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In other British telly news, I can't quite believe I managed to watch Hustle to the end, but I did, and it was worth it to see that happening, even if it was obviously coming. And I know who I kept watching for: Ash, and all the amazing guest stars.

And in random I-must-crosspost-this-everywhere news: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Race!Swap Cast. All of their choices are not ideal, and a lot of them are too pretty imho, but keep reading if only because the best casting choice of the lot is the very last.
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The Master & Commander fan in me enjoyed that episode of the Good Wife so, so, so much.


Sep. 16th, 2011 03:02 pm
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Just thought I'd link everyone to Husbands, the new webseries by Jane Espenson and Cheeks. It's a newly-wed comedy, with the twist of it being a gay couple having celebrated the (sadly fictional) marriage equality law a little too hard, in Vegas. Hope you enjoy it! Episode two is already out on their website,

You BSG-verse fans, it also stars Alessandra Torresani of Caprica fame. You Browncoats, at some point Nathan Fillion guest stars.

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I wanted to post something constructive and what-not, but in the end all I can say is OHMYGOD the actors are as good as they were well cast (special props to Nikolaj and Harry) and they all act in such subtle ways and this is going to be fantastic.

So yeah, not so much with the constructive, more with the flailing.

I need a GoT icon.
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I've finally finished watching the La Femme Nikita pilot, and have just started on the second episode. I stopped midway through the pilot on account of highly not giving a damn about any of the characters, but now that I've finished it...

1) Alright, so she is extremely beautiful, despite my first opinion to the contrary. She just... should stop making these angsty/angry/whatever they are faces, because those do not make her pretty. But when she's simply being? Beautiful and fragile. It's odd to see such a vulnerable Nikita after so many episodes of CW's Nikita. I admit it, part of why I disliked her at first was very simply that she is white, and blonde and blue-eyed, and, you know, no Maggie Q. I still personally find Maggie Q far more beautiful, but, well, personal preferences, really, and I've accepted that this is a whole other Nikita.

2) I also originally thought that the actor for Michael was just... yeah, no. Too typically, classically, supposedly handsome. But the scene in the car, after he threw her into her first mission in the restaurant, when he convinces her to come with him (to her flat, but she doesn't know that)? He convinced her simply by looking at her, and we've never seen CW!Michael use his looks that way (or have we and I've forgotten?). This Michael is just as trained in this art as the female agents are, and I dig it. (Or maybe I'm reading too much into a look? I've only seen one episode so far.)

3) Yes, I'm pretty much going to keep comparing it to CW's Nikita all the time. Because it's just too damn tempting. When given her flat and left there by Michael, LFN!Nikita's question was the same as CW!Alex's: what do I do now? I have no idea what's in store for her over their three seasons, but I'm looking forward to finding out. It's the flip side of the coin. Of course I'm going to think of the one while I watch the other.

So far, too little Birkoff to know if he even stands a chance against CW!Birkoff.
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Being Human, the pilot: vampire Mitchell made me believe he was a couple-of-century-old vampire, and now something apart from humanity. I should watch that pilot again, I loved it so much.
Being Human, the series: vampire Mitchell was a lot more human. It was a different take on it. Not a bad one; just not the one I preferred.
Being Human (US): vampire Aidan bores me to tears. )

I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think I'm going to keep watching.
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I am IN LOVE with Misfits, people, and if they screw this up I will cry. But it is so good so far.

Major spoilers for Misfits 2x03. )
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Stefan: You're staring.
Elena: I'm gazing.
Stefan: It's creepy.
Elena: It's romantic.

When I say that the Vampire Diaries are the opposite of Twilight... Anyone else getting bored with the Diaries?

Now, Supernatural. Who else though last week's was the best episode ever, and so, so, so long overdue? (I haven't watched this week's yet. Don't spoil me!)
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10 Many Reasons Why The Vampire Diaries Is 100 Times Better Than Twilight

+ The Girl actually freaks out when she figures out that the Boy is a Vampire.

+ The Girl is actually scared of the Vampire Boy.

+ The Girl does not think that the Vampire Boy sneaking into her bedroom is hot. She thinks it's scary.

+ Humans outside of the Girl are portrayed as Actual People.

+ The Girl actually cares about her Friends, who are Actual People.

+ Actual People have Plot too.

+ Plot exists.

+ Actual People might just wind up dead. (See Previous Reason.)

+ The Vampire Boy does not see why he should not be happy. He does not hate himself.

+ The Vampire Boy is a fan of Seinfeld and Scorsese. The Vampire Boy's Vampire Brother is a fan of Anne Rice. This trumps being a fan of scrapbooking and Jerry Springer by about a thousand points.

+ The Vampire Boy's Vampire Brother makes fun of Twilight. Score!

+ The Vampire Boy's Vampire Brother is more fun than any of the Cullens. Apart maybe from Alice.

+ The Girl does not lead the Human That Lusts After Her on. They are able to remain Friends without her telling him she loves him. Or him falling in love with her newborn daughter.

+ The Vampire Boy's Evil Vampire Brother is more than just Evil. He has Three Dimensions.

+ In fact, all the characters have Three Dimensions. Even the Humans outside of the Girl. (See Earlier Reason Mentioning Actual People.)

+ The Vampire Boy and the Girl have not had sex yet either. But it's not Off The Cards Until Marriage. They just haven't got round to it yet.

+ The Girl has not asked the Vampire Boy to turn her.

+ Even when the Girl and the Vampire Boy are writing in their diaries, their gooey corny cheese does not even begin to rival with Twilight. For instance:

+ The Vampire Boy is never referred to as an Adonis.

+ There is no Fucked Up Animal Metaphore. Or Ankle-Tattooed People to make it happen.

+ Oh, and also? Vampires don't fucking sparkle.

+ When Vampires dazzle someone, they're doing it on purpose.

+ The Vampire Boy does not creepily tell the Girl what her blood smells like. Hopefully, if the Vampire Boy ends up telling her, her blood will smell of blood, not fucking flowers.

I could go on.
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Back from holidays, one year older, yaddi yaddi yadda. But! 1x13 is the best Dollhouse episode without contest and if you haven't yet watched it, do it. It's also possibly one of my favourite episodes of any series, ever. I do mean ever. It tops so many things, is packed full of emotions, brings closure to so many storylines and yet doesn't give away too much either, and uses one of my favourite completely underrated obscure actors to be a funny and mean redhead. (That would be Zack Ward, but I'd be surprised if the name rang a bell with anyone.)

Also, I'm still absolutely addicted to True Blood, and to Eric, and I won't say anything more so as not to spoil, but Eric is quite simply FASCINATING. "Trust me." And I want the next episode already this cliffhanger is CRUEL.
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Grey's made me cry again, Skins made me squee, BSG made me its bride (I swear I will love that show 'til death do us part). Hustle is disappointing me, so is Leverage (finally watched more than the pilot). Time for Dollhouse yet?

Comment with a fandom, character(s) or pairing, and a prompt (word, quotation, picture, etc.) and I will try to fill as many requests as I can. You're allowed to make more than one request. Crossover requests are also allowed.
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Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy 5x08. )

I'm so glad I kept watching this show through the last two seasons, for this one. This one is making me enjoy the hell out of the show again.
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I handed in my internship report last week, and had my soutenance yesterday (which is an oral exam about the work you handed in, pretty much).

And I got a 16! Which is a good grade, for those of you not familiar with the French grading system.

I am now sort of done with my studies. Not yet officially, we're still missing some grades and stuff, but still. Scary and COOL and AT LAST.

In other news, Heroes writers, I hate you right now. So much. So, so much. Of all the stupid things to write.

The American teacher of mine who got me to watch Being Human is now hooked to True Blood. Heee. I am not disappointed in his taste. I told him the good news about Being Human (it's been ordered to series) and the bad news (they're recasting Annie and Mitchell).


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