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Trigger warning and rant warning, guys. I just want to vent. Because I am enraged.

Rape culture. Some people dare tell us it doesn't exist.

Here in France, people are all over a radio host that thought it'd be a good idea to kiss random women whether they wanted him to or not. Sorry, the link is in French, but you have the video there. It's called "How to land a girl in three questions" (do you have a boyfriend? how do you find me? so why don't you kiss me? - apparently it's been done in other countries before). "How to land a girl," like it's a how-to people ought to follow. He's since then specified people shouldn't do the same, but then, why phrase it like a how-to, and why do it in the first place, I can't even.

And there's this show I used to love, for three seasons. I watched season 4 and found it much less good, but I decided to watch the S5 premiere anyway, to give it one last shot. Not only was it poorly written, but the plot of the episode had rape save the day.

I'll write it again, because I couldn't believe it: rape saves the day.

The series is called Misfits, and if you don't know it, it is about kids sentenced to community service that gain supernatural abilities. For three seasons, it was really good (although their handling of sexual assault admittedly already left something to be desired). But this. This.

Spoilers ahead, but then why would anyone want to watch a show where, let me say it again, rape saves the day. )

Fuck you, Misfits, and everybody who downplays sexual assault or laughs it off.

Why can't we have a culture of consent.
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Is it part of Murphy's Law that the coffee machine will inevitably be out of order on the days I most need caffeine?

Snagged from [ profile] transtempts:

Reply with a character or pairing I'm familiar with and I'll write a few sentences of fic.
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Apparently preordering, on Amazon, does not mean that they will make sure they have the ordered item on the day of release. That would be far too easy.

Instead I get an e-mail telling me they're having trouble getting their hands on it. Not quite as fulfilling.

I want my copy of The Shadow's Return, damnit. Now.
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So there was a fire at the bar tonight.

Except way less dramatic than I just made it sound. Some water was spilled over a socket, and dripped down to the main fuses, and it caught on fire. It was immediately put out, no worries there. Still, the electricity was completely cut off, the whole electric installation was shot to hell, and of course we had to ask everybody to get out of the bar.

Which clearly means, to most people, PLEASE LEAVE WITHOUT PAYING WE DON'T MIND NO NO NOT AT ALL. One of my tables stuck around, and I think it's because they weren't sure what was going on.

I hate people, tonight.

We had to do the dishes with cold water, in vats, on the floor. Each waitress had at least 100 euros missing. We're just hoping they won't take that back from our salary because this was seriously not our fault.

In other news, was that what everybody was dying to see happen in Heroes or what? (I'm talking strictly Petrelliwise.) Yes, I cried. Surpriiise.
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Now that I have finally finished reading this bloody long autobiography, I have the whole of tomorrow evening, after classes and internship, to prepare a presentation on it ("On the rim of the farthest circle", aren't you so very inspired?) for Tuesday's class. Woot!

PS, my brain is dead from the bar. *THUNK* That was the sound of my head hitting the floor. How can I be wanting to go to bed already it's nine thirty this is wroooong.
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Sometimes, I want to let the Midnighter out on some very specific people.

Right now is one of these times.

I am so. Sorry. For all of you that are stranded out there. I'd send many hugs, but like that would help any. Hell, I'll send them anyway. *sends hugs*


Jul. 6th, 2006 02:46 am
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So. Lively day today.

I get woken up by Joey brandishing an envelope under my nose. "Can you open it 'cause it's addressed to you but I think it's from England and it's the con tickets?" Indeed, people. We have our Serenity Cubed tickets! 137, 138, and 139 are us. Into the meet-and-greet. Feel free to celebrate! And burn a candle, say a little prayer, for either Nathan, Alan, Jonny or Chris to make it to that con. Otherwise I will be Very Put Out. (In semi-related news, Jewel updated her blog, and I want to be her best friend. Possibly Joey is planning to stalk her when she gets to Vancouver.)

Then started the long fight against the Evil Tap From Hell. Which was dripping, and needed to be changed, and tough plastic bits had to be sawed off with a kitchen knife. Let me tell you how much fun that was, not.

Then I hoped that we might lose at football, and lo and behold, [ profile] rwrockdj! It worked, and we won. I'm fucking ecstatic. Note the sarcasm. I did not want to have to go through one more game. I'm so rooting for Italy, if only on principle. ...I think I was rooting for Brazil in '98. I should probably start rooting for France right now, but I just can't. It's beyond me. There were loud cheers and horns and cries and all the rest of it in the neighbourhood. It was echoing the telly all the time. Seriously. I, on the other hand, ended up yelling at the Portuguese that they could've tried a little harder, even though I hadn't watched the game.

So, the Evil Tap From Hell was finally replaced, and I put my hands down some seriously disgusting pipes (and I mean seriously disgusting) to connect it all back up, and I turned it on to wash my hands and, wait for it. The love of my life, sun of my days, moon of my nights, the sugar in my morning coffee and the curry in my chicken, the lime to go with my tequila, the tide to my sea and the polish to my nails, had actually hooked up cold with hot and hot with cold and it's all backwards. We've got a brilliant tap which is going to keep surprising people. And by surprising I mean burning them when they were expecting cold water and get scalding hot instead.

Possibly I'm making her change those around tomorrow.
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Fuck, why is there so much hatred in the world again? [ profile] khohen1 linked to this vid, and I expected to rejoice in seeing a reporter (let alone a Fox News reporter!) tear into one of those fucking anti-gay protesters. I truly did. These people that go protest at funerals? As low as you can get. And that they would do this in the name of god? Fuck, I don't believe in god, but I was raised a Catholic and I know the bible and I know that hatred is not what it's about. I expected to rejoice in seeing this vid, and remember that there is still some good in the world. Instead I can only focus on that woman's hatred, that glint in her eyes, and it makes me want to cry. How can we fight such hatred? Right. I'm off to teach The Little Fucker.
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First off, the clubbing went great. I had tons of fun, and danced like crazy, and saw some people I hadn't seen in for-bloody-ever. And the outfit rocked. Thanks for the help, flist. And then I came home and collapsed very quickly. I'm constantly exhausted these days, it's sad.

Then. [ profile] gabby_silang is coming to visit!!! I almost want to be mixing a few "1"s to those "!"s to show exactly how insanely enthusiastic I am. And yet I can't really believe it yet. Gabs, darling, we'd better make this happen.

Which reminds me. [ profile] thewatch, [ profile] brallaqueen, when are you coming? I haven't heard from you in forever. You are still coming, right?

Now. Tomorrow Firewall (Paul!) and Ice Age 2 (Alan!) are released. Yay! I wanted to go see Firewall as soon as possible (hey nobody should have to go this long without seeing Paul on the big screen even if it means a terrible movie kthx), but that ever so lovely Fred-or-George pupil that stood me up last week texted me about pushing the lesson back from 2:30 to 3. Picture me tearing my hair out in frustration. If there is a showing around 11, I might actually get up to go catch it then. And at night would likely be Ice Age 2. Is it sad that I'm really only excited about this movie because Alan has a couple of small parts in it? Yes, I thought it was as well.

In the same vein, I saw my first poster of Rent in the metro today! Yay! I am so, so, so excited about seeing it at last.

And now, on a much more emo note, feel free to stop reading this post. But fuck, I miss my life in England. )

I adore Bright Eyes' "Lover I don't have to love". The orchestration, the lyrics, the voice, all of it. It fascinates me a little bit more each time. "Love's an excuse to get hurt / and to hurt / Do you like to hurt? / I do, I do / then hurt me..."
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This is our civilisation's unhealthy refusal of death at its best. How many testimonies have I heard on the news this last couple of days, of people who by their own admission can't accept it? Regardless of what I think of John Paul II's bloody stupid policies (not thinking of condoms, not thinking of condoms), I think that it's high time to let go, people. What is it with your obsession with pushing death further and further away? Death is something to be accepted and embraced. I've lost some people, not all of them old. One especially was a very dear friend of mine, she was 18 and she did an aneurism (sp?). It made no sense and I wish I could have made it be untrue, but I didn't refuse to believe it. Death is part of life and denying it is the worst way to deal.

Now I really wish John Paul II would just die, so that we stopped with the endless reports. The cynic part of me is mildly impressed that they haven't already showed a report about the candidates for his succession.

[ profile] greenie_breizh just pointed out how ironic it was that he's dying on the weekend of Sidaction (action against AIDS).

And why are they all making such a fuss about it? All those wakes-in-advance? Nobody spares a thought for the thousands of other deaths all the time (not just a few of which are his damned fault, due to his condom policy), and here one guy who has clearly lived his allotted time (and then some?) is finally going to die and everybody prays to "accompany" him to the other world. Isn't he supposed to be a holy man, according to their religion? Why would he need to be accompanied? Isn't this god of love and peace going to welcome him perfectly well anyway? And yet everybody prays for him, and nobody spares a thought for those who could actually use a prayer or two.

I've been raised a Catholic. Hey, I was even blessed by the Pope once. I still remember it, it was a bit crazy. People were so crazed about it all, as if he were some rock star or something. He was just an old priest to me, he had nothing extraordinary. Now I respect people who are Catholic (my parents are, my whole family on my mother's side so is, sometimes to a fault), and those who view the Pope as some sort of paternal figure, super-holy man or what-not. It's just not my case. I just see a priest with far too much media attention, and I see some crucial flaws of our civilisation reflected in the media hype. Namely, our inability to deal with death.

Now, I do apologise for this rant. It just needed to get out, what with the news not speaking about anything else.
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Not only are the IT guys being a real pain by upgrading those filters with ridiculous notions (why oh why should IMDb be banned?) and trying to make sure we cannot check our e-mail, but they're also unable to do their bloody jobs! Yesterday Internet was down right when I was about to buy my plane tickets for Easter, and now it's down all over again. Me hates them. (Obviously now it's back up, or I couldn't send this, but my point still stands.)

'Sides, first lesson this morning was with a pupil I really don't enjoy teaching. Her level of French is quite good, really – when I marked them on some oral work, she got the best grade. But oh how I do not like her. She has no motivation whatsoever. She is the typical blasé teenager who does not see the point but shows up anyway to each lesson because she is "a good student." She is just so unpleasant to teach. So I think I'm in cranky mode all right.

Spoilers for Lost 1x11 )
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... don't wanna be working. Argh. Trip went all right. Being back at school is hell, though, apart from seeing some people again which is of the nice. But I miss having a certain someone in my bed.

Watched a few things I had taped over the holidays - a Sherlock Holmes with Rupert Everett, first. I really enjoy that actor. And the actor who played the murderer, whoever he is. He was... interesting.

*stares, aghast, at the computer* They banned IMDb!!! What is wrong with them? *hesitates between raging or sighing forlornly* This is getting more and more ridiculous. Seriously. I feel like going up to the IT guys, grabbing their collars and shaking some bloody sense into them.

*takes a deep breath and moves on swiftly to the next topic* And, also, Desperados. At last. Boy, can Rodriguez shoot Antonio Banderas just the right way or what? Lots of actors I like + shameless lusting after Antonio (and, for the first time ever, after Salma Hayek - she really isn't my style though) + Rodriguez goodness all around = a happy Fan'. A happy Fan' that really wants to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico - was it any good? I didn't want to see it before I saw the first. Now I really can't wait to meet Agent Sands.

Also, the Astronaut's Wife, with Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron and Clea Duvall? Three names, three reasons that should be enough to make me watch it (Johnny and Clea more than Charlize, granted). But it was so... very... boring. I just couldn't fake interest. Blah.

Finally - Boomtown. It's a real shame, but it seems that the second season is really much less good than the first one. With each new episode I see, I feel less horrified at the unfairness of its cancellation. It's just not as well-written. The power of Boomtown stemmed from its narrative, the way the story was pieced together with all those different viewpoints. Its strength came from the multiplicity of viewpoints. Now they tend to focus more on one character in each episode and it's a damned shame - they did that before, but all through everybody's eyes. Now they just have far too much of a couple characters' viewpoints, imho. It seems to be getting more conventional, and not in a good way, and maybe I'm just watching all the wrong episodes but the character of David McNorris seems to have lost all his interest, and I adored him something fierce. (And they write him poorly - yes, I'm sure he'd give Tom a lecture on guilt in the middle of the police station. Not.) But I still love Joel very madly. *sends love to Donnie Wahlberg*
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I don't believe in god - not even in Joss, truly, in case you had doubts about my sanity. Well, I believe Joss exists, not that he is God. Only a god. As in a genius. And let's move on from the crazy talk... I don't believe in god. I still celebrate Christmas. It irks me to hear all that talk about Santas being an affront to other religions and blah blah blah. Christmas, if anything, is commercial. It's grown out of being Christian a while ago. Of course for Christian people it's about Jesus and all that jazz. But for the rest of us it's just exchanging presents, drinking cinnamon wine on Christmas markets and apparently, if you're an English teacher, ridiculing yourself in front of your pupils in a karaoke for charity. All in all, good fun.

All of that to say, simply: merry Christmas. Or whatever holiday you celebrate. Or just happy nothing-at-all. Just lead a happy life. I love you guys.
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Alright, so updating my LJ from my freesbee address is a bad idea. I'm making a
note of that. To add to the following entry-that-should-have-made-it-on-Friday,
let me just add that the weekend went great. I had Jo on the phone, Fred came
over, and all sorts of goodness were had. On a less happy note, the Warrington
Borough Council's inability to pay us on time made Etienne and me lose 40
bloody pounds. How frelling fair is that? At least we got paid. Okay, now with
the entry:

Alright, so all of you who had been writing to me on my free address? Stop.
There's no point. Or very little chance that there is a point. The bloody
filters have been upgraded and I can now get to about 10% of the e-mail I get
on the free addie, and that's me being optimistic here. So if you can write to
me on freesbee instead? The address is the same as my wanadoo, except it's at
freesbee dot fr

I'm getting more and more frustrated with each passing day here, those filters
are getting ridiculous. I hate that we're on the same level as the pupils for
the computers and that we don't have access to more things. *sigh* Yesterday I
tried to check the site of an organisation against racism because that's one of
the topics the kids are working on, and it was banned! Can I know exactly what
was offensive in a site promoting the end of hate?

*takes a deep breath* On the writing front, my muses are still being fiddle
right now, so I gave a look to my Icelandic story and my Fab story. I should
force them back onto the Firefly crossover, the Alias fic or the Gaia episode,
really. (Update: this weekend saw me writing the whole of section 3 (out of 5)
of the Steve ep.)

On the real life front, I came out to Marlene, our landlady. I thought she'd got
it 'cause I often said "my girlfriend", but she hadn't. So there. She was
awesome about it. We had a little chat and it was all manners of nice. Yay!
Makes me feel so good. I felt like hugging someone after that last night, and I
had no one to. The funny part is, [ profile] the_swordman (and let's hope i got
the tag right this time...), guess what? She thought you and I were an item. By
the way, do you want to maybe come over tomorrow? I'll give you a ring tonight.
I miss ya.

Finally, let me say that I feel very left out. Joey gets to read applications
for when we open up our couple and I don't? Where's the love? Where are the
pledges of lust eternal and sexual fulfillment for ever after, really?

Don't pay attention to me ranting. This internet thing's just bearing down on
me, it's such an ordeal to manage to read [ profile] greenie_breizh's e-mails.
Joss, mate, it's already hard enough to be a sea apart with only e-mails and a
few phone calls. Can we not take the e-mails away? Cheers.
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Am royally pissed at wanadoo. Account keeps screwing up. Any of you reading this who might write to me on my wanadoo addie, don't. It's been a pain ever since that weird attachment last night. Kaylee is unaffected, thank Joss. Anyway, if you wanna e-mail me and don't know where to do so: fannycouturier at free dot fr

This is such a pain.

Anyway. Was very productive (no, not with my studies) to compensate the frustration. I am proud to announce I now have an English fanfiction archive just for my English fics. This archive not being so much a site as a page, but I'm too lazy to do an actual English version of RNE, so there. You English-speaking people will have to be satisfied with the page. I also decided to not put all my English fics there, only those that I thought good enough. You can find it here: Nothing lasts forever

Also managed (yay!) to upload a couple of wallpapers which will hopefully get other people in a major state of awww-ness: The Sons of Gondor, obviously about Faramir and Boromir, and Tender Loving Arms for David Wenham goodness. As previously stated, yum. The quote on that one is from Emiliana Torrini's Summerbreeze.

Gods, I don't have a clue how to deal with this wanadoo situation. Such a pain. I can check my mail on the site, but no software (yes, I even tried Entourage to make sure it wasn't just Mail having trouble) will be able to download anything from that account. The softwares either tell me the password is wrong (which it's not), or try to download that problematic e-mail which I erased from the wanadoo site last night. Any suggestions at all will be welcome. I'm at a loss.


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