Mar. 9th, 2011

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I've finally finished watching the La Femme Nikita pilot, and have just started on the second episode. I stopped midway through the pilot on account of highly not giving a damn about any of the characters, but now that I've finished it...

1) Alright, so she is extremely beautiful, despite my first opinion to the contrary. She just... should stop making these angsty/angry/whatever they are faces, because those do not make her pretty. But when she's simply being? Beautiful and fragile. It's odd to see such a vulnerable Nikita after so many episodes of CW's Nikita. I admit it, part of why I disliked her at first was very simply that she is white, and blonde and blue-eyed, and, you know, no Maggie Q. I still personally find Maggie Q far more beautiful, but, well, personal preferences, really, and I've accepted that this is a whole other Nikita.

2) I also originally thought that the actor for Michael was just... yeah, no. Too typically, classically, supposedly handsome. But the scene in the car, after he threw her into her first mission in the restaurant, when he convinces her to come with him (to her flat, but she doesn't know that)? He convinced her simply by looking at her, and we've never seen CW!Michael use his looks that way (or have we and I've forgotten?). This Michael is just as trained in this art as the female agents are, and I dig it. (Or maybe I'm reading too much into a look? I've only seen one episode so far.)

3) Yes, I'm pretty much going to keep comparing it to CW's Nikita all the time. Because it's just too damn tempting. When given her flat and left there by Michael, LFN!Nikita's question was the same as CW!Alex's: what do I do now? I have no idea what's in store for her over their three seasons, but I'm looking forward to finding out. It's the flip side of the coin. Of course I'm going to think of the one while I watch the other.

So far, too little Birkoff to know if he even stands a chance against CW!Birkoff.


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