May. 5th, 2007

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1. Doing the dishes along to Mika is not that good an idea, due to constantly stopping to dance around. (Bonnie, this is totally your fault. Possibly yours a little as well, Ko. I'm not supposed to like Mika.)

2. That run of co-stars in the Grey's double-parter? Oh good god. I had no idea. Although David Anders was so sadly underexploited, I surprisingly liked Merrin Dungey. Since when does that happen? And Piz and Taye and and and. I have no clue where I knew the other three doctors from seeing as IMDb and are failing me on this one. Woe!

3. Go check out David Walters' music. Impressive. Even more so in live.

4. Puresex and Bean are one of the slashiest things ever in Sharpe's Sword. Oh, god. In which Puresex is called Captain Jack Spears. Could it have been more phallic than that? I'm not sure. (Thank you thank you thank you Vae.)

5. I've plugged The Tudors to my Shakespeare teacher (who, as a Shakespeare scholar, didn't know who JRM was, but knew Jeremy Northam - she's seen him in Love's Labour's Lost I am so envious again). Yes, I'm shameless. But oh, my god, have you seen what they did last episode? It still makes me heee.

6. Semi-spoilerish dialogue for this week's SPN, in a oh GOD the slashiness way. )

7. Knowing that Robbie and Santiago Cabrera (Isaac in Heroes, Paolo in Love and other disasters) play football together puts wonderful slashy images in my head. Possibly because I can't help but slash Robbie with anything pretty that breathes within three feet of his. Apart from Dean Lennox Kelly, but that's just because Dean has got to be slashed with Jonathan Wilkes.

8. I want to see PotC3 already. I also want to stop hoping we get Sego elected. There is no link between those two statements other than the near-certainty to be direly disappointed. I'd rather PotC were crap and we got Sego, though.

9. I need to go clean the flat now. At least Mika will be good to hoover along to.


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