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Why are there now labels on threadless tees? It's like they're not the same anymore. They've changed since I met them, they're not the tees I used to love.

Who am I kidding, their designs are too awesome for me to care overly.

I have my wonderful "In case of zombies" one, as well as "Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder.", SublimI'mawesomeinal, the Scare List, the Great Animal Hunt, To Err is Human (To Arr is Pirate), the Emo Bear, and Time Fades. I am now a very happy threadless camper and if I had the space, I would start considering buying a closet for nothing but my threadless tees. The one I already have is getting cramped with them.
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How did I not realise before that Aylesworth was Bobby? By which I mean in Deadwood and in Supernatural. I've just got my Deadwood boxset (which is the prettiest boxset ever I am in love with the packaging) and I've started watching it again and I think I'm going to adore Aylesworth even more this time around. No matter how you're supposed to spell his name. And I love the Doctor so hard. And like. Every character in that show.

Speaking of SPN, that finale was pretty underwhelming. Was that really the finale? Surely not. Come on. Lame much?

Like the rest of the world, I adored Iron Man.

I need the In Case of Zombies Threadless Tee. When's the next sale, damnit.

PS: BSG rocks my frakkin world. I wouldn't even know where to begin. But just. LEOBEN. And Nathalie, and Starbuck and Anders, man. And all the rest of them. And, you know. FELIX. So much to say about him. And his voice. And that song.


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