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And at long last. The first 20 hotties. )

I'm sorry to announce that the girls top 100 won't come until after my exams. Aka February. But I'll do it, too. Promise.
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The closer I get to the end, the harder it gets to choose which picture to put up for each man. There is too much hotness out there!

I give you hotties 40 to 21! )
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Looks like I'm keeping up! It's bloody freezing in here, we're getting the window changed - consequently, I could use all the hotness I can get.

Hotties 60 to 41! )
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And here's the next batch of hotties. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep up the 'once a day' rhythm, but oh well. (In very squee-worthy news, I'm posting this from my shiny new laptop, Amando! Woohoo!)

I give you hotties 80 to 61. )
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Finally, that which you'd all been waiting for, or likely not, but it's not like you're going to have to suffer through it, is it. The hotties are back! Starting with guys, just like last year. My Top 100 of the year. Twenty by twenty. Enjoy this first batch!

#100 to #81. )
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So. We'd planned to go see horses with [ profile] overcraft, except the owner of the place where her horse Java is kept for the summer was not there, and we could only see the horses for afar. Still, Java is gorgeous and the slash has not got to me so much that I was OTPing two geldings look it's all Over's fault.

On the other hand, we were supposed to meet up with [ profile] foley_durden and hopefully catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis outside the on-invitation-only French premiere of PotC 2, and we ended up completely missing her but oh so much more than I expected fangirly-wise.

The story in pictures, obviously not dial-up-friendly. )

Now, you know what pisses me off? That the movie isn't actually released in France until August. Bleedin' August. How am I supposed to wait while the whole flist erupts into squees and fanfiction and I haven't written any Pirates fic in ages but I want to I can't wait I love these characters I. Can't. Wait. I'm debating whether it's worth downloading it to watch it on a computer screen, before going to watch it in the cinema, or if I really do want the first time to be on a big screen. Thoughts?

...squeeful day. I still can't really wrap my mind around the fact that yes, they stood within a few feet of me. Orlando Bloom in all his pretty sweetness and Johnny Depp in all his tattoed, beringed, purplely-bespectacled, cheekbones-to-be-damned-for glory. I'm every bit a fangirl today. A very, very, very happy fangirl.
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I'm done teaching in the Saint Sulpice neighbourhood for the year, so on Tuesday I took the camera again and hunted for more Amour graffiti on pavements I don't usually use, in nearby streets I'd never walked through. It was a very successful search, even more so than I thought. Not only did I find many more Amour tags, but I also came across an old book market on the Saint Sulpice square (exactly the type Geoff would've loved to lose himself in, just sayin').

Click on any picture to see it bigger.

Many pictures abound. )
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So, there's this actor. Very English. Very gay. I've had a crush on him since My Best Friend's Wedding, I think, was the first time I met him, and it's all gone downhill from there. Yes, yes, Rupert Everett.

He's a delightful man and a wonderful actor and he's devastatingly sexy. He speaks French and Italian and oh his voice is just as bad as his body and oh his friends, yes I'm thinking of Robbie and the man is just utterly fascinating and the point?

The point is that Brix picspammed him, and it's my duty to spread the eye candy. It's for the general good.

One of the pictures is not worksafe. And this is obviously not dial-up-friendly. Now, enjoy!.

"I have nothing to complain about... except maybe people wondering if a queen like me can be butch-it-up enough to play a convincing straight man."
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On Tuesdays I teach in the neighbourhood of the Saint Sulpice. It took me a while to notice them, but a couple of weeks ago they first drew my attention. Graffiti here and there on the pavement, someone had written "Amour." all over the neighbourhood, handwritten (or possibly a stencil?), white paint.

And isn't that such a Geoff thing to do? Totally my first thought. Yep, Geoff's hanging around the Saint Sulpice. I'm on the lookout for a tall skinny bloke or some insane red hair.

This week I took Joey's digital camera with me to take a few pictures. How could I not? I love these graffiti.

Amours. )

Now, I need to find some chalk and leave a message next to one of them to Geoff the person who left them. Because whoever they are, I want to know why they're doing this and what gave them this idea and why there and and and. I just want to know them. And all the wherefores and whys that come with the graffiti.
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Ahoy, all of you fans of Paul Bettany!

...and all of you non-fans that are about to succumb.

[ profile] shadesofbrixton has just picspammed and it deserves to be shared. Click at your own risk. Very much NOT dial-up-friendly.

Now go and bask in the prettiness, off, shoo!

(Also, for the record, will soon be doing a 28 Days-related Alan quotespam, as I've finally seen the movie. And as far as Who is concerned, I liked Madame de Pompadour. A whole damn lot. And Stephen cannot let the dancing or the banana go, can he. *sends love to Steven Moffat* Will share thoughts on episode after having watched it again... soon. Tomorrow Frédéric's coming over and we're RPing again, yay! Been too long since some good ol' tabletop RPing. Likely Firefly, which fills me with joy, because 'Shin and Amando are dying to come out and play for a while.)
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Right! Pictures, pictures, pictures. I created myself a Flickr account for the occasion, and uploaded quite a few pictures from the signings (Alan, Ron, Tony and Mira) and some from the Firefly/Serenity talk (Alan and Ron, obviously). Some were taken by Elisa, some by me, but I'm not sure which. If they look brilliant, they're very likely hers. If they focus on some weird part of Alan's body, they're probably mine.

And under the cut, a few of my personal favourites. )
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So, today (because it's still the 27th in parts-of-the-world-not-Europe) is our beloved captain's birthday. By which I mean Nathan Fillion's. Hence, picspam, because I couldn't really do one for Alan but none for him. He's our captain, after all, and oh how I heart him.

And first off, let me point out that it was so much harder to pick pictures for him than for Alan. Probably because I know exactly everything I love about Alan, whereas I fangirl Nathan less on an everyday basis, if that makes sense. And so for the record, I decided not to put anything of him in character because then I could not have chosen. ...well, there's one pic in character, but I don't think (m)any of you will have seen it. Anyway, here goes.

As much not dial-up-friendly as you can get, people. )

Happy 35th, Captain. Hope it'll be a good year for you.

(EDIT: I forgot one tremendously important picture. Check among his co-stars if boykiss is a word ya like.)


Mar. 26th, 2006 05:02 pm
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So. There's this movie not yet out in France, you might've heard about it, seen the trailers, or actually seen it already. It looks like a movie I'm gonna spend two hours groaning and bitching at, but I will spend those two hours of my life in front of it. It's called Firewall. And it stars Paul Bettany as a bad guy.

In the same vein, I've just watched Dodgeball. Which, much as I sorta like Vince Vaughn, I never ever in a million years would have watched if not for Alan Tudyk as the lovely, ever so blasted adorable Steve the Pirate.

Yes, this is going to be another one of those fangirly posts. And then a lot of Alan quotage about the movie. Because I said I would. ...I think I might even picspam, yes. Very much not dial-up-friendly, or people-who-can't-stand-fangirls-friendly. All pictures snagged from, definitely the best Alan resource out there as far as I'm concerned.

So without further ado. Fangirly picspam! )

Alan quotage. )

And okay, that's it. Remember that it was all your fault for encouraging me after I did the I, Robot quotespam. If my flist wasn't so Alan-friendly this never would've happened. just admit you all just can't wait until I get my hands on Into the West. (Okay, you're going to have to wait a while, I think, unfortunately.)

Now don't forget everybody, tomorrow's Nathan's birthday. ...I might be convinced to picspam. Are you interested in a Nathan picspam?
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As I will be out checking out butchies tonight, here's the Top 20 already!

Hotties 20 to 1! )

Only one more "top something" to do now: the top 20 couples I'd like to do the sandwich thing with. Which means that I need your help, you lovely friendlist, as I have little to no clue about who is with who in the world of celebrities. Know of any hot couple? Straight or gay, obviously, I'm not bothered. Any suggestion will be welcome. I can't even find 10 couples right now.
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Hotties 40 to 21! )
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Did you really think I wouldn't follow up my Top 100 Male Hotties with 100 hotties of the lady type? There we go, then. I give you 100 to 81. )
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And finally, the top of the list. This was hard, people. Not only putting these lovely gentlemen in the right order, but very simply choosing one picture, and one picture only, for each of them. Some were more difficult than others. *glares at a few of them* But behold! There they are, in all their attractive glory.


20 to 1! )
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And the last but one post, hotties # 40 to 21. On with the hotness! )
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I now give you hotties 60 to 41.

Did it just get very hot in here? )
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The next ones won't come as quickly, but while the girls are writing an essay about the lyrics of the latest Indochine album (and I lend in an occasional hand) and we're not busy posing for Noëlle to later draw from the resulting pics (ahem, no comment), I can get my next batch of hotties ready for posting!

I give you 80 to 61! )


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