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So I have a thing for the Underworld movies, and I am not ashamed to say. There is Kate Beckinsale in leather (why would anybody think that a corset is good to fight in?), there are usually fun scenarios, there is Bill Nighy, and of course, there is Michael Sheen's Lucian. I fell in love with his performance in the first movie, and enjoyed, so much, the fact that the Lycans weren't the big bad of the story after all.

I barely remember the second movie (Evolution?), that's how much I liked it, and I of course adored the third (Rise of the Lycans) since it gave us all the backstory on Lucian and the, well, Rise of the Lycans.

I've just watched the fourth movie, Awakening, and. Slightly spoilerish. )

It was more fun to watch than Evolution, but it was so disappointing all the same.
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Since I did not like Brokeback Mountain, I'm a bit reluctant to call First Class Brokeback Mutants. I was not bored for one second, after all, whereas Brokeback Mountain... yeah. But still. It's so perfect a jokey title that I can't resist it, actually.

At some point in the film, I actually found myself expecting them to kiss. For a second there, I was convinced that we'd get a kiss. This is how much these two are into each other.

Random thoughts are random. And spoilery. )

Random thoughts were random. Less random: I think this is my favourite X-Men movie now. I loved the first one, I loved the second one even more, but man. This was a whole other level, because it was the beginning. The stakes were different. And to see that love story friendship that they both want so much, and that they can't have... I found that there was much more of an identity struggle in this than in the other ones, and it was fascinating.
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Yesterday I decided to remember that I paid for a cinema card for a reason and went and caught two movies. Opted for a comic book adaptation night.

Wanted: nowhere near as bad as Jumper, which a friend had likened it to. For one thing, the script's structure is much better and there are no such huge gaping loose ends. For another, Jamie totally pulls his weight. And I'd forgotten Thomas Krestchmann (sp?) was in it! And Marc bloody Warren, although it wouldn't have hurt if they'd actually given him, you know, a part. There's no point hiring Marc Warren if you don't want him to act. (Though he kept making me want to pause the movie to screencap and later make icons of. Kinda sad.) Anyway, the movie was still half ridiculous, and completely predictable, but enjoyable all the same. I kind of want to read the comics now.

Hulk: oh, god, that movie was boring. Liv Tyler annoyed me, Edward Norton was good but not compelling, and after a promising start Tim Roth's character became a caricature. I liked Betty's shrink boyfriend, though. The guy you saw for one and a half scene, yes. The normal guy. The last scene had more wit in it than the rest of the frakking movie. ("You should talk." "And you should listen." *glees*)

Has anyone seen Surveillance? It looks promising. However, the trailer to the Bank Job sort of put me off the movie. Apart from how it made me realise Stephen Campbell Moore was in it woot!

I want to write Iron Man fic, but I really don't know the fandom well enough. Le sigh. People, suggest Iron Man crossovers for me to drabble about. I might manage that much.

Speaking of which, I don't think I ever recced the best Iron Man/Firefly crossover ever: Advances in Thermodynamics by [ profile] sotto_voice. Go read. And marvel at how well she captured all their voices. Special love to Tony and Rhodey.


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