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I just realised I hadn't spread the word! Woe.

You can sign up for the Alias: Dearly Departed ficathon until tomorrow. Hurry up! You know you want to help some of those dearly departed back to us. Not just the recently dearly departed, but anybody during those five seasons of very uneven quality.

And I forgot to mention - I got the second half of SPN yay! So. Pretty. I'd almost forgotten. I'm at 1x13 now.

And I have The Jury (the English one) to watch and I still haven't started. I also have Soccer Aid waiting for me. I can't believe I'm going to watch a football game. Honestly.

Ghost Whisperer is one of the worst shoes in the history of ever, and not even Sean Maher can make it any better.

Now, any of you think Little Fucker will be there for me to teach?

EDIT: omigodwhat? There's an upcoming Alias convention in London and GREG AND DAVID ARE BOTH ATTENDING? See, this is where it shows that I'm not nearly as dedicated to Alias as I am to Firefly, because I'm not really considering going, just wishful-thinking. Still, my little shipper heart is all a-thumping.
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