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In other British telly news, I can't quite believe I managed to watch Hustle to the end, but I did, and it was worth it to see that happening, even if it was obviously coming. And I know who I kept watching for: Ash, and all the amazing guest stars.

And in random I-must-crosspost-this-everywhere news: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Race!Swap Cast. All of their choices are not ideal, and a lot of them are too pretty imho, but keep reading if only because the best casting choice of the lot is the very last.
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I've been reading a fair bit of Firefly fic... lots of which is just amazing, but those two stood out and I thought I'd point y'all in their direction.

Tricen's pilot, by [ profile] writings_from. It's only a first part, and I usually balk in front of fanfic in several parts unless I know and love the author, but this one? It's just wonderful. Her goal is to write an episode set after Objects in Space, and let me just tell you that if this is any indication, this is really a story I'd have loved to see shot. The fact that it mostly centers around Wash doesn't hurt, and there is this scene between him and Zoe, through her eyes, that simply tells you everything about the two of them. I fell in love with that portrayal.

Sum of their Parts, by [ profile] trinityvixen. That wonderful fic will give you a view of each character through River's eyes, after Serenity. And it's spot-on. There have been a number of "let's look at the crew through River's eyes" fics, but this one, for some reason, stands out. The style suits her admirably, and it's astonishing how well the author grasped the essence of each character, distorted by River's mind paths.

Finally, not a fic but a short essay about Firefly and the westward movement to California and the Oregon territory. Okay, so granted, that might sound boring. It probably is, if you're not interested in history. But I am, and I'm thinking some of you might be as well, and this essay points out a few very interesting parallelisms between our favourite crew and the settlers of the 1840s/1870s. So, go and read! Shoo!

Finally, news about the previously-mentioned Spike movie. It seems that apparently, whatever movie they make should go straight to DVD. And Marti doesn't seem to think that either Sarah or Alyson would come back. Here's the article.
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That's the quote of the day by my lovely [ profile] greenie_breizh. Made me all giggly, on top of warm 'n fuzzy. Oooh, first people arriving, she's on the phone with them right now! That cuts my entry short, I suppose. Not much to say apart from "wheeee!" anyway (in a non-naked way since, well, people are arriving). There shall be much rejoicing and partying during the next two days.

And it's been a while since I last said it: Drew's a genius. (And I heart DB - as in DB Woodside, not David Boreanaz. He's so pretty - and funny and twisted.)
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That quote here is from the movie Closer, which I suggest you all go and download the trailer. Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. I cannot wait.

On another note, plotting Ordinary People away with my fellow authors is a true pleasure. I like the element of the unexpected in the way our characters react to each other - you have to find a way around the unexpected to what you actually wanted to express, it's challenging.

Now, here's a big long meme about BtVS and AtS, gakked from [ profile] houses7177.

Very, very long. )
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Joyeux anniversaire, [ profile] fargo_01!

J'espère que tu as passé une bonne journée. 82 powaaa! (En espérant que je ne me plante pas dans l'année... ;) ) Et Jo vient de me dire qu'en fait tu étais du 30 - c'est la faute du calendrier de BR si je suis en retard!!

Other than that, about this weekend. )

Had my landlady on the phone, v. nice. No internet connection though. Got my claddagh ring back at last! It had been too long. Watched two episodes of Boomtown, amazing, one of MI-5 (not as good as I expected, will see how it develops), and four of The Jury (thanks again, [ profile] yodah!), with a very funny Adam Busch and a whole lot of great actors. It's nothing earth-shattering, but it's quite well-written and I'm enjoying it immensely (too bad it's already got cancelled).


Aug. 30th, 2004 06:10 pm
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Don't have the time for a long entry about this weekend, I just need to gush. Apparently the Buffy panel [ profile] greenie_breizh and I took part in went even better than we thought, because there was extremely good response later, after we both had to go.

Consequently, Martin Winckler (who was unfortunately unable to attend, but who got told all about it by Antoine) offered us the chance to write an article about what we had said (pretty much "Growing up with BtVS") in his next book on TV shows. I am ecstatic!

/ end gush

I'll try and write an entry tomorrow. And hopefully get up to date with all the fics I haven't read (I'm thinking mostly of [ profile] cgwriting's and [ profile] houses7177's stuff). Btw, Mihan, I recced your Encore une fois to a friend who is both a Highlander fan and an Illyria one, he adored it - I do think he told me he'd sent feedback, but just in case, I'm telling you again. This fic is absolutely amazing. The depth of emotions and how much it explores, without overstating any of it, far from it... And a perfect use of Immortality. Bravo.


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