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Sci-fi-loving dudes! And dudes who like good movies. I'm feeling such a surge of Tim Minear love right now.

I want to see this movie. Like, yesterday. Can somebody please produce it?
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So, you know, I was getting very excited over Summer being at Complete because lotsofsarahconnorchroniclesquestionsomg. Then she cancelled.

And then I was all happy at the thought of seeing Jamie Bamber because, well, do I need to list the reasons? I didn't think so. Then he cancelled.

So I was consoling myself with Alan, who is my first convention love and always will be and he owns a little piece of me and. Then he cancelled.

But Adam Baldwin is still on. How is that justice?

I'm back to looking forward to a convention for my fellow attendees more than for the guests. Group hug, guys?
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It's sad that the first thing I look at in a movie to decide its worth these days is: did I nod off at all during? It shows how exhausted I am, really.

But I'm Not There and Eastern Promises I both liked for other reasons than they interested me enough that I did not fall asleep.

I'm Not There was just as fascinating as I hoped it would be, and I must say that of them all, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett impressed me most. It's an extremely well written movie, if you ask, and I could not understand walking out of the theatre and hearing a girl in front of me, clearly a huge fan of his, complain that this was nothing like what he was really like. The whole point of the movie is that he was not one person, and that we never knew him. Um, hello? And in that extent, it was a success.

I'd heard lots of good and bad opinions on Eastern Promises, and I'm glad I managed to catch it before it went out of the cinema. I enjoyed it thoroughly, although I can't quite pinpoint why. Naomi Watts was nothing special in it, when she can be so much more, but Viggo was as good as ever. I have no clue how well he was doing with the Russian, but he sold it to me. Vincent Cassel sold the Russian less well to me, because of when the French accent was peeking through, but his performance was otherwise spot-on. I only wish that they had never actually had anyone accuse him of homosexuality, though, as it was quite obvious without stating it, and I think that stating it actually made it lose some of its strength, somehow. Nikolai played with that perfectly, always controlling him, being close to him and yet putting up the barriers where they needed to be so that he wouldn't freak out. Seriously, the more I think about it the more I think Viggo made that movie, as far as I'm concerned. (And, obviously, David. Duh.)

However, classes are starting to warp my brain as at times I kept studying the subtitles.

Random good news of the day: I've received my The Beginning t-shirt and it is making me full of squee. Baby Batman is so frakking cute.

For some reason, seeing a picture of Ron Glass and Michael Fairman marching together on Mutant Enemy Day at the WGA Strike is making me smile goofily. I wuvs them. Loadz.

PS: Thoroughbreds Don't Cry is 1937's Brokeback. I swear.
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It's not like I wouldn't be all a-squee at the thought of a second Serenity movie. Trust me, I WOULD BE. It's just that Alan's never lost hope and I'm not sure how much credit we should give what he's saying. Hell knows I'll squee like madness if a sequel does get greenlit, but in the meantime, the only thing this video inspires in me is: NGH. ALAN. I. HOW CAN YOU BE EVEN HOTTER WITH CLOTHES ON THAN YOU WERE IN DEATH AT A FUNERAL.

I'm sorry, but have you seen how FIT he is? I can't stop staring. Especially when he gets up. And also, arms.

Okay, this was me sharing one of my many shallow moments of the day!

In other news, I'm very annoyed because my uni's forum won't let me upload an avatar of the Master. I think their uploading thingie is broken. Or else they don't like evil Timelords. Damn.

Yesterday in class, one of my teachers told one of us, when she got up to help him figure out the VCR, "you're my hero!" on the exact same tone Sean used when talking about Nathan. You Browncoats will (or should!) know what I'm talking about. And yet the guy is so not gay as far as my 'dar can tell. He does, however, have a very deadpan sense of humour, which I already love.
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I'm back! After staying for a week (ish) at [ profile] queenspanky and going to Serenity Infinity. I love conventions, god. So hard. And Lizzie was wonderful and perfect and kept feeding me really good meals she insisted were really nothing (because she's English, it's what they do - not the good food, the understatement stuff) and I've mentioned her cat before, but he's really perfect.

I've come home to find that my English flatmate, due to a flood in his room, is now sleeping on the living room sofa. Which means that all that separates us when we're both home is the drapes dividing my room from the rest of the lounge. Oh yay.

Anyway! Convention news. I didn't take notes as I usually do because... well, just because. But! Things to remember. Because I'm probably about to ramble. )
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my xmas stocking )

So yeah, it's all over LJ but I need to have my own mini-ramble about it because seriously. People will have said it much more eloquently than me, I'm not even gonna aim for eloquent, I just need to profess my love for my fandom.

For those who still had any doubts, I hope this weekend settled the fact that the Firefly fandom is absolutely the best fandom of all times. I feel so much love for everybody involved. So. Much. Love. Including Clare Kramer. A special mention also goes to Jonny Woodward, who seems to have been instrumental in the last minute plans. Our captain was our captain, Alan came despite an early flight to go shoot on the Saturday, Michael Muhney showed up just because he didn't want the fans disappointed and he's not even a Firefly guy how much do I love this guy, Michael Fairman showed up which makes me so happy because that means he absolutely meant what he told us at Serenity Cubed and we love you too Michael, Christina brought her date along (it was their first date!), Mark generally rocks ("why wouldn't I come?") as does Adam who stepped by on Thursday to cheer up the crowds, Tim showed up yesterday, Morena wasn't scheduled either but she came by, the Feldman twins were there too, I know I must be forgetting people but come on who can blame me so many people showed up!

And let's also cheer for the SoCal Browncoats who helped organise everything that made this weekend into the wonderful success that BE seemed intent it wouldn't be, as well as the Browncoats who weren't attending Flan but donated so much to help throw this impromptu Backup Browncoat Bash. I love my fandom, I love the people in it, I love you all. They can't take the sky from us.
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Serenity Cubed report!

And let me warn you now, this is going to be a Con Report of Doooooom. I took so many notes during panels, because I like to spread the love, and this is going to be entirely too detailed and extremely long but who cares! Spreading the love, sharing the love, yay! I'm actually going to make several posts about it, this being the sort of general summary of things.

First off, a nod to [ profile] grimma, [ profile] cerulean_blu, and [ profile] thewatch, as well as obviously [ profile] the_swordman and [ profile] greenie_breizh, who were all a big part of how much this weekend rocked. Thank you, guys. Also, [ profile] meivocis and [ profile] honeyfitz, it was so nice to finally meet you, even though we didn't talk half as much as we should have. (It can probably partly be blamed on me not being willing to leave the dancefloor. Mea culpa.)

The complementary pictures coming with this report will be put up in [ profile] greenie_breizh's LJ. I'll post a link here when they're up.

Now, about the con? Sean is lovely. I'm still not hot for him like the rest of the 'verse is, but he's adorable and so cute and is learning French and has the greatest smile and possibly a crush on my girlfriend. If he isn't gay. Jewel is as she's always been, cute and perky and funny and bitchy in a loving manner and I love her. Morena was possibly even more beautiful than before, absolutely gorgeous and just as wonderful as ever. I adore Mark Sheppard, and he has some stories to tell and he's really lived and his family's adorable and I want to go have a drink with him, just to chat. I'm crushing on Gigi as much as ever, she is gorgeous and a firestarter and I wanna party with her until the sun comes up.

As for the surprise guests - Nectar "Lovebot" Rose was very funny and sweet and, yeah, not just a blonde bimbo, great sense of humour. Christina "Saffron" Hendricks was amazingly beautiful and she gets on great with them all, it's lovely to watch. And the biggest surprise of them all, Michael "Niska" Fairman, who was absolutely amazing in ways I cannot even begin to sum up. I want to have long evening conversations around coffee with this man.

The Browncoats were brilliant, the guests enjoyed themselves, the parties rocked and I love convention songs. I can't, actually, sum this up adequately. But I've definitely tried to not sum this up in the upcoming con report. It's incredibly long, and detailed, I scribbled down so many things in and outside of the talks, and you'll probably skip over most of it. Some bits are interesting and/or funny to any and all, others mostly are "had to be there" moments which I'm writing down just for when I want to go reread this later, and reminisce. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it one way or another, and I'll give you a shoutout when Joey posts her wonderful pictures.

Let it just be known that writing this out has made me full of love with the whole world (with a few exceptions). I love you all, flist. And I don't just mean the Browncoats. *LOVES*

PS: that doesn't mean I'm going to manage to catch up with everything I missed this weekend, ye be warned. Did I mention that sis is coming over until Friday? Yeah.

PS2: OI! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ye'll have ter pardon me fer not writin' the report in pirate talk. Ye band of landlubbers wouldn'ta understood me, I'll wager.


Jul. 6th, 2006 02:46 am
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So. Lively day today.

I get woken up by Joey brandishing an envelope under my nose. "Can you open it 'cause it's addressed to you but I think it's from England and it's the con tickets?" Indeed, people. We have our Serenity Cubed tickets! 137, 138, and 139 are us. Into the meet-and-greet. Feel free to celebrate! And burn a candle, say a little prayer, for either Nathan, Alan, Jonny or Chris to make it to that con. Otherwise I will be Very Put Out. (In semi-related news, Jewel updated her blog, and I want to be her best friend. Possibly Joey is planning to stalk her when she gets to Vancouver.)

Then started the long fight against the Evil Tap From Hell. Which was dripping, and needed to be changed, and tough plastic bits had to be sawed off with a kitchen knife. Let me tell you how much fun that was, not.

Then I hoped that we might lose at football, and lo and behold, [ profile] rwrockdj! It worked, and we won. I'm fucking ecstatic. Note the sarcasm. I did not want to have to go through one more game. I'm so rooting for Italy, if only on principle. ...I think I was rooting for Brazil in '98. I should probably start rooting for France right now, but I just can't. It's beyond me. There were loud cheers and horns and cries and all the rest of it in the neighbourhood. It was echoing the telly all the time. Seriously. I, on the other hand, ended up yelling at the Portuguese that they could've tried a little harder, even though I hadn't watched the game.

So, the Evil Tap From Hell was finally replaced, and I put my hands down some seriously disgusting pipes (and I mean seriously disgusting) to connect it all back up, and I turned it on to wash my hands and, wait for it. The love of my life, sun of my days, moon of my nights, the sugar in my morning coffee and the curry in my chicken, the lime to go with my tequila, the tide to my sea and the polish to my nails, had actually hooked up cold with hot and hot with cold and it's all backwards. We've got a brilliant tap which is going to keep surprising people. And by surprising I mean burning them when they were expecting cold water and get scalding hot instead.

Possibly I'm making her change those around tomorrow.
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Despite appearances, Supernatural isn't the only thing on my mind.

I don't often remember dreams, but hell am I glad to remember this one.

I'm very fuzzy on the circumstances, but what I do know is that we were sitting on the grass outside a park (don't ask me why we weren't in the park, or who "we" are, other than "me and other people"), and that Ron and Alan came and hung out with us. For so long, and no reason whatsoever, they just came and sat with us and god Ron. I mean, of course, god Alan, but. Ron and his laugh and I just felt so at ease around him whereas Alan is more with making me feel all omgomgomgalan and yes I know it was just a dream but it's what I felt at the con, too. So there.

It was... very, very, very, very nice.

So SPN isn't the only thing on my mind. There's SPN and there's the BDH. What a surprise.

In unrelated news, [ profile] gabby_silang? Joey has rediscovered the pictures of Charlie Hunnam you left on her laptop, and finally noticed the names you gave them, and she keeps pushing them at me and dear GOD.

Also, flist, I need your help. I'm doing something I should've done a while ago, that is setting up a playlist for smut-writing. Any suggestions? What do you all write smut to?
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Right! Pictures, pictures, pictures. I created myself a Flickr account for the occasion, and uploaded quite a few pictures from the signings (Alan, Ron, Tony and Mira) and some from the Firefly/Serenity talk (Alan and Ron, obviously). Some were taken by Elisa, some by me, but I'm not sure which. If they look brilliant, they're very likely hers. If they focus on some weird part of Alan's body, they're probably mine.

And under the cut, a few of my personal favourites. )
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So, I'm back. And I took notes, because I love you all and wanted to share the Alan and Ron goodness. So you'll find in this post, in the middle of all the fangirly usual stuff, a report of the Sunday talk.

Pictures will come in a few days' time to illustrate everything. For the moment, no time to upload them all.

Friday, The Day of OMG*flails* )

Saturday, the Day of Much Staring. )

Sunday, the Day of Big Damn Love. )

Monday, the Day of It-Was-A-Great-Weekend-Why-Must-It-Come-To-An-End. )

I took pictures of several other guests - Ian wasn't there, [ profile] twixou, terribly sorry darling! And there is much more to be said about what we did/watched/did while we watched, but I'll keep almost everything for a friends-locked post later. There's only one more thing that ought to be made public, really, and that is...

Ladies and you menfolk, I give you the A Knight's Tale drinking game! )
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For some reason people on the flist are linking to Firefly-related vids a lot. So let me spread the love, too. I love my captain, and I love my captain and his whacky pilot sidekick. (For the record? I was not staring at Alan's neck for the first minute he was on screen. ...just whenever he turns his head, really. Let's hope he looks at me straight this weekend or my tongue might suddenly find itself attached to his neck. Ahem.)

Am I the only one dying to be a fly on the wall when those boys get together to play Halo?

On other semi-related news... *singsong* I'm leaving for England tomorrow!

*definitely not singsong* And now I have to get ready to go teach FoG. Oh yay.

Edit: I'll reply to the last batch of creepily intimate questions tonight, so if you want to ask me anything, do it now! Last chance!
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First off, you Browncoats, here's an excellent interview of Joss about Serenity. Where he actually says, not so much a prequel as: flashbacks! A sequel with flashbacks. And makes a very good point about why he'd go for that. And I fully support it. And I want my Big Damn Sequel damnit!

Then. Joey and I have watched Bright Young Things. By Stephen Fry, who gets so much love. And the cast is just full of amazing actors. Clicky to find out who. )

I went and saw Romanzo Criminale this afternoon, which was actually rather good! Not a masterpiece or anything, but some of those characters were fascinating. Plus, there was a lot of pretty, and lots of Italian. But really, those characters. )This film is a tragedy, it is. With its light moments, its laughs, its joys and fears and the horrible unfairness of life, and Men, and society and government but in the end it's all so sadly ironic and absurd. It's life, and it's about friendship and love and the flaws of Men. And I loved it. And the score is amazing, I might have to go and buy it.

Also, can we have Veronica Mars already? Hmpf. Joey's been harping about why Beaver's the way he is so much that I now officially can't wait to find out. I still want to put eyeliner on him, too. Come on! He'd be even cuter. *angelic*

...I wanna speak Italian and be writing Romanzo Criminale fanfiction now. Really. Why can't they Matrix Italian into my head? I think it's the kind of film I could fall in love with, if I had the DVD to watch over and over again.
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So, today (because it's still the 27th in parts-of-the-world-not-Europe) is our beloved captain's birthday. By which I mean Nathan Fillion's. Hence, picspam, because I couldn't really do one for Alan but none for him. He's our captain, after all, and oh how I heart him.

And first off, let me point out that it was so much harder to pick pictures for him than for Alan. Probably because I know exactly everything I love about Alan, whereas I fangirl Nathan less on an everyday basis, if that makes sense. And so for the record, I decided not to put anything of him in character because then I could not have chosen. ...well, there's one pic in character, but I don't think (m)any of you will have seen it. Anyway, here goes.

As much not dial-up-friendly as you can get, people. )

Happy 35th, Captain. Hope it'll be a good year for you.

(EDIT: I forgot one tremendously important picture. Check among his co-stars if boykiss is a word ya like.)
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At last, an update! And a real one at that. I've had such little time to myself, and I need to polish up that translation of "Almost Normal" I'm doing for the Nuit Rose ("Pink Night," it's an event organised by the LGBT youth association Joey works at, where they show gay and lesbian films, and this one needs subtitles), but I thought I really should update now or else I never would. 'Cause I keep going all lazy at the thought of everything I need to talk about. So, here goes.

Sports Night goodness. )

Life on Mars yay! )

The pilot of Numb3rs. )

Whedonesque-type stuff. Kane, Nathan and Jonny! )

Syriana, Capote, personal life and a COWBOY HAT. )
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At least it is for those of us who love the hell out of one Alan Tudyk. It's his birthday! He just turned 35. For the occasion, picspam! (As [ profile] elite set a very good example here. Go check hers out.)

Clicky for not-dial-up friendly Alan goodness! )
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GAP - for Gratuitous Alan Post - or GBDHP - for Gratuitous Big Damn Heroes Post?

Tough choice.

In any case. I haven't even mentioned the fact that Alan showed up to the premiere of Nathan's movie Slither (upcoming horror flick that sounds amazing, from everything I've heard), probably because that seemed like a bit of a DUH to me. Of course Alan would show up, it's not like he's doing anything else these days. (Not that I mind! Let him enjoy his free time after the hell of being in a musical. Plus, it allows him to do cons. Nhjgglkhg Collectormania be here already.)

Aaaanyway. The reason why I mention it now is because I've just read this report by a fan who actually got in to see the movie and stuff, a dream come true, and anyway. What made me perk up was not the Alan and Nathan and Joss goodness, because that was a GIVEN. No. It was the mention of CHRIS BUCHANAN. Yes, yes, our beloved Chris was there at the premiere too. Which is completely squee-worthy in its own right. ...and he kinda left with Alan. Okay, so the speculation re Chris and Alan dating kinda made me perk up too. I mean, come on. In the event of the both of them liking men, how much of a OMG PERFECT AND HOT AND EVER SO GEEKY COOL AND FUNNY couple would they make?

...I want Chris to make it to Serenity Cubed. (And Alan, too, duh, and Nathan wouldn't go amiss. Pretty please with Joss on top of the three of them. ...not that way. Unless they insist.)

Also, [ profile] orangepenguino's gallery of Firefly pics is absolutely amazing, with tons of pics I'd never seen before, and you should all check it out.

I am so so so filled with Chris love right now. While it's a given that Alan and Joss would be all with the showing up if they can, it just rocks to no extent that Chris is that much of a part of the Firefly family. He fits in right there and he's smart and funny and I heart him and want to bear his babies. (I do. ...I kinda told Nathan I was ready to do that last time we met. I panicked! He was being Nathan and going all "oh you're the ones Chris told us about" and inside I kinda froze and went "omg wait what? Nathan Fillion has heard about us? CHRIS I LOVE YOU! ...and wow Nathan you're taller than I remember. Er." and then I didn't know what I was saying but my love for Chris clearly made it to the fore. Gaaaah. *buries head in hat*)

Finally. News about Alan's lawyer drama. I am all hormoned up at the thought that he will share screen time with Joshua Jackson. They just. Yeah. I can see them click. A lot. I am expecting so much funny, in a "drama" sort of way of course. ...why isn't it a Sorkin show? It should be a Sorkin show. They'd both be perfect. (Also announced as having signed on are JAcob Pitts and Kevin Pollack (from The Usual Suspects).) Full news here.

EDIT: GBDHP it is. Adam Baldwin calls Nathan Nate. It's incredibly cute. "We just had a party over at Nate's house," he says, "and Joss showed up, so we had some nice reminiscences. He's still down in the salt mines writing 'Wonder Woman,' and when he will finish with that, we don't know. I have no idea what's in his head." Ah, to be a fly on the wall during their parties. (Scratch that, make that to be invited to one of their parties. Why be a bug when you can be human.)

EDIT 2: Check out those interviews of Nathan and Joss! So lovely! And funny! And I love Nathan! And the way he kept looking at Ruth Ann during the whole interview, always wanting to integrate other people and he's such a lovely, lovely man.


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