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2010-10-23 07:04 pm

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Stefan: You're staring.
Elena: I'm gazing.
Stefan: It's creepy.
Elena: It's romantic.

When I say that the Vampire Diaries are the opposite of Twilight... Anyone else getting bored with the Diaries?

Now, Supernatural. Who else though last week's was the best episode ever, and so, so, so long overdue? (I haven't watched this week's yet. Don't spoil me!)
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2008-09-24 12:29 pm


Supernatural! )

True Blood... )

Sons of Anarchy. )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles. )

Dexter. )

Heroes! )

Should be watching more SCC tonight, as well as the first episode of the Mentalist. Got a customer who is one, too! Mentalist. I told him he had to show me next time, this time I was bartending and he was at a table. I'm sort of weirded out at the thought, it's a sort of magic that really unsettles you, you know? I hope I see him again soon, I'm very much looking forward to it.
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2008-09-18 04:22 pm

Une fille au masculin, un garçon au féminin

1. Oh good GODS why must my period be so painful these days?

2. Since we never really did have a summer, it's like my body is refusing to withstand these semi-cold temperatures because it firmly believes that summer is on its way. I am freezing all day long. I hate this weather.

3. Sons of Anarchy! Charlie's brilliant, and so's Ron Perlman. I was very happy to see Mitch Pileggi as the head of the Nazi gang; the dude needs more work, he's a good actor. Really looking forward to seeing that show develop. Also, Charlie's hot even when he's not.

4. I very much liked the first two episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles' S2. Very mind-fucky for John, which needs to happen for him to become the man he needs to be. Also Dean Winters' continued presence makes me very happy. Oz alumn ftw.

5. Project Runway is going to drive me insane.

6. Swingtown keeps making me happy for a wild variety of reasons, including but not limited to Jack Davenport and Molly Parker.

7. No, seriously, labour is supposed to be painful. Why does it have to be excruciating every month on top of that?

8. Supernatural... tomorrow? I think. Only looking forward to it because I miss the boys. Kinda sad.
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2008-05-21 12:27 am

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How did I not realise before that Aylesworth was Bobby? By which I mean in Deadwood and in Supernatural. I've just got my Deadwood boxset (which is the prettiest boxset ever I am in love with the packaging) and I've started watching it again and I think I'm going to adore Aylesworth even more this time around. No matter how you're supposed to spell his name. And I love the Doctor so hard. And like. Every character in that show.

Speaking of SPN, that finale was pretty underwhelming. Was that really the finale? Surely not. Come on. Lame much?

Like the rest of the world, I adored Iron Man.

I need the In Case of Zombies Threadless Tee. When's the next sale, damnit.

PS: BSG rocks my frakkin world. I wouldn't even know where to begin. But just. LEOBEN. And Nathalie, and Starbuck and Anders, man. And all the rest of them. And, you know. FELIX. So much to say about him. And his voice. And that song.
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2008-02-20 12:31 pm

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- Ashes to Ashes is being mildly disappointing. I love Keeley Hawes, but she doesn't have John Simm's charisma, and the time period is much less endearing, I find. Still, I'm looking forward to next episode entirely too much. Stephen Campbell Moore, here I come.

- I still haven't gone and seen Cloverfield, and it's Ultimate Drew's jump to the big screen. I'm a bad, bad minion. I might go after class today. After six hours of classes, straight. Good thing the four hours (I'm in the middle of) are computer classes I don't really need, or my brain might go splodey. It's not used to such long hours in one go anymore.

- Lost is being really interesting. I blame the future flashbacks, that was in fact a good move. Supernatural is also rocking my world, I feel for the boys so much. The L-Word is being unexpected fun. And I'm digging the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay Summer!

- I want this t-shirt. Can Threadless please be having a sale before it's sold out kthx.

- With the resolution of the writers' strike, dare I hope Alan Tudyk's lawyer show with Andrew Lincoln might get picked up? Pretty pleaaaase. I'm also desperately waiting for 3:10 to Yuma to be released in France so I can see it on the big screen and everybody else in my country can join in on the Yuma love.

- I've been watching everything with Marc Warren I could get my hands on. Even a Miss Marple episode in which he only appears for the whole of five minutes. With a moustache. And hardly any lines. Maaaaarc. I have such a crush.

- I'm starving. Yes, everybody should care about my hunger, thank you very much. I hate Excel, I want to eat something.
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2007-11-10 03:14 pm
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2007-10-20 02:35 pm
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"Don't play with my Jesus."

Oh, my god. So much laughter. The line between Sam and Jared blurring much?

"I'm Batman."

'Nuff said.
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2007-05-19 02:19 am
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We got work to do.

Spoilers for the SPN finale. )

This show owns me. I'll go collapse in bed now.
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2007-05-05 02:56 pm

suckin too hard on ya lollipop, oh love's gonna get ya down

1. Doing the dishes along to Mika is not that good an idea, due to constantly stopping to dance around. (Bonnie, this is totally your fault. Possibly yours a little as well, Ko. I'm not supposed to like Mika.)

2. That run of co-stars in the Grey's double-parter? Oh good god. I had no idea. Although David Anders was so sadly underexploited, I surprisingly liked Merrin Dungey. Since when does that happen? And Piz and Taye and and and. I have no clue where I knew the other three doctors from seeing as IMDb and are failing me on this one. Woe!

3. Go check out David Walters' music. Impressive. Even more so in live.

4. Puresex and Bean are one of the slashiest things ever in Sharpe's Sword. Oh, god. In which Puresex is called Captain Jack Spears. Could it have been more phallic than that? I'm not sure. (Thank you thank you thank you Vae.)

5. I've plugged The Tudors to my Shakespeare teacher (who, as a Shakespeare scholar, didn't know who JRM was, but knew Jeremy Northam - she's seen him in Love's Labour's Lost I am so envious again). Yes, I'm shameless. But oh, my god, have you seen what they did last episode? It still makes me heee.

6. Semi-spoilerish dialogue for this week's SPN, in a oh GOD the slashiness way. )

7. Knowing that Robbie and Santiago Cabrera (Isaac in Heroes, Paolo in Love and other disasters) play football together puts wonderful slashy images in my head. Possibly because I can't help but slash Robbie with anything pretty that breathes within three feet of his. Apart from Dean Lennox Kelly, but that's just because Dean has got to be slashed with Jonathan Wilkes.

8. I want to see PotC3 already. I also want to stop hoping we get Sego elected. There is no link between those two statements other than the near-certainty to be direly disappointed. I'd rather PotC were crap and we got Sego, though.

9. I need to go clean the flat now. At least Mika will be good to hoover along to.
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2007-03-23 11:59 pm
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2007-01-20 01:59 am
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2006-11-05 08:43 pm

"Je habite Los Angeles. Et London."

Updating at long last! Several items today.

1) Robin Hood. )

2) Jamie Cullum. )

3) The latest SPN. )

4) Alan in CSI. )

5) Rudebox. )

6) Lost. )

7) Grey's. )

8) Family weekend. )

9) The Pianist. )

10) Troy. )

So, pretty much? I love Jamie Cullum. I love my family. And I want to be watching Torchwood already!
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2006-10-22 02:48 pm

"I think he just wants to be loved."

There are no words for how hot Richard was in that scene Guisborne just had with Marian. it me or is this episode better than the ones before? (Yes, I used the word better, and not less bad. I blame Richard. He makes me see layers of depth they probably never planned for.)

In other news:

GA 1x05. )

SPN 2x04 )

Lost 2x03 )

Veronica Mars 2x03 )

Robin Hood 1x03 )

Hustle 1x01. )

Movies! No spoilers. )
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2006-10-17 10:29 pm

A few thoughs on tv shows.

Yes, I haven't updated in forever. This is me, trying to make up for it.

Last week's GA. )

Last week's SPN. )

The latest Desperate Housewives. )

The latest Robin Hood. )

Last night's Heroes. )

Last night's Studio 60. )
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2006-10-06 01:19 pm
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2006-09-30 01:50 am
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2006-05-31 01:42 pm
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No I'm not spamming the flist. (Typeative!)

I just realised I hadn't spread the word! Woe.

You can sign up for the Alias: Dearly Departed ficathon until tomorrow. Hurry up! You know you want to help some of those dearly departed back to us. Not just the recently dearly departed, but anybody during those five seasons of very uneven quality.

And I forgot to mention - I got the second half of SPN yay! So. Pretty. I'd almost forgotten. I'm at 1x13 now.

And I have The Jury (the English one) to watch and I still haven't started. I also have Soccer Aid waiting for me. I can't believe I'm going to watch a football game. Honestly.

Ghost Whisperer is one of the worst shoes in the history of ever, and not even Sean Maher can make it any better.

Now, any of you think Little Fucker will be there for me to teach?

EDIT: omigodwhat? There's an upcoming Alias convention in London and GREG AND DAVID ARE BOTH ATTENDING? See, this is where it shows that I'm not nearly as dedicated to Alias as I am to Firefly, because I'm not really considering going, just wishful-thinking. Still, my little shipper heart is all a-thumping.
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2006-05-06 06:58 pm
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"Silence is the most powerful scream."

I always say, good actors are the ones that act the silences well.

I'm watching "Home," and Jensen keeps being bleedin' excellent without saying a word. He makes the best faces. He does snark without saying a fucking word. I love him.

And Sam's very, very cute. Bit like a puppy, but a very cute puppy.

...ew. Quick zoom-in on Dean's face and then on a slamming door to emphasise the omigod suspense!danger!risk!thrill? The directing could be better at times. That just looked incredibly cheap.

Aw Sammy don't look so. Awww.

Alright I'll stop commenting as I watch now.

Okay, I totally saw the end of that episode coming.

Only two more episodes and I'm done with what I've got. Damnit. This is freakishly addictive.

Anybody have, or can point me to, any good black and white SPN icons? (Or black and white based, with a bit of colour in it, is very acceptable as well.)
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2006-05-06 02:47 am
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"Must you cheapen the moment?" "Yeah!"

I'm on a Supernatural roll. I've just watched five episodes today. And this show is actually much better than I expected. It's pretty in so many different ways - the boys, of course, and oh god my Jensen crush is back full force, but also the shots themselves, and the colours... urges to icon surface very, very often.

And it's pretty, but with this underside of dark emotions. I can see why Wincest (that's what they call it, right?) is such a thing, because there is so much that is only hinted at, and just under the surface, and those boys are so fascinating... there's no way to know how dark it gets, how much there is under the surface exactly. But - and that makes it even better - you don't need the incest to find something interesting in their relationship.

Of course, it's all under the surface now, and mostly we're getting non too ground-breaking plots in the meantime. But I'm hoping for something dark and complex and fascinating to come out of this show. Maybe I'm hoping for too much and it'll never happen, but that's a worst-case scenario, and when the worst-case scenario is watching a very, very pretty show which sadly only scratches the surface of dark? Well, it's really not that bad. Jensen's lips make it all better. I'm such a whore.

I'll watch some more and see.

([ profile] the_swordman, I'm pretty sure I'll be wanting to borrow the second half of the season from you, too. Thanks a bunch!)

And on that note, I'm off to bed. know, Bloody Mary might have been scarier if I'd never seen The Ring. But as is, she's only a pale copy. Of course, now that I've said that I'm sure my subconscious will punish me with some Bloody Mary-related nightmare. Oh well. Bring it on!