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Trigger warning and rant warning, guys. I just want to vent. Because I am enraged.

Rape culture. Some people dare tell us it doesn't exist.

Here in France, people are all over a radio host that thought it'd be a good idea to kiss random women whether they wanted him to or not. Sorry, the link is in French, but you have the video there. It's called "How to land a girl in three questions" (do you have a boyfriend? how do you find me? so why don't you kiss me? - apparently it's been done in other countries before). "How to land a girl," like it's a how-to people ought to follow. He's since then specified people shouldn't do the same, but then, why phrase it like a how-to, and why do it in the first place, I can't even.

And there's this show I used to love, for three seasons. I watched season 4 and found it much less good, but I decided to watch the S5 premiere anyway, to give it one last shot. Not only was it poorly written, but the plot of the episode had rape save the day.

I'll write it again, because I couldn't believe it: rape saves the day.

The series is called Misfits, and if you don't know it, it is about kids sentenced to community service that gain supernatural abilities. For three seasons, it was really good (although their handling of sexual assault admittedly already left something to be desired). But this. This.

Spoilers ahead, but then why would anyone want to watch a show where, let me say it again, rape saves the day. )

Fuck you, Misfits, and everybody who downplays sexual assault or laughs it off.

Why can't we have a culture of consent.
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"Serenity Forever."

It was just the name of a con.

Now it's an affirmation, in more ways than just the one related to the movie/ship. I will remember this con forever.

I don't think I've ever come out of a con feeling quite this good about myself, and the world. Because our community rocks. Because we are such an awesome bunch of geeks Joss Whedon can show up to party with us and not be bothered or cause a riot. Because you can strike up a conversation with any other attendee and make new friends and it's all good. Because I spent over three days speaking nothing but English and good gods, I miss that. Because we're all just as fucking crazy and because we don't judge.

Apart from you, annoying person that spoiled the end of S2 of Continuum for me. You I judge a little because come on! You don't spoil like that! Basic geek rules!

I got some disappointing news while at the con, but there could have been no better environment to receive them. (It was nothing horrible, just disappointing.) And not just because "But Joss Whedon!" but also because of the people around me and the fact that you can't really emo with them around. There is too much fun to be had.

But I originally wanted to write my Joss story here, so I should probably get back to that. )

I love geeks.

Serenity FOREVER, dudes.
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So I have a thing for the Underworld movies, and I am not ashamed to say. There is Kate Beckinsale in leather (why would anybody think that a corset is good to fight in?), there are usually fun scenarios, there is Bill Nighy, and of course, there is Michael Sheen's Lucian. I fell in love with his performance in the first movie, and enjoyed, so much, the fact that the Lycans weren't the big bad of the story after all.

I barely remember the second movie (Evolution?), that's how much I liked it, and I of course adored the third (Rise of the Lycans) since it gave us all the backstory on Lucian and the, well, Rise of the Lycans.

I've just watched the fourth movie, Awakening, and. Slightly spoilerish. )

It was more fun to watch than Evolution, but it was so disappointing all the same.
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So I've finally just watched the Hunger Games, on a whim, and I have to say I liked it! I wasn't rivetted to my screen, but, you know, it was not half bad. Katniss is not half the Mary Sue as I expected her to be - she's not that good an archer! I expected her to be Elf good which, for a human-not-Hawkeye (who can only pass as Elf good, but probably wouldn't actually be if he had an archery contest with the best Arda has to offer), is not happening! So that was good.

Cinna is fantastic, also, and I'm quite fond of Haymitch for some reason. Probably my love for alcoholics, idk. Also wait, did Wes Bentley with the best facial hair ever kill himself in the end? I was kinda only half looking at the screen.

I'm pretty sure I'm still not ever picking up the books, because there are so many other books I'd rather read, but that was good entertainment and sure, I'll watch the sequel. Although I kinda wish that this was the end. (Please tell me Katniss doesn't save the world/destroy the government in the end.)
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In other British telly news, I can't quite believe I managed to watch Hustle to the end, but I did, and it was worth it to see that happening, even if it was obviously coming. And I know who I kept watching for: Ash, and all the amazing guest stars.

And in random I-must-crosspost-this-everywhere news: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Race!Swap Cast. All of their choices are not ideal, and a lot of them are too pretty imho, but keep reading if only because the best casting choice of the lot is the very last.
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The Master & Commander fan in me enjoyed that episode of the Good Wife so, so, so much.
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Title: The Woman's Day
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Spoilers: For A Scandal In Belgravia, 2x01.
Summary: A typical day in the life of the woman.
Rating: R.
Warning: Mentions of BDSM.

Her alarm-clock rings at 7am. )


Dec. 27th, 2011 12:57 am
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Just like a bazillion other LJ users, I've finally made the move to Dreamwidth.

To be honest, I've had this DW account for a while now, just never used it before. To be fair, it's not like I've been updating LJ much, but who knows, maybe I'll start updating DW now? And crossposting to LJ.

So why move now? Not because of LJ per se. Perhaps because I don't care for LJ anymore, though, which might be LJ's fault, but also partly mine. Used to be I loved LJ. Not so much anymore, and a lot of my friends are moving or have already moved to DW, so let's try this thing! Maybe it'll get me posting more.

So if you're on DW, please let me know, I'll totally friend you.


Sep. 16th, 2011 03:02 pm
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Just thought I'd link everyone to Husbands, the new webseries by Jane Espenson and Cheeks. It's a newly-wed comedy, with the twist of it being a gay couple having celebrated the (sadly fictional) marriage equality law a little too hard, in Vegas. Hope you enjoy it! Episode two is already out on their website,

You BSG-verse fans, it also stars Alessandra Torresani of Caprica fame. You Browncoats, at some point Nathan Fillion guest stars.

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Since I did not like Brokeback Mountain, I'm a bit reluctant to call First Class Brokeback Mutants. I was not bored for one second, after all, whereas Brokeback Mountain... yeah. But still. It's so perfect a jokey title that I can't resist it, actually.

At some point in the film, I actually found myself expecting them to kiss. For a second there, I was convinced that we'd get a kiss. This is how much these two are into each other.

Random thoughts are random. And spoilery. )

Random thoughts were random. Less random: I think this is my favourite X-Men movie now. I loved the first one, I loved the second one even more, but man. This was a whole other level, because it was the beginning. The stakes were different. And to see that love story friendship that they both want so much, and that they can't have... I found that there was much more of an identity struggle in this than in the other ones, and it was fascinating.
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I wanted to post something constructive and what-not, but in the end all I can say is OHMYGOD the actors are as good as they were well cast (special props to Nikolaj and Harry) and they all act in such subtle ways and this is going to be fantastic.

So yeah, not so much with the constructive, more with the flailing.

I need a GoT icon.
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Gakked from [ profile] just_katarin:

Give me two characters I write (from the same or different canons), and a prompt, and I'll tell you about one time they kiss.

Should I really list all my fandoms all over again? Let's see, a non-exhaustive list: Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, The Vampire Diaries, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cowboy Bebop, Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Knight's Tale, Saving Grace, Lucifer Box, The Authority, Highlander, True Blood, Boy Meets Boy, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica/Caprica, Misfits, Nikita, La Femme Nikita, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queer As Folk UK, Sherlock, Shakespeare in Love, Spooks, Skins...

I'm going to stop listing here. You know a fandom I know and love, try your luck.

EDIT: I need to add Hellcats to the list, just because, so many people there that should be making out. And Glee because, yeah. Teenage snogs for the win.
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I've finally finished watching the La Femme Nikita pilot, and have just started on the second episode. I stopped midway through the pilot on account of highly not giving a damn about any of the characters, but now that I've finished it...

1) Alright, so she is extremely beautiful, despite my first opinion to the contrary. She just... should stop making these angsty/angry/whatever they are faces, because those do not make her pretty. But when she's simply being? Beautiful and fragile. It's odd to see such a vulnerable Nikita after so many episodes of CW's Nikita. I admit it, part of why I disliked her at first was very simply that she is white, and blonde and blue-eyed, and, you know, no Maggie Q. I still personally find Maggie Q far more beautiful, but, well, personal preferences, really, and I've accepted that this is a whole other Nikita.

2) I also originally thought that the actor for Michael was just... yeah, no. Too typically, classically, supposedly handsome. But the scene in the car, after he threw her into her first mission in the restaurant, when he convinces her to come with him (to her flat, but she doesn't know that)? He convinced her simply by looking at her, and we've never seen CW!Michael use his looks that way (or have we and I've forgotten?). This Michael is just as trained in this art as the female agents are, and I dig it. (Or maybe I'm reading too much into a look? I've only seen one episode so far.)

3) Yes, I'm pretty much going to keep comparing it to CW's Nikita all the time. Because it's just too damn tempting. When given her flat and left there by Michael, LFN!Nikita's question was the same as CW!Alex's: what do I do now? I have no idea what's in store for her over their three seasons, but I'm looking forward to finding out. It's the flip side of the coin. Of course I'm going to think of the one while I watch the other.

So far, too little Birkoff to know if he even stands a chance against CW!Birkoff.


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