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There are no words for how hot Richard was in that scene Guisborne just had with Marian. it me or is this episode better than the ones before? (Yes, I used the word better, and not less bad. I blame Richard. He makes me see layers of depth they probably never planned for.)

In other news:

GA 1x05. )

SPN 2x04 )

Lost 2x03 )

Veronica Mars 2x03 )

Robin Hood 1x03 )

Hustle 1x01. )

Movies! No spoilers. )
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1. OH MY GOD MY (USUALLY) BEAUTIFUL TWINS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR?!? Also this is slightly spoilerish for OotP the movie. (Think Harry Potter 5, people.) But, seriously. You guys used to be so attractive! Damn.

2. This is a public service announcement. [ profile] heikki_cheren, you were right. Dr. Pepper is indeed better when it comes in a bottle. [ profile] cerulean_blu, thank you so much for having provided this latest fix. I enjoyed it until the very last drop. *checks the bottle* Yeah, really, it's as empty as it can be.

3. So I caught sight of Donnie Wahlberg on a banner for Runaway - had to try it out. What is it with ruining people's attraction by way of their hair these days? Not only Donnie (who still rocks my world as an actor, mind), but also Sandrine "needs to have DB Woodside's babies she's so pretty" Holt. Also, so not hooked.

4. VM premiere: HOT DOG! I love Keith. They mentioned Spamalot! (It was Spamalot, [ profile] emma_daisy. I blame Alan and my Monty Python love.) Oh, Logan, you still own me, and Piz needs to be bi because he and Logan, well, yeah. Also when did Wallace become sexy and I love Mac, and Dick, oh, you jerktastic jackass I love so hard. (Are they gonna go for Mac/Dick?)

5. Heroes premiere: can I please have more? Greg wasn't even in it and I loved it. Adrian! Adrian was great and I love his brother for the sole reason that, cute, but mostly, mostly I'm in love with Mohinder Suresh who absolutely needs to get down and dirty with someone. And Isaac. MmmmIsaac. I'm sorry I'm a sucker for... him. Not to be spoilerish. And Hiro is SuperGeek and yay! I also surprisingly like the cheerleader.

6. Studio 60 102: now that's what I'm talking about! I loved it so hard, and much more than the pilot, probably because I felt like Amanda Peet was less in it? Oh, Matt, oh, Danny, oh ALL OF YOU GUYS it was just so good and Sorkinesque and the best clock fic is already getting written about it and of course it would be because the clock is Sorkinesque and BRILLIANT. *clings to Aaron* Missed this. Sarah Paulson rocks my world a little more each time I see her.

7. Grey's: Derek and Meredith can you go and die? Possibly on another show? Kthx. Bailey owns me. So do Cristina and Burke and also oh god Izzie. I love that they're not glossing over it. Addison marry me will you?

8. Nip/Tuck: I LOVE that they're daring to go down that road. I wonder how far they'll go. It's Nip/Tuck, you can never be sure of anything.

9. I can't really think of a 9 right now, but I like that number.

EDIT: REAL NUMBER NINE! LJ's still being a bitch with my comment notifications. Sorry if it seems like I'm ignoring you.

EDIT: And we have a number TEN! Which is more than fitting. Who-related! Seen on [ profile] kabukivice's journal. Do you all remember Jacky-boy Jake, the oh so gay resistance fighter whose accent I kept squeeing at who was totally hot for Mickey, or so we all said? Well, he really was supposed to be. This is what Russel had to say about it: "I hate all these shows which have rubbish gay relationships, and I took another look at the script and realised it was cheap, soapy nonsense. I won't have cheap gay references." I totally wish he'd left it in.
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First off, you Browncoats, here's an excellent interview of Joss about Serenity. Where he actually says, not so much a prequel as: flashbacks! A sequel with flashbacks. And makes a very good point about why he'd go for that. And I fully support it. And I want my Big Damn Sequel damnit!

Then. Joey and I have watched Bright Young Things. By Stephen Fry, who gets so much love. And the cast is just full of amazing actors. Clicky to find out who. )

I went and saw Romanzo Criminale this afternoon, which was actually rather good! Not a masterpiece or anything, but some of those characters were fascinating. Plus, there was a lot of pretty, and lots of Italian. But really, those characters. )This film is a tragedy, it is. With its light moments, its laughs, its joys and fears and the horrible unfairness of life, and Men, and society and government but in the end it's all so sadly ironic and absurd. It's life, and it's about friendship and love and the flaws of Men. And I loved it. And the score is amazing, I might have to go and buy it.

Also, can we have Veronica Mars already? Hmpf. Joey's been harping about why Beaver's the way he is so much that I now officially can't wait to find out. I still want to put eyeliner on him, too. Come on! He'd be even cuter. *angelic*

...I wanna speak Italian and be writing Romanzo Criminale fanfiction now. Really. Why can't they Matrix Italian into my head? I think it's the kind of film I could fall in love with, if I had the DVD to watch over and over again.
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Tagged by [ profile] zoesca:

My Five Guilts. (Yeah, I know, only five?) )

Originally gakked from [ profile] anna_tarawiel, but it's popped up all over the flist since. Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

01. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)
02. River Tam (Firefly)
03. Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)
04. Captain Jack (Doctor Who)
05. Wash (Firefly)
06. Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)
07. Commodore Norrington (The Pirates of the Caribbean)
08. Nine (Doctor Who)
09. Haldir (LotR)
10. Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
11. Methos (Highlander)
12. Dana (Sports Night)

Questions madness! )

Okay, now I'm off to procrastinate by finishing editing NaNo, and then if Joey's still not back I might actually try to write something. I swear. I need to get my muses back, seriously.

Note to self: try and write some Pirates fic in the not too terribly distant future. It's been too damn long. I miss it.
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I wanna climb onto Logan's lap and cling to him. That said, where was Weevil this episode? But gods, Logan. Jason is just too good at looking tortured and in agony and in need of some major cuddling. The use of the name "Iceman" in precisely this episode? Made me giggle like the geek I really am.

Lost wasn't bad, either. Really. I liked it!

That said, flist! What have you been doing? I'm still waiting for you people to tell me which LotR I'm most like, which Firefly character I'm most like, and now also which Sorkin character. Pretty please?
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Series ranting time! Lost, The L-Word, and Veronica Mars. But first, a few lines about Lord of War. I don't think I will ever truly enjoy Nicholas Cage, but I genuinely went into that movie thinking that that might have changed, as it has rather been a while. And, well, I still can't enjoy Nicholas Cage. And the script was incredibly heavy-handed and could have used a bit more subtlety. So in the end, I'm not crazy about it, but I'll say this much about it: those supporting actors, oh wow. Eamonn Walker, whose performance made me think of Triple A's in Oz', and that was just so amazing to see. 'Said' playing 'Adebisi.' This guy is good. Also Jared, while his performance was nothing extraordinary, was ever so pretty. Which is not to be dismissed.

And, for some reason, Ethan Hawke. I really didn't expect to be taken in by him, but - yeah. There was something about his character and the way he portrayed him. Such a righteous cop, and just - there was this sort of simplicity, of not-over-the-top-ness to his performance, that worked so well. Kudos, Ethan.

Lost, spoilers for 2x1...1? The hunting party. )

The L-Word, spoilers for 3x03. )

Veronica Mars, spoilers for the beginning of S2. )

If you haven't written me a letter from a character or another yet, shame on you! And go do it now. Pretty please? You have no excuses. Go! And those of you who have? I LOVE YOU.


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