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So I've finally just watched the Hunger Games, on a whim, and I have to say I liked it! I wasn't rivetted to my screen, but, you know, it was not half bad. Katniss is not half the Mary Sue as I expected her to be - she's not that good an archer! I expected her to be Elf good which, for a human-not-Hawkeye (who can only pass as Elf good, but probably wouldn't actually be if he had an archery contest with the best Arda has to offer), is not happening! So that was good.

Cinna is fantastic, also, and I'm quite fond of Haymitch for some reason. Probably my love for alcoholics, idk. Also wait, did Wes Bentley with the best facial hair ever kill himself in the end? I was kinda only half looking at the screen.

I'm pretty sure I'm still not ever picking up the books, because there are so many other books I'd rather read, but that was good entertainment and sure, I'll watch the sequel. Although I kinda wish that this was the end. (Please tell me Katniss doesn't save the world/destroy the government in the end.)
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Movie meme gakked from [ profile] the_grynne:

1. One movie that made you laugh: Most recently, it'll have to have been Wall-E. Right before that, Wanted.

2. One movie that made you cry: there have been very few times when I managed to watch Dead Poets' Society without crying. Yes, I've watched this movie an undecent amount of times. It owns a little piece of my soul.

3. One movie you loved when you were a child: Hook. I still know it by heart (the French version). "Toi tu as vraiment vraiment besoin d'une maman." "J'vais t'dire c'que c'est qu'une paramécie bicolore, m'sieur." "Hé, Rufio, va donc casser les noisettes de l'écureuil d'à côté." Etc.

4. One movie you've seen more than once: At the cinema? Casino Royale.

5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: I should be embarrassed for enjoying Waterworld as much as I did, shouldn't I, but I can't quite pull it off. I'm a tiny bit ashamed of liking Wanted, though, because it's so... yeah. But it was fun! And there was Jamie and Thomas! Also the High School Musicals. What? They're ridiculous and fun and I blame this on Joey.

6. One movie you didn't like: Before the Devil knows you're dead. I was really looking forward to it, but wound up being utterly bored. Also Capote. I guess PSH movies tend to disappoint me.

7. One movie that scared you: The Ring. The Japanese version, I haven't seen the American adaptation.

8. One movie that bored you: Apart from the above mentioned PSH movies? The Incredible Hulk. It bored me to tears.

9. One movie that made you happy: Wimbledon. I walked out of the theatre wanting to dance. It's been too long since I've watched it, I really should watch it again.

10. One movie that made you miserable: La Vita è bella. And the Pianist. And I love them to heartwrenching bits. They're movies that make you miserable and yet. Also every Ken Loach movie I've ever seen apart from Ae Fond Kiss, which is not miserable-making.

11. One movie you weren't brave enough to see: Borat. I started it, but couldn't finish. I just don't have that sort of courage. How utterly not funny.

12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with: Chaucer, from A Knight's Tale. Rupert Everett's Marlowe, for all that he had one tiny scene and is hopelessly gay. Charlie Prince out of 3:10 to Yuma. I could keep listing them.

13. The last movie you saw: At the theatre, The Dark Knight.

14. The next movie you hope to see: I wish I could say Watchmen, but it's a long way until March. I wish I could say The Vintner's Luck, but still no news on a release date apart from "2009". Which is also a long way away. So it's going to be a filmed production of King Lear with Barry Lynch as Edmund. There shall be much, much squeeing. (Thanks again, Vae!) At the theatre? Babylon A.D. Mathieu Kassovitz and Vin Diesel doing sci-fi, I've gotta give it a try.
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I realised I had never actually geeked about Watchmen here. Let me geek over Watchmen. No, I hadn't read it until now, and now I have, and why had I not read it before now? Good god. This graphic novel is absolutely amazing. I'm not sure if I like the bits that are actual comics or the inserts more. All of it is absolutely astounding and I am in love with half their characters. The way that it is rooted in 85 and all depends so much on the American political climate, the way it's so rooted in it, it's amazing. It made me well up and I could never finish an issue without wanting to rush to the next one, it ate up my brains for a while there and there are no words to do it justice. It's quite simply amazing.

Now that I've read it, I'm more excited and more scared about the movie. The trailer I still find insane in a very good way, the way you can spot which panel(s) each scene depicts, the visuals of it, oh god. Matthew Goode as Ozymandias is the best choice ever. I cannot wait. And yet I'm afraid that as much as it'll visually rock my socks, the script might not live up to the graphic novel. How could it? I know that it's an adaptation and they have to make choices, I just hope they made the right ones. So. Excited.

I've watched Sci-Fi's mini-series Tin Man and I quite enjoyed it, which is in large parts due to the awesome cast. Neal McDonough as Tin Man was extremely compelling in the typical lonesome (semi-anti-)hero who learns what it is to have a heart, Alan Cumming as Glitch was, well, Alan Cumming, which means he was AWESOME, funny and spot-on and AWESOME and I want to make out with him. Callum Keith Rennie as Zero gave more depth to the typical henchman role than the script would have allowed. Or possibly I always see too much in Callum's performances, I don't know, but there were more than two dimensions to Zero to me. And Zooey Deschanel as DG actually pulled off the ridiculously cheesy lines thanks to those big blue eyes of her. She is made of awesome, too.

I just realised I would be in Reims when The Dark Knight is released, which sucks because it means I won't be able to go see it until the week afterwards. What's waiting one more week, though, right?

I need a good Watchmen icon.
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I completely blame [ profile] greenie_breizh for this, but if I knew anything about the market I would so be writing The $treet fanfiction right about now. It's entirely her fault.

Watched Mean Girls yesterday, mostly liked it, although the ending sucks. Lizzy Caplan is so hot in this movie, too, but if it weren't for the character of Damian I would be very, very annoyed with them for the same reason I was annoyed with the Faculty about Clea's character. Understand, the whole 'dyke' thing. Where they're never really lesbians and always wind up getting a boy.

Damian might be there, he still doesn't get a boyfriend. Hmm.

PS: Tina Fey also rocks. Like, a lot.

This weekend is the BR weekend of the summer woohoo! I can't wait. I need to make sure we've got all the songs for the appropriate convention dances. And also, cocktails! Hee. Going to work on Sunday is gonna be tough.
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Sci-fi-loving dudes! And dudes who like good movies. I'm feeling such a surge of Tim Minear love right now.

I want to see this movie. Like, yesterday. Can somebody please produce it?
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It's sad that the first thing I look at in a movie to decide its worth these days is: did I nod off at all during? It shows how exhausted I am, really.

But I'm Not There and Eastern Promises I both liked for other reasons than they interested me enough that I did not fall asleep.

I'm Not There was just as fascinating as I hoped it would be, and I must say that of them all, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett impressed me most. It's an extremely well written movie, if you ask, and I could not understand walking out of the theatre and hearing a girl in front of me, clearly a huge fan of his, complain that this was nothing like what he was really like. The whole point of the movie is that he was not one person, and that we never knew him. Um, hello? And in that extent, it was a success.

I'd heard lots of good and bad opinions on Eastern Promises, and I'm glad I managed to catch it before it went out of the cinema. I enjoyed it thoroughly, although I can't quite pinpoint why. Naomi Watts was nothing special in it, when she can be so much more, but Viggo was as good as ever. I have no clue how well he was doing with the Russian, but he sold it to me. Vincent Cassel sold the Russian less well to me, because of when the French accent was peeking through, but his performance was otherwise spot-on. I only wish that they had never actually had anyone accuse him of homosexuality, though, as it was quite obvious without stating it, and I think that stating it actually made it lose some of its strength, somehow. Nikolai played with that perfectly, always controlling him, being close to him and yet putting up the barriers where they needed to be so that he wouldn't freak out. Seriously, the more I think about it the more I think Viggo made that movie, as far as I'm concerned. (And, obviously, David. Duh.)

However, classes are starting to warp my brain as at times I kept studying the subtitles.

Random good news of the day: I've received my The Beginning t-shirt and it is making me full of squee. Baby Batman is so frakking cute.

For some reason, seeing a picture of Ron Glass and Michael Fairman marching together on Mutant Enemy Day at the WGA Strike is making me smile goofily. I wuvs them. Loadz.

PS: Thoroughbreds Don't Cry is 1937's Brokeback. I swear.
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1. The Brave One. Go see the Brave One. Beyond the fact that Jodie and Naveen is a sandwich I would really not mind being the meat of, it is so frelling good. I have yet to see a Neil Jordan movie I didn't like, and this didn't disappoint. The cinematography alone is brilliant, I kept wanting to screencap. It is incredibly beautiful to watch. Jodie Foster is as good as she can be, it's impressive. So much of the movie rested on her performance, and I didn't doubt one scene, not one moment. I just bought it all and it set my teeth on edge and made my skin buzz and it is chilling and horrifying and just plain damn amazing.

2. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead was kind of boring.

3. My Brother Is An Only Son was quite good! Admittedly, I love Riccardo Scamarcio ever since Romanzo Criminale, but still. He wasn't the focus of the movie, and I still highly enjoyed it.

4. I might cry. Un Homme Perdu - the French movie with Alexander Siddig - is already not showing anymore. I was dying to go see that! Damn you, UGC.

5. You know your extended family rocks when you manage to get them to dance along to convention songs at your aunt's seventieth birthday celebration.

6. Being on break from the Dupont feels so good I could sob with relief.

7. Tonight, I got a connection back after spending a full day without. I could have cried with relief. Again. (I'm PMSing. Bear with me.)

8. Because I still haven't said so: 3:10 to Yuma is one of the finest love stories between two men I have ever watched on screen. Take that, Brokeback. It is so incredibly good, there are very few words for it. Other than "Charlie Prince, I want to sex you and your jacket up. And then steal it."

9. Due to the connection fuck-up, I have still not seen the Heroes premiere. It is downloading as I type. FASTER, connection, FASTER.

10. What's the big deal about Californication? I'm definitely underwhelmed here. I was also underwhelmed by Rules of Attraction. But Conspiracy, with Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, and a shitload of British actors I love? Kicked so much ass. (Take my internet away from me and I will turn to DVDs, yes.)

11. ON SUNDAY I'M GOING TO LONDON WOOOOOHOOOOOO. To stay with the lovely wonderful adorable [ profile] queenspanky. And on Wednesday (is it Wednesday, Lizzie?) we're going to see Darren oh my god! Heeeeee! Ahem.

12. We have failed to get tickets to go see Mika at the Zenith. Damnit! I wanted to see that man shake his hips in real life.

13. I signed up at uni. I'm officially a student again!

14. I need to update more often and thus not have hugeamongific lists when I do.
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I need to hang around the internet more again if only to hear about stuff like this. Alexander Siddig starring in a French movie oh god! I can't wait. Between that and the Last Legion, my Alexander Siddig love is going to be fed muchly in the next couple of months.

That said, Nothing was worth waiting four years for. It's fun, and funny, and it has David Hewlett and the awesome direction of Vincenzo Natali (think Cube, people).

In other news, OHMYGODBSGFINALEWTF. And FTW. And just. OH GOD. (I told you guys there was no reason to cry.)
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1. Please Robert to come back to life and direct more movies. (Aka I've finally just seen A Prairie Home Companion ('The Last Show' in French - don't ask).)

2. Team Attia although I still love Brutus liek whoa. (Spoilers for Rome 2x01.) )

3. I can't figure out if I want to see Cashback or not. On the plus side, Sean Biggerstaff = cutie, and the trailer looks very intriguing. On the minus side, I have no clue if Sean can act, and the trailer is slightly off-putting.

4. I was not blown away by Marc Warren's Dracula. Joss knows I adore that actor, but I just wasn't. Sorry. I liked him much better as Teatime.

5. My Shakespeare exam is on Thursday. This is a perfectly legitimate reason to watch Shakespeare Retold: A Waste of Shame instead of start studying at last.

6. I now know the story behind the "Amour"s. And I half wish I didn't. If you still want the story, links are here.

7. Season premiere of The L-Word? Shane is still hot, what a surprise. Max is still hot, what a surprise. Jenny's still a bitch, and a pain, what a surprise. ...the actual surprise, for those of you who've seen it, was oh so very welcome. Hee! So beautiful. (Bonus points for featuring Peter Wingfield, too.)

8. Amando - my new MacBook - is running perfectly. He makes me happy. And he is so pretty!

9. [ profile] queenspanky is coming to Paris in March. This is making me squee in delight! *squees*
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Please go and tell me who my celeb boyfriend/girlfriend should be.

In other news, I'm OBSESSED with Chris Cornell's You Know My Name. Like I have rarely been. I keep listening to it. I never listen to just the one song this much, on a loop. Except I do this one.

I love Casino Royale far too much for a movie which I didn't think was all that good. And yet. Lovelovelove. And I want to marry that first chase scene. Through the construction site and all. Oh, god, I love Parkour, and that was one of the best scenes of characterisation with no dialogue ever. Possibly I'm using a superlative when I shouldn't but it was just brilliant and yes, I want to marry it. I also want James and Felix to have hot sex already.

The Prestige was no Memento, but it was still highly enjoyable. The cast helped. A lot. Borat is really not that funny. I'm sorry, it's just not. I don't think I actually got to the end of it? Wedding Wars is adorable and totally a TV movie and not that good but who cares it's fun and Eric Dane looks reaaaally hot in a tank top (I have a thing for wifebeaters, I'm sorry) and Sean Maher has never acted so much like himself as when he acted gay. Go read Joey's LJ for a lot more on the subject.

FLIST. I love you. Your virtual Christmas presents made me grin like a lunatic. Oh, god, so much love. Thank you.

If you take a life do you know what you'll give?
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Updating at long last! Several items today.

1) Robin Hood. )

2) Jamie Cullum. )

3) The latest SPN. )

4) Alan in CSI. )

5) Rudebox. )

6) Lost. )

7) Grey's. )

8) Family weekend. )

9) The Pianist. )

10) Troy. )

So, pretty much? I love Jamie Cullum. I love my family. And I want to be watching Torchwood already!
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There are no words for how hot Richard was in that scene Guisborne just had with Marian. it me or is this episode better than the ones before? (Yes, I used the word better, and not less bad. I blame Richard. He makes me see layers of depth they probably never planned for.)

In other news:

GA 1x05. )

SPN 2x04 )

Lost 2x03 )

Veronica Mars 2x03 )

Robin Hood 1x03 )

Hustle 1x01. )

Movies! No spoilers. )
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[ profile] emma_daisy needs her flist to update, and who am I to deny her anything. (You can even have my first born.)

So, let's see... Little Miss Sunshine! You guys need to go and see Little Miss Sunshine if you haven't already. It's a mass of emotions and it's got brilliantly quirky characters and I love every part of it. I want to hug Uncle Frank for several hours. He needs it. I also adore Dwayne, and it's so good to finally see Alan Arkin in a role that's not background-y. He deserves good parts, damnit! Because of Steve Carrel we're now watching The Forty Year Old Virgin and, two things: 1) this movie is geek-phobic he's planning on selling Aquaman you guys. 2) Mike is too cute. Whatever his name is in that movie. Phoebe's-Mike-from-Friends is who I mean.

Also, while I'm here, LJ's being a bitch with comment notifications (why oh why did I not see that coming when they brought up this whole tracking thing) so if I don't answer a comment you left me? So sorry. And very much not my fault.
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1. Snakes on a Plane? I genuinely enjoyed myself. I'm wondering if I should feel ashamed about that.
2. After rewatching The Modern Prometheus, I'm convinced that it's Adrian Paul that has a thing for the goat. He is, after all, the director of the episode. Byron... *sobs*
3. Does anybody read the Authority? Anybody that's interested in online RPing? Because we've got the Midnighter and Jenny Quantum already, and we'd love an Apollo to complete the family. Or anybody at all from the Authority. We're not desperate for more Authority fans, we just love those guys that hard. The World Hero Network: comic book heroes unite!
4. Serenity Cubed minus 12! God! And they still haven't announced the party themes. What's up with that? Now, who do you think we'll get as a bonus? Both Nathan and Alan seem to be woefully unemployed right these days. I could also do with a Jonny or a Chris.
5. Jewel Staite is love.
6. Alan Tudyk has given me a neck fetish. (See icon!) I can't stop noticing Peter Wingfield's.
7. I've been reading the flist pretty assiduously for the past few days. I think I'm back!
8. I wish I could do something for Joey's throat, damnit. Anybody has any miracle cure for Sore Throats From Hell?
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So, I just watched the last episode of Spooks series 4. And oh, god, am I glad Series 5 starts some time in September because I need to know now those guys know how to make serious cliffhangers. I was "OHGOD"ing out loud at the screen. Somebody cuddle me please?

We've gone and seen The Science of Sleep - it was... a Gondry movie, no doubt about that. I'm not head over heels with it, but if you like Gondry, by all means, go see it. You won't be disappointed. All the actors are great, too. The fact that I've had a crush on the two leads for a whiiiile (Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg) but that it's Alan Chabat I want to give props to tells you how good he was in there. But then again I have a soft spot for Chabat. In the end, I think that film is just a little bit too much. Too much everything that it is.

We've also seen The Wind that Shakes the Barley and hell does it deserve its Palme d'Or. I have yet to see a Ken Loach I didn't like, so give me Loach on Ireland, with Cillian Murphy on top of that, and I'm bound to enjoy it, right? But it was, indeed, brilliant. It's a tragedy, and yet not in the classicist sense of the word, because where Neil Jordan gave us Michael Collins, about the great figures of the time, Ken Loach, fidèle à lui-même, attaches himself to the story of some of the small people. Two brothers, both extremely sympathetic, Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney, and the way they fight together before finding themselves on opposite sides of the fight. Tragedy. Kudos also to Liam Cunningham, whose Dan was extremely engaging.

Ken Loach is extremely talented at a lot of things, and it's all in this movie. The social aspect of things, the absence of manicheanism, shades of grey and filming real people, making us feel for them and with them, laugh with them and cry with them, making us cringe, taking us on a journey with them where he lets us able to choose where we stand, if anywhere at all, and also, maybe mostly, making us think with them, and after the movie is over. About revolt and rebellion and what we're willing to do and to accept for our freedom, and what we take for granted, and I could keep ranting for hours so I'll stop.

My point? Go see this movie. Go see this movie.
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Grmpf. Friendlist, I need Angel fic. As in X-Men's Warren Worthington III. Not AtS. Not Rent. Though I wouldn't say no to either, but. Not the point. The point is, when you have a character like Angel? You make something out of him.

Which can be said of almost all characters in X3, which is very sad. Why did we not get any interesting, developped, well-written character arcs? I want those characters developped and well written for, damnit. (Not Magneto, though, because Sir Ian's talent will always make everything alright, and not Kitty, because she should simply be slapped repeatedly or played by Summer.)

I honestly don't mind the plot holes all that much. I simply wish the characterisation were better. They destroyed, sometimes more literally than others, characters I loved. And there was no true driving force to the movie. A let-down after the other first two.

So, people. Please. Will someone link me to Angel fic? Or even write me some. Het, gen, slash, anything. I need for this character to be developped. Please.

Also, the Doctor's ego is a thing of - beauty, almost. Like his hairdo. But I do think this was the weakest episode so far. Despite the hairdo. And the kid that kept making me think of a young Josh Charles. (Also, was there no Torchwood reference? Right when I thought the plot was perfect for some TW action, by opposition to TW teasing.)

Edit: Two things I forgot. First, any ficcing about the Beast will totally be welcome too. Oh Hank how much I love you. And second - will some kind soul please tell me what the hell we missed by not staying until the end of the credits? (What? Nobody told us, and hell, I didn't want to hang out. I wanted to rant at Joey about how much they'd screwed up these characters I loved.)
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So now that I've finally seen 28 Days, and cackled and awwwed and all other sorts of reactions over Gerhardt, it's high time to do another Alan quotespam. Sadly, much less interesting than the one over I, Robot, and even Dodgeball. And also much shorter, as it seems that nobody, back then, wanted to interview him about this movie. ...what do you mean they were all fixated on Sandra Bullock.

Quotespam not so much of doom. )

Right. So that's it. It's very sad that there isn't more out there about him and his part in that movie, so if you have anything please leave it in a comment and I'll add it here? Ta very much.

In other Alan-related news, I've finally got my hands on his episode of Into The West, and between the riding and the getting angry and arguing with his brother, and oh dear god the accent? Much, much squeeing for just four or five scenes.
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Alright, so The Da Vinci Code opened in France today. Did you really think that there was any way for me not to go on Day One? I mean, we're talking about Paul here. (And Sir Ian, and Jean, and a tiny little bit Seth, too, let's face it. But really, the can't-wait-not-even-one-day factor? Paul.)

Spoiler-free review. )

I'm not following Cannes in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Paul, no I'm not.

Edit: woe! Alan's pilot for a drama show, "Capitol Law," has not been picked up by CBS. On the other hand, if it means he can make it to Serenity Cubed... I'm not too worried for the man, he hasn't had trouble finding work for a while, now, and hopefully it'll mean more theatre and/or movie work for him. I don't know why I want him to get back onstage, since I very much doubt he'd ever be onstage in Paris, but I like the idea anyway. Aaaanyway. Mostly I'm saddened because I really wanted to see him and Joshua Jackson sharing the screen. Hopefully the pilot will make its way onto the internet anyway, and if any of you finds it I expect to be notified immediately! Pretty please with naked Paul'n'Alan on top.
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So. Went to the cinema three times in the course of two days. Yay! Yesterday was BDH Day, with Inside Man (Chewie!) and Slither (Cap'n!), and today was, at last, V for Vendetta.

Apparently people tend not to have liked Inside Man? I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's not so much about suspense, because everything is very figure-outtable, but it's well acted, well written, and very well directed I found. It was good to finally enjoy Clive Owen that much again, after Derailed, and Spike Lee knows how to direct him and make as much use of his voice as possible. Lovely. And so, yes, the BDH in this movie was Chiwetel "the Operative" Ejiofor, who I liked as much as ever. Wait, no, that's wrong, I didn't like him all that much in Love Actually, but what was there to like, honestly, he was barely in that movie.

And I'm digressing. Watching Chiwetel play in this movie made me think about how much writing a character played by this or that actor made you sensitive to the way this or that actor plays, in general. Writing fanfiction, at least for me, is partly about wrapping my mind around a performance, and what an actor relies on to create a character. And then, to transfer that into something that is adequate to the literary media, instead of cinema/TV. And then you become much more attuned to the way the actor plays, for any part. Anyway. That was the random thought of the day yesterday.

Now, Slither? I was actually disappointed, I won't lie. I'd heard so much good about this movie. I'm not saying it was a piece of crap, far from it. But it left me with the impression that, had it been made by Brits? I would've loved it as much as I did Shaun of the Dead. But as is? Maybe it's because I don't know the culture it parodies well enough, I don't know. I loved Nathan, and I loved Greg, and that young dark-haired girl rocks and the blonde's incredibly beautiful, but. I just didn't laugh all that terribly much. (Although I have to wonder, was the grenade "I don't think we'll need it" moment an allusion to Serenity? Because we all went *snicker* at that.)

And finally, V for Vendetta. I actually loved it. You Alan Moore lovers out there, what did he dislike about it? (Bear in mind that I have unfortunately not read the comic.) Hugo Weaving did an amazing job, although I couldn't dissociate the voice from "Hugo Weaving," which was a bit of a shame (and would have happened with Puresex too, had they kept him), but I got over that. All the actors were brilliant, with special kudos to Stephen Rea and Stephen Fry. Who I wanted to cuddle like crazy. I want to see Wilde again. Natalie Portman was pretty good, too. And some of the images were overwhelming. Some priceless lines, too. And oh how I love V's first scene. And the regular Shakespeare quotage. I might actually go and see it again. Maybe. Okay, likely not because I won't have time. But I wouldn't mind it.

I saw the Da Vinci Code trailer twice in two days. It's official, I cannot wait for this movie. Every shot of Paul has me squeeing like a fangirl on crack, which is exactly what I am, except I don't need the crack. He's so very creeptastic. (That said, Tom Hanks still makes me want to beat him on top of the head with a shovel. I can't help myself.)

And now I'm off to watch the second half of last night's Alias. Better be better than the first.
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Rent, Rent, Rent, Rent, RENT!


So, yes, I've finally seen it. It boggles the mind that there are posters everywhere in the metro, and it's been released in the whole of two (small) UGC theatres in the whole of Paris. Honestly. Why all the ads if it's barely available to be seen? On the bright side, they haven't dubbed it at all, it seems. Yay!

And the point is? I WANNA SEE IT ON STAGE. I am dying to see it on stage. I enjoyed the film, but god, I just wanna experience that musical on stage.

Taye was not enough in it, but it's okay, because Tracie Thoms! Mahandra from Wonderfalls! *loves up* And she looked good in pants suit and suspenders. And Jesse L. Martin, yay! I hadn't realised there were people I loved outside of Taye in it.

And when I see it on stage? Alan needs to be playing Mark. Just saying.

No I don't care that he probably couldn't pull it off vocally. Leave me alone in my perfect world. I did not at all spend the whole movie seeing exactly how he would have played him. The fact that I can actually picture him acting a part with such clarity is not at all troubling. Because we've all known for a while that I'm completely crazy.


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