful horror movie, but oh how it hurt to see Danny Boyle as executive producer when you knew how much more than a simple horror movie the first installment was.
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So I've been shite at keeping up with the flist for the past week and then some, and I don't think I'm going to catch up.

In other news, look how I'm not doing NaNo. NotnotNOT. I've resisted the Captain Jack muses, and trust me it wasn't easy. But I'm doing the responsible thing, which kills me a little inside because I feel like I haven't truly written any fic in ages. I miss it.

I know I mentioned it before, but for the, like, four Authority fans on my flist, is any of you into, or willing to give a go to, online RPing? More specifically, the Hero Network, where all comic books collide. It's loads of fun, full of amazing writers, and we've got our little family, Apollo, Midnighter and Jenny Q, and we would love other Authority people to play with. Perhaps not a Doctor (even though the kid intrigues me a lot) as his powers would be way off the chart for the comm, but an Angie or a Shen or a Jack. We even might have an opening for a Jenny Sparks through a plot that's going to come through soon, if anybody wants to take her up - she'd only be ghost-like, though. Which is bound to frustrate her something fierce and oh how we would love a Jenny Sparks.

And as far as timelines go, we went AU after Revolution.

Right. Now that that shameless bit of plugging and come-play-with-us! is done... Tonight's Jamie Cullum, and I'm driving home with the parents for the weekend. And I should go pack before I head to my Shakespeare class. Meh. But! Jamie Cullum!

Also I am forever indebted to [ profile] south_uist because I have just received the whole of Oz'. Oh, god. Except ramblings ahead. It has been too long.

How's everybody doing?
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Okay so the Authority is eating up my brains, people. [ profile] littlegothsin, thank you so. much. for directing me to those scans. Seriously. Except for the part where I figured I'd go to bed not so awfully late/early tonight and here I still am reading on and on and on.

And. I LOVE "Fractured World," where Jenny's mother comes forward. Just because I don't wanna spoil anybody that's currently reading up on the Authority yes I mean YOU! )

I need to stop posting about the Authority some day. Yes, I do.
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I'm not spamming! And if I am, it's only because I need to share the glee! Ennis on the Midnighter series he has coming in November:

“His opening monologue touches on his sexuality, but not in the way people might expect,” Ennis said. “His sexuality is not a complex issue: he likes fucking men. He likes fucking one man in particular - but that doesn’t mean he wants to be around the guy 24/7, hence the solo book. He has no more questions about himself in that regard, so why should we? As for any controversy this may bring, well, if Brokeback Mountain proved anything, it’s this: gay characters piss off all the right people.”



Also, about whether Mid is the gay Batman:

“I always thought Batman was the gay Batman, but there you go,” the writer said. “I think the Midnighter is very much his own man; his sexuality is just one part of that. Never mind the fact that he doesn’t kill people, would Batman do the things we’ve seen the Midnighter do? Batman fights for the status quo, the Midnighter fights to make the world better. Simple as that.”

So true.

If you want the full article, it's here.

Mid, solo. I CANNOT WAIT. Although on the minus side, not so much with Apollo or the team (Ennis seems to have something against them, grmpf), which means that no, we still won't see how they patched things up after Revolution. Grmpf. It's alright. I'll still get more of my deliciously sadistic and efficient killing machine. *beams*
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I've been able to read The Authority - Human on the inside thanks to [ profile] kirke_novak, which I am ever so thankful about, and I am in love with the art. Seriously. I want to stare at it for hours. Instead I'm making a quick LJ update before trudging off to my doom going to do the dishes.

Nip/Tuck, I have to ask, where is the gay gone? That is all.

Heroes? OMGGREGANDCLEA! Clea and Greg! Greg and Clea! I was grinning like a maniac. Also way to go on the Hiro storyline, and I like that cheerleader, and I still want to sex up Mohinder (and don't trust that new girl farther than I can throw her, which isn't very far at all), and oh Adrian you creep me out without even trying to and of course you really do love your brother. Love. The stripper mother sort of bores me, though. Sorry!

Studio 60? Lovelovelove. Everything. All of them. It's so Sorkin. Aaron is back! I'm even sort of getting used to Amanda. "You look like one of them but you sound like one of us" = best line. Also the Molière bit had me snickering like crazy and I might need to make an icon with the Tshirt print (and they need to actually print those tshirts for merchandising).

Desperate Housewives - you know, I don't know how this is even possible, but Gabby and Carlos keep tugging at my heartstrings. Their struggle to have a child touches me in a way Monica and Chandler's never did.

Right. The dishes await.
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This fic has convinced me that after gay marriage, I want to fight to be able to marry fictional works.

It's Authority fic, Apollo/Midnighter, so I don't suppose most of you will give a damn. YOUR LOSS. I personally want to have this fic's babies.

A few quote-arguments on why you ought to read this fic. )

[ profile] buzzylittleb? I have no clue where you left me the link to your Authority/Who crossover but I want to read it so very badly would you terribly mind giving it to me again? And everybody reading this post: Authority/Doctor Who crossover by a brilliant author - I'm hoping for a link in the comments below - you should all go read it.

I need an Authority icon.
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For Fred anybody that likes the Authority, go read this amazing fic, now. It's nothing surprising, but the Midnighter voice is so amazing. That guy is so much darker than I could ever write him.

Examples, not PC, and probably rated something, if only for language.

For starters, I’m not a tough guy, I’m a bastard. Sure, the opposition are bastards, but who bastards the bastards, to quote a little Latin.


That could only happen to me, or possibly any other poor fuck who got the Henry Bendix mindwipe treatment, with a spa massage and battle computer thrown in as handy extras.


How can I think with this going in my head, I think I’ve almost got a whole belfry of campanologists (I half remember a very good education, or at least the sense of one) in there, ringing away.

Or this piece of genius:

I want to bash their freaking teeth in, and rip their dicks off, and stuff them in their mouths. I’m not sure where to stuff the teeth yet. But I’ll think of somewhere. I let the computer run that scenario, keep me nice and happy, and talk to her like the nice retired civil servant I am, while my fists are covered in his blood, and I break his nose for the sixth time, and kick him so hard in the crotch that his balls come out his ears. She talks about her kids, and I talk about my little girl, as we sit on the coffee table and wait for the cops.

*is in awe*
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1. Snakes on a Plane? I genuinely enjoyed myself. I'm wondering if I should feel ashamed about that.
2. After rewatching The Modern Prometheus, I'm convinced that it's Adrian Paul that has a thing for the goat. He is, after all, the director of the episode. Byron... *sobs*
3. Does anybody read the Authority? Anybody that's interested in online RPing? Because we've got the Midnighter and Jenny Quantum already, and we'd love an Apollo to complete the family. Or anybody at all from the Authority. We're not desperate for more Authority fans, we just love those guys that hard. The World Hero Network: comic book heroes unite!
4. Serenity Cubed minus 12! God! And they still haven't announced the party themes. What's up with that? Now, who do you think we'll get as a bonus? Both Nathan and Alan seem to be woefully unemployed right these days. I could also do with a Jonny or a Chris.
5. Jewel Staite is love.
6. Alan Tudyk has given me a neck fetish. (See icon!) I can't stop noticing Peter Wingfield's.
7. I've been reading the flist pretty assiduously for the past few days. I think I'm back!
8. I wish I could do something for Joey's throat, damnit. Anybody has any miracle cure for Sore Throats From Hell?


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